Long-Range Jihadists


IN A DISCUSSION with European policy makers, Walid Phares made what I believe to be a significant distinction between "hot-headed Jihadists" and "long-range Jihadists."

The hot-headed Jihadists are blowing up subways and flying planes into buildings. The long-range Jihadists are involved in indoctrination of the young. They are creating the pools Jihadist recruiters can later draw from. This is the well-funded production of young Jihadist-slanted minds. They are also involved in vigorous PR efforts to prevent non-Muslims from catching on to the bigger picture.

The significance of this distinction is that almost all of the security efforts in the United States and Europe are aimed at stopping the hot-headed Jihadists. It is a law-enforcement model. It seeks to track down and incarcerate terrorists.

It does nothing to address the much bigger threat: The long-range Jihadists. That's what we're interested in most on CitizenWarrior.com — stopping Islam's relentless encroachment (in other words, defeating the plans of the long-range Jihadists). Our number one goal is to raise public awareness of the aims and methods of the long-range Jihadists so new policies can be instigated nationally to stop the Jihadists from waging long-range jihad by gaining concessions from the West. Public awareness is the first step. Find out how you can help.


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