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In the back of the book, Three Cups of Tea, which you can read about here, Greg Mortenson (the lecturer in the photo) writes, "It is my vision that we all will dedicate the next decade to achieve universal literacy and education for all children, especially for girls.

"More than 145 million of the world's children are deprived of education due to poverty, exploitation, slavery, gender discrimination, religious extremism, and corrupt governments. May
Three Cups of Tea be a catalyst to bring the gift of literacy to each of those children who deserves a chance to go to school."

He has several suggestions of things you can do to help. Here are the three I encourage you to do:

1. Visit for more information, book reviews, updates on events, and more ideas. If you're going to buy a copy of the book, buy it through this web site and seven percent of your purchase goes directly to a girls education scholarship fund in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Buy a few copies for your library if you want to do more.

2. Suggest the book to a friend, workmate, book club, or to any group you're associated with.

3. Make a contribution to the Central Asia Institute (Greg Mortenson's school-building non-profit organization). It costs one dollar per month for a child's education in Pakistan or Afghanistan, a penny to buy a pencil, and a teacher's salary averages one dollar a day. Contribute here:

Central Asia Institute
PO Box 7209
Bozeman MT 59771

Phone: 406-585-7841

His work is worth supporting. It is a practical and uplifting way to help prevent the spread of fundamentalist Muslims schooled in Wahhabi madrassas, while at the same time giving young women an education they wouldn't otherwise get.

Learn more about Mortenson's work: Three Cups of Tea.


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