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I'VE CREATED a new blog, Citizen Warrior Heroes. It has positive stories about people or organizations who are standing up to Islam's relentless encroachment to expose it or successfully stop it.

Sometimes this topic
dealing with jihad and terrorism and the Jihadis' hatred of the West, and so on can be disturbing. It's upsetting. And some of us hesitate to share such upsetting information with people we know. It's really almost too much to confront.

So I thought the new site would have a more positive feel to it. I'll be publishing short articles you can forward — articles that still help people understand Islam's insidious imposition, but communicating it in a more inspiring, shareable way.

When articles are short, they are more likely to be read. When they are positive, they are more likely to be passed on.

Anyway, check it out: Citizen Warrior Heroes. And pass it on. If you subscribe via email, you can then easily forward the short posts to others. Let's get the word out!


Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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