It's Official: Muhammad Committed War Crimes


The following was written by Greg Hamilton and originally published on Malsi-Tung. Republished with permission.

The U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria published its findings on the atrocities committed by Islamic State. They have published a paper called "Rule of Terror: Living Under ISIS in Syria" which documents the ISIS tactics of killing, rape, enslavement, and sexual slavery. It defines these as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of Muhammad's life will know the following account:

In March 627 AD, the tribe known as the Banu Qurayzah were besieged and isolated by their Muslim attackers led by Muhammad. They twice offered to leave their stronghold but Muhammad refused their request. He insisted they surrender unconditionally and subject themselves to his judgement. Compelled to surrender, the Qurayzah were led to Medina. A third (and final) appeal for leniency was made to Muhammad by their tribal allies, the Aus. Again Muhammad refused. Instead he orchestrated a sentence of death to be placed on the Banu Qurayzah by appointing a man with a grudge against them to pass judgement.

About 800 men were led to trenches dug in the Market of Medina and there they were beheaded, their decapitated bodies buried in the trenches while Muhammad watched. Male youths who had not reached puberty were spared. Women and children were sold into slavery, some being distributed as gifts among Muhammad’s companions. Muhammad himself took the most beautiful as his sex slave.[1][2][3]

A Chechen jihadist, Abu Muhammad Ar-Rusi, has recently justified the behaviour of IS with reference to this exact same event.

The logic is therefore perfectly clear:
  1. The UN body defines these acts [mass executions, sexual slavery, rape, and enslavement] as war crimes and crimes against humanity;
  2. Muhammad committed exactly these acts;
  3. Therefore Muhammad committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

[1] The Life of Muhammad: A Translation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah, A. Guillaume, translator, (Oxford University Press, 1955) pp. 468-469

[2] For an overview of the literature:

[3] The Quran refers obliquely to the massacre: "And those of the People of the Book who aided them — Allah did take them down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts. (So that) some ye slew, and some ye made prisoners" (Quran 33:26). And Muhammad again delivered revelations ascribing victory to Allah alone (Quran 33:9-11)

See Robert Spencer: The Truth about Muhammad pp.130-131


Free Speech Against Political Censorship

In this short interview, Lawfare Project Director Brooke Goldstein discusses what orthodox Muslims are doing to shut down free speech in the West.

The Islamic Campaign to Silence Us

In the first 30 seconds or so, you'll see an ad. And then a short clip about "saying yes to BC." Then the interview starts. The video is 7:36 long.


Why Do Politicians "Lie About Islam?"


Almost every politician in every country asserts, in one form or another, that Islam is a religion of peace. Are they all just lying weasels? Do they really know the truth but try to deceive us? Or are they ignorant? And if they really don't know, why don't they know?

There are many reasons for a politician to say nice things about Islam. First of all, imagine the opposite. Imagine what would happen if a prominent politician, like the president of the United States, were to say, "ISIS is following Islamic doctrine to the letter." What would happen? In the politically-correct climate we live in right now, he would be destroyed by the mainstream media. Op-Eds would criticize his insensitivity and would accuse him of racism and Islamophobia. Organized Muslim groups would also make a big deal out of it, losing any Muslim votes for that politician forever, and probably losing a lot of sympathetic non-Muslim multiculturalist voters as well. Prominent Muslims with doctorates in Islam would authoritatively and publicly convince most of the non-Muslim population that the politician was completely mistaken.

It's also entirely possible that the politician's honesty would set off riots around the world. People might die in these riots, and the politician would be blamed for it. When cartoons of Muhammad were published in a Danish newspaper, 187 people were killed in the ensuing riots, and the editor of the paper has been hunted by devout Muslims ever since. He has already narrowly escaped one assassination attempt.

Contrast all those consequences with simply saying the acceptable thing: "Islam is made up of peaceful, law-abiding citizens and these ISIS barbarians don't understand true Islam." There are almost no negative consequences from this. A few scattered counterjihadists grumble a bit. And that's about it.

I believe most politicians genuinely believe the politically-correct nonsense. And most of the few who have their suspicions about Islam will keep their mouths shut until the political climate changes on that issue.

What will make the political climate change? More citizens who understand what Islamic doctrine really says. When enough of us know the facts, a politician who speaks honestly about Islam will get enough public support to stay in the game.

So if you would like to see politicians tell the truth, the best thing you can do is educate your fellow non-Muslims about Islam.


Freedom of Speech and Islam


We just found a four minute video about what freedom of speech is, what it's for, and how people motivated by Islamic ideals are successfully suppressing our freedom of speech, even in the United States. Check it out and share it widely:

Your Free Speech At Risk


Opposing Islamization


The torch of freedom.
To articulate our goal to someone who asks (and also among ourselves), I suggest we describe it this way: Our goal is to oppose the Islamization of the world.

When talking to someone who is unfamiliar with this, we should then explain what we mean: The prime directive of Islam, as defined in Islamic texts, is to bring the light of Allah's laws to all people on earth. The laws are considered to be created by the Almighty Himself.

To put in another way, Islam's goal is to create a condition wherein all people on earth live under the rule of Islamic law (Sharia).

In other words, the primary goal is to Islamize the world — to politically impose Islamic law when possible, to use fear and intimidation to demand it when necessary, or to patiently and stealthily introduce Islamic law in unnoticeable increments if nothing else is possible.

Our goal in the counterjihad is to prevent this from happening by exposing, marginalizing, and disempowering Islamic orthodoxy. The goal is to keep this mind virus in remission. To keep it suppressed. To keep it weak. We may not be able to eliminate it.

But this goal, which we might use to explain our actions to those who don't understand, is really a negative form of a much more positive goal. Freedom is the antithesis of Islamic law. The real goal is to remain free from tyranny, to retain equality under the law, which Sharia law utterly denies. Our goal is to protect human rights, especially for women, which is forbidden under Islamic law. Freedom of religion and free speech are also non-existent in Islamic law.

We want to defend and protect these freedoms in our own lives and in the world at large. That's the real goal. But when that might not resonate with your listener, you can speak of the more specific goal: To oppose the Islamization of the world.

We'd love to hear what you have to say about this. Please leave a comment.



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