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THE BLOGGER, PinkNeck, wrote an article about the movie, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. It is a great summary of why we are working so hard to stop Islam's relentless encroachment. One of the points she made is:

I know when you watch Obsession you will wonder if this is an exaggeration. It is not: It is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, in the year since this DVD was released in September of 2007, Islam has attacked Infidels 2,317 times! Since 9/11 they have attacked non-believers 12,091 times. Across the world they have killed thousands upon thousands of people. (Figures listed are from which keeps extremely accurate records of all the attacks since 9/11.)

So why haven’t you heard more about this? For one thing, the liberal media and our politically correct societies feel all religions have a right to worship any way they want. But Islam is not a religion like any other on the planet. It is more accurately a government out to destroy all other forms of government. And it is far worse than any communism or dictatorship.
While we are helping our kids with their schoolwork, while we are watching our favorite television show, and while we are putting in the extra hours at work to get that promotion — while all of this is going on, Islam is marching forward, worming its way through the cracks, gaining concessions, and out-and-out killing innocent people all over the world.

PinkNeck published this article just a little while ago, and already the total number of attacks is significantly larger. And some of these attacks kill or maim a lot of people in a single bomb-blast, causing unspeakable suffering to the families of the victims. Many times a day these bombings and shootings are occurring around the world. On The Religion of Peace site PinkNeck mentions, scroll down a little and you can see what Jihadis have done in the last couple of days. I just looked at it, and it describes six attacks in the last two days. The top item is from yesterday: "Assam, India — Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami terrorists massacre over seventy people in six deadly blasts across several towns."

They must be stopped.

The first step is for enough people to be aware it is happening and to understand why it's happening. You are the key. Be as gentle as you can, but help people understand what's going on. This information is not getting out fast enough. Getting this information out there
making people understand this and getting through their resistance to the information this is not a prelude to the battle; this IS the battle!

If you need to learn more about Islam, read PinkNeck's entire article: Obsession the Movie. It's a great overview of the problem and the solution.

If you want some coaching on how to introduce this topic to people, go here: The Least You Need To Know.


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