At War With Islam


The following article is written by Martel Sobieskey and published here with his permission. Sobieskey has 35 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare. He is greatly alarmed that American politicians, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, security personnel and police have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched Jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam, moderates included.

AMERICA IS AT WAR with the religion of Islam. The key word here is religion. We Americans have a “mental block” that causes us to deny that we are fighting a religion. Take an atomic bomb, write the letters R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N on it, and we gullible Americans will welcome it as a religion. This statement is not entirely an exaggeration.

Freedom of religion has become America’s “Achilles heel” stabbed through with the sword of Islam.

From where does this “suicidal” freedom of religion “mental block” originate? It comes from our “knee jerk” compulsion to blindly believe that all prophets are extreme pacifists like Jesus. This blindness plagues the highest levels of our leadership, intelligence and academic communities. It is a national security disaster making it nearly impossible to protect ourselves. The killers are shouting
Allahu Akbar worldwide and carrying the Koran, yet we Americans refuse to identify Islam as the enemy.

Let’s call it America’s “freedom of religion ostrich syndrome.” Our enemies “love it” because they can destroy us by hiding under the cover of a religion. They blow us up, vilify us, file lawsuits, teach anti-American jihad in their mosques and schools, while we Americans assume the fetal position because it is all committed by a religion. Even the FBI has been promoting Islamic sensitivity training; this says it all. Does not such servile behavior prove that we have lost the ideological war, mental war, psychological war, war of ideas, war of words, and the propaganda war? Please heed my prediction: Every time someone calls Islam the religion of Peace, America is one step closer to defeat and Islam one step closer to victory in this clash of religions.

Fellow Americans, this is a clash of religions, and you must stop denying that we are fighting the religion of Islam. Basically the war is Islam versus all other religions worldwide as required by the Koran. Since there are 1 billion Muslims and 5.5 billion infidels, this war will be easy to win if we “get with it” and clearly identify the enemy and “shout it from the roof tops.” Why don’t Americans do so? The shameful disgrace is that Islamic oil money has silenced if not “bought” America over the past 30 years.

Steven Emerson’s book, Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the Us, shockingly reveals the extent of Jihadist infiltration into America. He states, “Open societies are inherently and necessarily at a disadvantage in providing a secure environment.” Likewise Middle East expert Dr. Walid Phares of FDD (Foundation for Defense of Democracies) and author of Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies against the West states:

“I have seen firsthand how Jihadist ideologies have systematically penetrated the United States . . . This web of ideological penetration is the most dangerous long-term threat to U.S. national security . . . The reasoning is rational: Once you control the mind, the body will follow.”
I agree with both Steven Emerson and Dr. Phares. The Jihadists and traitors within are controlling the mind of America; there is no greater proof of this than our collective compulsion which forces us to call Islam the Religion of Peace which in turn prevents us from designating Islam as the enemy.

In a similar perspective, Dr. William Gawthrop, (former manager of the defense department’s Counter Intelligence Field Activity-CIFA), explains it is a taboo to mention that Islamic violence has anything to do with the religion of Islam. Specifically he states:

“Officials must first overcome the political taboo of linking Islamic violence to the religion of Islam, its sacred scripture, and the personal example of its revered prophet.”

In other words, this taboo requires one and all to blindly proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace, which is equivalent to saying that Mohammed was an extreme pacifist, just like Jesus. What a crying shame that our leaders and experts have become so intellectually dishonest and weak-minded. Today’s Muslims, like Muslims of all time, emulate Mohammed, not Jesus.

The problem is MOHAMMED WAS NOT A PACIFIST. Mohammed was a military tyrant who fought “hands on” in several bloodthirsty raids, and mercilessly killed nearly all those who disagreed with him.

It is a concrete historical fact that over a 10 year period, called the Hijra (622-632), Mohammed conducted 84 murderous raids proving he is the exact opposite of a peaceful prophet. Author Dr. Gregory Davis in Religion of Peace?: Islam's War Against the World provides excellent insight into Islamic aggression.

Despite obvious facts, we Americans respond pathetically and irrationally; like na├»ve children we think, “How can this be? Jesus is a prophet and he was never violent, and since Mohammed is also a prophet he likewise must never have been violent.”

