Worldwide Jihad: The Scope of the Problem


ISLAMIC TERRORISTS (Jihadis) are killing people. Since 9/11, they've successfully perpetrated 17,127 deadly attacks, many of which killed and maimed large numbers of people, including the London and Madrid bombings.

Not only that, but right now as you read this, orthodox Muslims
are getting military training and bomb-making training around the world via the internet and also in places like the no-man's-land along Pakistan's Western border. And they are successfully recruiting more and more Muslims to their cause.

But that isn't the whole problem.

We also have Muslims with Jihadi political agendas who have emigrated to America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, who are having lots of children, who are increasing the Muslim-to-non-Muslim ratios in those countries, who are agitating for special concessions, and who have the goal of Islamizing the government. They are gaining ground in every country throughout the free world. Add to that their constant use of taqiyya (religious deception), which sufficiently confuses non-Muslims and prevents any kind of coherent resistance to the Islamic advance.

But that isn't the whole problem.

There are many countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, and Malaysia that used to be budding democracies, but their Muslim-dominated populations have continually and successfully pressured their governments into applying Shari'a law (a system of law lacking the rights of free speech, freedom of religion, or equality between the sexes) more and more stringently.

Islam is on the move everywhere.

But even that does not encompass the whole scope of the problem.

The people of free countries have been disabled. They have been rendered helpless to resist Islamic encroachment. The non-Muslims have disarmed themselves with the doctrine of multiculturalism. The doctrine has streamlined into a mindset that appreciates every culture but our own. And sometimes it has streamlined even further into simply hating our own culture or feeling that we don't even have a culture. (Read more about that here.)

The only way to stop Islam's relentless invasion is for non-Muslims like you and me to join together to defend our values — to protect those values from the Muslims' constant push toward gaining concessions for Islam at the expense of those values. To do this, non-Muslims will have to be clear about what we value, and they had better be values we feel are very important. They need to be values worth fighting for.

Defending our values may be bloody. People may die. In fact, people have died already. When the Danish newspaper published some cartoons of Mohammad, the ensuing riots left 187 people dead. This was a clash between values. The Muslims valued their belief that Mohammad should never be mocked or represented in any form of art. They believe freedom of the press should be limited, especially about Islam.

Non-Muslims in the free world value free speech and the right to say or draw or publish whatever you want, even if it offends someone.

This value — free speech — might be a value important enough to fight for. Multiculturalism is not. Add "freedom of religion" and "equality for women" to freedom of speech, and I think we've got values important enough to be worth defending.

The upshot of all this is that Islam — a politically and militarily aggressive religion — is growing in every way. They are having more offspring than non-Muslims, they're moving in ever greater numbers into free countries because those societies need cheap labor, and they are finding more and more ways to gain concessions, using everything from "litigation jihad" to political bargaining to newspaper ads to a mushrooming of organizations that influence the media and lobby to silence critics and gain advantages for Muslims. The West is sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year directly into the bank accounts of Jihadis who use that money to wage jihad around the world.

And the West has yet to clearly articulate what values it would care to defend against Islam's invasion, thus allowing the invasion to occur almost unimpeded. In fact, in many different ways, the West is assisting in its own demise (opening borders to Muslims, buying oil from Saudi Arabia, for example, and funding the enemy, allowing mosques and madrassas to be built in free countries, publishing articles and textbooks sympathetic to Islam, harshly criticizing and even firing those who are trying to inform people about Islam's political intentions, etc.)

THAT is the scope of the problem.

What can little ol' you do about it? Plenty. Get started right now — we have no time to lose.


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Amazing post.

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