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THE FOLLOWING WAS written by PinkNeck and published here with her permission. PinkNeck explained some of the basic (not-so-pleasant) teachings of Islam to a woman, and the woman said, among other things, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Do you want the world to change so you can feel safe and happy? If you want a world of peace add only love. Every event in life is either loving or a cry for love — so love — just love."

This was PinkNeck's response:

Oh I admire your intentions. I believe in love. Truly. But what we must also face is the truth that not all people are good people. About one in twenty-five men, and about one in fifty women have bodies that lack any receptors for oxytocin (a bonding hormone). So, their bodies have no ability to bond with other human beings. These kinds of people have been called many things throughout history. Sociopath is the current word to describe them. And these few people, these cold-blooded humans, DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. And there is no medicine, no therapy, no operation, no way on earth to change them. And they create hell on earth in their wake.

Clearly Mohammad was a sociopath. No one can read the Qur'an and not see that. And the men of Islam are told to try to be just like the prophet Mohammad: Lie and kill and torture non-believers with no regard for anyone who has not submitted to the will of Allah.

I love people deeply. I am loyal and courageous. I am one of the most responsible humans on the planet. But no matter how good I am, it makes no difference to a sociopath. And as long as there are sociopaths (or their followers), the only way to have peace is to have the good people strong enough to defend the innocent.

You want peace, but peace is not laying down your weapons. Peace is only bought by being powerful enough to stop the sociopaths, the Hitlers and Saddams, and now the terrorists of Islam, from taking whatever they want from whoever they want.

You and all those who put their "Give Peace A Chance" stickers on their cars want to be happy just like I want to be happy. But the reality is as long as there are people who don't care about others, you simply MUST have a military able to protect us from those willing to do violence to get what they want. POWER IS THE ONLY MEANS TO CREATE PEACE.

Peace is not bought with love. Peace is bought by being stronger than the sociopaths and the armies they lead. And now the army of Islam has declared war on the Infidels. That's you and me. And every day they lie and kill and torture to try to once again take over the world. This is not the time to be holding good thoughts and trying to act out of love for our enemies. This is a time to face the horrible truth that a so-called "religion" has declared WAR on everyone who won't submit to Allah. And the longer we wait to deal with it, the more their movement grows, the harder it is to stop them. Now they are trying to pass a law in the United Nations making it illegal to say anything bad about Islam.

The people who protest war have caused millions of deaths. Look at WWII. The people protesting the war in the U.S. managed to keep us out of the war for years! Think of how many millions of gypsies and Jews died before the U.S. joined the fight. And think about how powerful Hitler became during that time, making it more difficult and making it cost even more American and British lives to stop his war machine.

In the time it took for you and I to have our little conversation, the count in this Islamic war went from 11,998 attacks (since 9/11) yesterday to 12,009 attacks today. (Here's a site that keeps track of all the attacks since 9/11: In only one day, another eleven attacks!

And every person who is sitting on their hands doing nothing to stop this is allowing innocent people to die at the hands of Jihadis (Islamic warriors). Every time someone says to pray for peace or tells me to find peace in my heart or, like your message that says we should respond in love, well, it allows another innocent human being to die. Every person seeking peace by responding in love
alone is letting down those too weak to protect themselves from the violence of jihad.

I personally think that love would be trying to save those people from the hands of the terrorists. I think true love is trying to stop Islam's relentless encroachment. Love is trying to save lives, not just having good feelings for others.

I hope you and your friends join me in the fight. We can make a difference. Go here to read a list of Citizen Warrior Heroes. These are regular people trying to save the world from jihad.

We fight by telling the truth about this war. And we fight by supporting those willing to stand up and face the threat of jihad — women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish, and the men like Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders. They have seen the threat. They lived it and understand the threat, and they are trying to tell the world. Please listen to them and their stories.

I hope you join me. Please. The future of freedom, and love, depends on it.

The woman wrote back to say PinkNeck doesn't understand the sacred truth of life on the spiritual level and that the solution is for her to go within and find out where her perception of Islam resonates within her.

Here is PinkNeck's response:

This is the TRUTH...on the physical level. These women are scarred for life, victims of Islamic ideas (about the subjugation of women, the total control over women by men, and the justified use of force by their male relatives and husbands to punish them, and even kill them).

The people listed below have all died since we started talking...and your response is you want me to "go within and try to figure out where my perception of this religion resonates within me"? You've got to be kidding!!! Go play on your mystical level. I don't have the time to deal with such utter nonsense.

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace:

10/6/2008 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - al-Shabab terrorists lob mortars into a marketplace. Children are among the seventeen civilians killed.

10/6/2008 (Merka, Somalia) - Islamic militia attack a humanitarian vehicle, leaving one worker dead.

10/6/2008 (Punjab, Pakistan) - Holy Warriors strike a party held at a home. Nearly two dozen people are blown to death.

10/5/2008 (al-Tayeba, Egypt) - A 19-year-old Christian is shot to death by a Muslim mob.

10/5/2008 (Zanjili, Iraq) - Terrorists attack a funeral with automatic weapons, killing four innocents.

10/5/2008 (Mosul, Iraq) - Fundamentalists gun down a butcher in his shop.

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