Wake up America, Mohammed and Jesus were polar opposites. Don’t take my word on it. Please read the 800-page biography of Mohammed (Sirat Rasul Allah) written by Ibn Ishag and translated by A. Guillaumne. It incontrovertibly proves that Mohammed was a military tyrant bent upon bloodthirsty, worldwide, imperialistic

To know and understand one's enemy
and to clearly identify the enemy is the primary dictum of warfare. Our leaders and experts have failed in their duty to identify the enemy. They keep calling the enemy “terrorism.” Terrorism is not the enemy. The enemy is Islam. Islam uses terrorism (guerrilla warfare) as a method (tactic) to attack us. The enemy is the “entity” implementing the method of terrorism. For example, if someone is throwing rotten eggs at you, it is not the “rotten eggs” but rather the “person” throwing them who is the enemy.

It is an outrage that the majority of our leaders and experts think like overly genteel and sissified school boys who are too spineless if not politically cowardly (P.C.) to call anyone an enemy
no matter how blatantly obvious it is. For example, take Dr. Angel Rabasa and his colleagues of the highly acclaimed Rand Corporation, he states: “In the Global War on Terrorism, the United States is confronting a very different type of enemy: shadowy non-state actors that are not subject to traditional means of deterrence. . . It is unclear what targets, if any, the United States could hold at risk to deter attack.”

Wrong! Once again, the enemy is not terrorism. Rabasa proves his ineptness by stating the “Global War on Terrorism” meaning he cannot distinguish between a rotten egg and the person who has thrown it.

By refusing to identify the enemy as Islam, Angel Rabasa and Rand Corporation have thereby swallowed the bait of Islamic deception by promoting a strategy called, “Building Moderate Muslim Networks.” This means they have unwittingly become Jihadist propagandists promoting Islam’s primary method for defeating us which is: the infiltrations and deceptions utilized by moderate Muslims. Sure, moderate Muslims are not suicide bombers, but they have accomplished even greater damage by manipulating our overly liberal laws and naivete. This is why it is so terribly wrong to call
terrorism the enemy, because doing so completely ignores the damage being committed by Islam’s peaceful invaders the so-called moderate Muslims.

I do not mean to pick on Rabasa alone. Permit me to give the following two criteria for determining an expert’s competence: First, anyone who calls the enemy terrorism rather than the religion of Islam is incompetent and should be fired from his job. Second, anyone who calls Islam a Religion of peace is incompetent or an outright enemy propagandist or badly informed regarding Islamic religious conditioning.

Why have our leaders and experts become so blind? They are afflicted with the Oslo Syndrome, meaning they are pathologically unable to evaluate the crimes committed by Islam to the extent they are going to get us all killed.

Dr. Kenneth Levin in his book The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege explains that those afflicted with the syndrome live in absolute denial of the blatant fraud and egregious dishonesty that Muslims employ by making counterfeit peace agreements. For many, such relentless mockery proves that diplomacy has failed long ago and war is the necessary solution.

Everyone should read chapters 12 through 16 of Dr. Levin’s book. The pervasively masochistic behavior documented within proves that our leaders and experts have been leading us into defeat. The Oslo syndrome has now morphed into the Annapolis syndrome. Here we go round and round again!

Truly, we need face the fact that moderate Muslims are more difficult to find than “a needle in the haystack.” We are at war, and the brutal realities must not be soft-peddled.

Please consider the following distinction: The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head off the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victim's feet.

During 9/11, the Trade Towers were the “head” cut off by the militants, while the moderate Muslim community “held the victim’s feet.” Please reflect deeply on this analogy. History proves that both militant and moderate Muslims are invaders working as a team to conquer America. This is clearly articulated by Abdullah-Al-Araby in his book, The Islamization of America.

Please mark my words, calling Islam a religion of peace is patently dishonest and the worst ideological mistake in American history. It truly is our “Achilles heel” as I mentioned before. No wonder Dr. Paul Williams states in his book Dunces of Doomsday: 10 Blunders That Gave Rise to Radical Islam, Terrorist Regimes, And the Threat of an American Hiroshima: “The Day after 9/11, President Bush promulgated the granddaddy of all whoppers by saying, “Islam is a religion of Peace.”

I have great respect for President Bush and support him wholeheartedly because he is the first President having the guts to fight the Islamists since President Thomas Jefferson sent our Navy to Tripoli in 1803. The problem is President Bush has invalidated his own war efforts by this ideological error
that is, his administration’s obsession for calling Islam a Religion of Peace. The truth must be told: Islam is a Religion of War and the evidence proving this fact is piled a mile high right up to 9/11. A website site sarcastically named lists the thousands of Islamic murders and atrocities committed worldwide (as of today, there have been 11,849 Islamic attacks since 9/11).

In conclusion, permit me to make this prediction: The war cannot be won unless we clearly identify the enemy as Islam, and the American government makes a formal declaration of war against the Religion of Islam. That’s right; this will be a new thing for Americans who wrongly believe that all religions are benign!

In numerous places worldwide the murderers are shouting
Allahu Akbar and carrying the Koran, yet we Americans foolheartedly provide unrestricted freedom of religion to Islam oblivious to the carnage. This oblivion was the root cause of 9/11 and has sent us spinning headlong toward a nuclear Islamic terrorist attack on American soil which the Islamofascists have been bragging about for nearly 10 years.
- Martel Sobieskey


Anonymous 3:47 PM  

YouTube has banned Pat Condell

Citizen Warrior 8:03 PM  

When Martel Sobieskey first submitted his article, I said I liked it except for one thing. I said, "I don't think of this as a clash of religions. America is not a religion. Europe is not a religion. India is not a religion. Many atheists and apatheists are involved in the fight against Islam and I don't want to leave them out."

And, I added, "you speak to Americans only, but my blog is read by people all over the world. I don't want to leave them out, either."

He responded with a good comment and I told him I'd publish his article if I could add his comment at the end of the article, to which he readily agreed. Here are Martel Sobieskey's additional comments on his article:

Dear Citizen Warrior,

You are opening up a discussion for a different topic which is vast and huge: What is a religion and what is not? Such discussion could go into many volumes splitting hairs ad-infinitum. Permit me too define religion in its broadest sense as the principals one actually lives by., Democracy is a religion in this sense, so is socialism,communism etc,

1. As your many and elucidating articles well point out Islam does not tolerate any other point of view and is at war with them and vowed to destroy them. I could make a very solid academic argument that Islam is not even a religion, but in practical communication this would not fly and only be understood in the Ivory tower. It is necessary and strategic to take things at face value rather than get lost in abstract discussion no matter how factual it may be.

2. Many define religion as the belief in a supreme being, but Buddhists are strictly atheistic and therefore would not be categorized as a religion under this strict definition.

3. America and Britain are 80% Christian and Islam is out to destroy their religion and conquer their country. This is the essential point. In addition, Islam is also out to destroy the other 20% of Americans and English if they do not convert to Islam, same goes with the rest of European countries as well as the Phillipines and Thailand.

4. Unless and until Americans realize that we are in a religious war, we will not be victorious, but will continue to be defeated ideologically, which means we will gradually continue to be eroded away by the 5 items excellently stated in your article.

5. In conclusion, I would prefer to withdraw my request for publication of this article on your excellent site because the very essence of the article and what we desperately need to educate Americans about is that we are at war with a religion. Lets put it this way: Our religion of Americanism/Democracy/Christianity/secularism is at war with Islam whether we realize it or not.

Highest Regards,

Martel Sobieskey

joe six-pack 10:12 AM  

Because most of us have been raised in a society that has separated church and state, we see 'religions' as being separate.

What most people do not know is that Islam was designed as a nation-state long before they became established. Islamic law has been around 1400 years and has been ruled upon by a 'Supreme Court' for this entire time.

Islam is a legal system, conducts foriegn policy and is in addition, a 'religion'.

If I did not understand this, then
I would be unable to see much of what is really going on over there. Then I would fall prey to 'seeing what I want to see' much more easily.

Dinah Lord 6:01 AM  

Bravo. I'm glad you agreed to let this be published Mr. Sobieski. And Citizen Warrior - you continue to do such fine work, educating, informing and inspiring us in this fight. Thank you both.

I especially liked this:

"The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head off the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victim's feet."

That says it all.

Anonymous 8:10 AM  

The problem is not only American. I am based in Italy and our government and political parties keep stressing the "difference" between so called "moderate" muslims and integralists.

Integralists are those who're more prone to be terrorists...those who behead people while "moderate" are those whom, in the safe living room of their safe houses in their safe western welcoming countries clap at the actions of the integralists. And when they go out they show disregard (rarely) against terrorism.

I can see the increased arrogance of black african muslims in Italy miles away. Till they were only a bunch of people we all helped them thinking they were needy....many of us swallowed the pill of that they increased in number...they are showing their real colors...for those who can see. Superiority complexes...subtle implies threats about their future dominations etc...all this in the total blindness of our government, no matter which party they are at.
7 years in UK and France showed me enough of Islam and how they treat women and how double sided they are.
It is so obvious what they are doing that i am amazed at how people can keep thinking they are nice people. And they are the same slowtards whom, later on will say "Who could imagine they would do something like this! My neighbour was so nice and his kids used to play with mines".
They are exactly the same people! More than the's people's blindness....if they only took a world map and saw what muslisms are doing around the world, bribing politicians un EU to rectify history, bribing more politicians in single countries to get sharia enforced etc...they wouldn't be so happy and positive about it.

Mind blindness and lack of mental clarity is one of the worst things a human being can happen to have and at the moment...most people are biased by the idillic (and fake) theory that we're all alike (created from scratch after WW 2 just to avoid new nazisms cases in Europe and the world). WE are not all alike and muslisms are the best proof of what i am saying. Background, Upgringing, Religions, Family education and brain washing make people different from one another. Paradoxally....if we were really ALL ALIKE ALL EQUALS....WE WOULD ALSO BE ALL NAZISTS hence....also the ANTINAZISTS WERE's a theory that crumbles down on its own pillars.

WE ARE NOT ALL ALIKE and ISLAM has declared a not even so silent war to the rest of the world.
A muslim woman interviewed in Italy said "You don't have to fear....we'll eventually outnumber you and then we'll turn Italy into an Islamic country. It's the natural order and was forecasted by Mohammed. After all..for every kid you (catholics/atheist Italians) make....we (the muslism) make 3, 4 or 5"....

And that's only one and say that with a satisfied grin on their face, with the selfconfident arrogance of those who know nothing can happen to them for the things they say!

Citizen Warrior 12:05 PM  

Rick, I just saw a short film that demonstrates the principle: The higher the percentage of Muslims in a population, the more they take over the government.

For those of you who don't know how it works, this is the visual demonstration of the Islamic advance in the west I've ever seen.

What Islam Is Not

Not for the weak at heart. When you're done with it, immediately go here: What a Civilian Can Do About It.

Anonymous 4:58 AM  


I am based very near to Africa in Italy, so we have a lot of "import" of muslim africans first hand. There is not even need to watch all those movies (which i have widely see on other occasions). I simply need to stop one on streets and ask him. He'll tell you what his opinion is, with such a selfconfidence you can't even imagie.
Only two things i don't share with your analysis, read around the posts in the blog, and they are:
1) Freedom as a unifying factor. Religion is more powerful than the concept of freedom for many reasons. Religion still is a strong unifying value. And democracy is undergoing a crisis due to corruption etc. And muslims are very much aware of this.
2) The fact that you can stop them with "civil" actions.

My personal opinion is that we'll end at war with them, sooner or later. I don't know why our governments are doing what they are doing, but sooner or later someone will begin to act within the govt influence or out of it. In Europe there is a growing islamophobic tendency, it's hidden because they blame you immediately for racism (Especially in northern Europe...UK/NETH/SCANDINAVIAN countries in particular), but people are really fed up. Fed up of muslims, fed up of our governments allowing them for oil, and trade and careers and personal interests etc. There is also a rebirth of extreme right movements, inspired by nazism but with a strong islamophobic nuance (and of course againts jewishes too but muslims are item 1 in the agenda).

In my opinion immigration should be left aside of trade agreements, while at the moment it is a primary item in the agenda and that's not good. You can't mix wolves, lions and sheep together.

My idea is we'll end up at war with those. We have been knowing muslims for centuries here...and they don't give up till you leave them one chance to do something. Letting them in a country and do what they do can only be due to 2 factors.
1) Ignorance
2) Personal interests (Bribing, corruption, career issues etc)

People like me will NEVER even wonder what they do in places like Guantanamo or when the US exert forced "pick ups" of muslim leaders in our countries......People like me wonder WHY GOVERNMENTS KEEP LETTING THEM IN.

For example,'s a catholic country...ONE WIFE/ONE HUBBY....they are poligamic...and poligamy is expressly forbidden. But they keep bringing in their 3 or 4 wives here and all those kids...and then live on the dole........with houses, min wages etc provided by the government and they PRETEND those things.

You ask a police officer "Why don't you punish him for his 4 wives" Answer is "Well if i put him in jail they will claim we're intolerant and will begin to make public manifestations on streets + communist/left organizations will begin to protect them and we will have to release them"

That's the situation here! WE had Imams clearly stating they are here to islamize Italy. They claimed that on TV, in front of million people and they are still there.

Hence, i don't think our governments know what they are doing.

Citizen Warrior 11:41 AM  

I agree, Rick. Most of the people in governments won't be leaders in this movement to curb Islam's relentless encroachment. The education of a sufficient number of citizens is the only thing that will put pressure on governments to start being smart about it.

Anonymous 12:13 PM  

Hiya Citizen,

Most citizens are more or less aware although not very well informed (it can be a very boring topic, especially the stage where you have to explain the geopolitical events, political issues and the part relating to Islam as a system and government method....). Till you don't find some way to provide media coverage to these issues no one will care. People are stuck on TV screens, doped with TV news and their reassuring fairy tales.

And, pressures or not, governments went way too far with letting all those muslims in. I want to see them now explaining the Muslims rulers in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and TURKEY (trying to enter EU), that " know we just realized you were trying to screw our world and have now decided to send back all muslims to their home countries"...NO ONE WILL ever do that here in Europe and, believe me...not even in the US. 7% of their public debt is in the hands of arabs.
They are buying parts of western world...and that's another problem.
No one talks about all these things.

Citizen Warrior 12:29 PM  


I can see that wouldn't go over very well. But stopping any more immigration of Muslims would be a good first step. And then disallowing them polygamy might encourage some of them to leave. Taking them off the dole might encourage more to leave.

What can be done must be done. Every little bit helps.

If the media in general won't help publicize it, the word can be spread from person to person. Eventually SOME media outlet will see there is a market for this information, and they will begin. When they get lots of viewers or listeners or readers (because of the previous word-of-mouth campaign), other media outlets will see the market potential and join in.

It starts right where you are.

People are already aware, but not well informed. That's a start. What is the least people need to know? I'm working on on article by that topic right now. In order to vote for shutting off Muslim immigration, do people need to know the geopolitical events, political issues and the part relating to Islam as a system and government method? Maybe not. Maybe they only need to know is that Islam has political goals which they follow as a religious duty, and those goals include the overthrow of democratic governments.

It may eventually come to war if non-Muslims don't wake up. But I think it would be a crime for those of us who already know what's happening to sit back and wait for the inevitable. There is a lot we can be doing now that can prevent the violence later.

The first step is getting clear on the least your fellow citizens need to know, and starting to educate them. You are not alone, and the more people we each educate, the more of us will be out there educating.

If you feel disheartened or discouraged, read this: Morale For The Citizen Warrior.

Anonymous 12:42 PM  

Lol Citizen,

I am not discouraged. I am rather a good observer. Perhaps your reality is different. The ones we have here are not the type who leave if you forbid them to see their wives. We have had some who were married and stayed here for 10years in a row (My two wives wait me at home, together and they can't go's the reply to my questions on why their wives waited for them for so long...i can only let you imagine why they wait).

They are street sellers, beach sellers, parking sellers...people who spend their day around trying to sell you useless stuff that no one one knows what they eat and how they live but we do have plenty.

They will leave only in one way. You physically pick them up...board them on a ship and send them back to Africa. BUT........many of these DO NOT HAVE DOCUMENTS (they destroy them before arriving so that they can claim the status of refugee etc etc.) we wouldn't know where to send them back? Which country? Sudan? Algeria? Morocco? Tunisia? Sri Lanka? Pakistan?

Second thing is THEY COME BACK immediately after. They are too close to us. They come back, once, twice, three times.

Solution is: We need ANTI MUSLIM LAWS. Laws that allow a country to really prevent to have these people on streets. It's a global decision. Once the process starts in one country...the others will follow because no one can stand them in real fact.

I am neither discouraged nor have unclear ideas. I have many ideas and very clear too on how to do. What i notice here, in my contacts with politicians is that as soon as you touch the topic of muslims...they begin to talk about equality of rights, tolerance and similar crap. They simply don't a local/regional level.
I can grant you i'd know very well how to stop those flows if i only could...and without violence too. Only the proper laws and the proper endorsement from citizens.

Citizen Warrior 12:54 PM  

Rick, you said, "I have many ideas and very clear too on how to do." Have you written or posted them anywhere? If not, would you do it here?

Anonymous 1:07 PM  


I never had 1 single problem to express my ideas also to muslims (that's must be why i don't have many friends in that sector). If we have a problem in Italy that is that a blog like this would be closed in a few weeks and tagged as DANGEROUS FOR PUBLIC SECURITY.

All that said i don't have any problem to tell my ideas in here. They are very simple (but not simplistic, because they take into account of many parameters and try to prevent violence). Bear in mind many of my solutions are cut for Europe and Italy in particular but it doesn't mean they wouldn't work also in other places ( a closed continent like the US/Canada area it would work even better, if they only wanted).

All that said...i will talk whenever i am given a chance and whenever i feel i have something to say in relation to this specific topic.

Citizen Warrior 3:32 PM  

That's great, Rick. I invite you to make all the comments, suggestions, and ideas you think will help here on We're all in this together. I have gone out of my way to make sure is not America-centric, even though I am American.

This site is growing in popularity and lots of people will see your comments. If you'd ever like to submit an article to publish here, I would be glad to consider it. I like what you have to say.

Anonymous 9:43 AM  

Hiya Citizen,

That's good to know. Sometimes they will come in the form of organic, structured ideas.....while in others they will be similar to rants dictated by the spur of the moment but never useless......i spent years observing muslim movements around the world and i think i was an early bird as to the threats they posed.

As to the ideas....well they may come in a an apparently messy order sometimes but they are well clear in mind.

One idea for a quick start would be creating ONE SINGLE place gathering infos about islamization of countries around the world, where all people like you and i can resort to when they need updated information about the situation and the scenario, but also a place where everyone can make a contribution.

That will bring a number of benefits, amongst which:
a) Higher global visibility (It is not for the US anymore but for the whole world)
b) It gets more infos in a much quicker way from multiple sources
c) It can act as a sort of official center for all those who think islamization of the world is a risk while at the moment all those people (and they are damn many) are lost in their solitude, scared at expressing their views.

It would be interesting to evaluate the possibility of creating such a reality, managed by ALL those who are prone to gather information, keep the updated etc etc.

As to's possible to go from daily news around the world (all what muslism do wrong daily around the world classified by topics), to the usual forums to the geopolitical updates about islamization.

Those things act also as EVIDENCE of what they are doing. As a matter of fact, if you tell someone muslims are islamizing the world...they will say yes yes but won't care (human individualism leads single individuals to begin to care only when you enter their garden...which is one of the reasons why islam is spreading so much.....western individualism is one of the invisibile keys of the problem. But if you show them a geopolitical map of what the real situation is....then someone may begin to feel things "burning" and change his mind much quicker.

It's just an idea of course....but i think all the realities working for this should keep their individuality yet organising one single organic point of info gathering acting as a strategic centre. Till we have too much fragmentation it won't work too well.

Drop me your opinion when you make time.

Citizen Warrior 1:27 PM  

That's an interesting idea, Rick. Almost like a Wikipedia for Islamization. Good idea. Every writer on this topic would probably use it, link to it, refer to it, and read it.

I like what you said. May I have your permission to reprint it, both here and in other forums?

Are you interested in starting such a project? I would definitely help you promote it.

Anonymous 3:18 AM  

HI Citizen,

You're authorized.
The project looks like BIG stuff and am very eager to work on it, as long as i don't have to handle it all alone LOL.
I am glad you appreciated it!

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