A Support Group for Citzen Warriors Who Have Lost Friendships Over Islam?


DAMON WHITSELL, creator of The Religion of Conquest, has an interesting idea. He personally lost friends talking to them about Islam's relentless encroachment, and he and I were talking about the many people we know who have either strained or broken relationships because their friends or family members didn't want them talking about Islamic supremacism any more.

Damon's idea is to create an online support group for people who have lost relationships as a consequence of participating in the counterjihad. He already runs an online support group for a different issue, and he would be willing to create one for counterjihadists if there was a desire for it. So he asked me to ask readers of Citizen Warrior if you would be interested in an online support group to help you deal with the aftermath of losing a friend because you talked about the third jihad.

So please let me know. Click here to leave a comment, or email me here and I'll post it for you (anonymously unless you say otherwise). When the results are all in, I'll let Damon know, and if he starts a support group, I'll let you know about it.


Citizen Warrior 11:22 PM  

Someone emailed this:

I have been ostracized by many friends because I am fighting a war against encroaching Islam. No one wants to believe they are slithering their way into control of this country.

I would be interested in such a group. However, if I have to be politically correct concerning these animals, it will serve no purpose. I have been shut out of Facebook 3 times, been censored using an email service due to not being politically correct.

I have not nor will be subject to censorship by anyone. I do not curse, but definitely make known my feelings concerning these koranimals.

Damon Whitsell 12:51 AM  

Thank you CW,

CW, Tomorrow I will be making an inquiry post on my Islam blogs to also try to determine the need for such a support group. Could you change the link URL to my site to my main site @ http://religionofconquest.com?

And thank you for your response Anonymous.

I have no desire to censor anyone is anyway except I am still undecided if I may or may not allow any kind of evangelism. I am a Christian but I have no desire to evangelize anyone but rather to work with anyone that is willing to stand against the totalitarian political ideology cloaked in religious garb that is Islam. If enough people wanted to allow talk about religions other than Islam, and even evangelism, I would be willing to allow it but I think it would distract from the main purpose which is to support and keep as many Wounded Citizen Warriors in the fight as possible.

I myself don’t curse much anymore but can get “foul mouthed” when I am passionate about something. Political Correctness will be the death of us all if we don’t learn to speak truth even when it is offensive to many, no matter what the consequences, or we might as well lay down and surrender. I think whether spiritual or not we should not restrain people from cursing due to passion if they want to.

Here is a video I found today which is beautifully “vulgar” to me (http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/2011/04/24/black-american-patriot-discusses-muslims-warning-grpahic-language/),, my question to you is would you want to censor all cursing? I would not be willing to do so. I downloaded the video and will be uploading it to my TruthTubeTV account and posting it on my blog soon. It will offend some of my fellow Christians and some of my readers (which is not many yet) but I really don’t care, they can even tell me I am not a real Christian because of it but I could care less. This is a war we are in and the loss of our freedoms and the fall of western civilization is imminent if we do not get over our Sensitivities, Fears, Political Correctness and wrongly founded insistences of being nice, prim and proper.

At this point I am thinking the site should be two fold. 1. A private forum where everyone can vent and support each other all they want to 2. A public testimony page for those who might not want to join a private forum but still might benefit from “what standing against Islam has cost me” testimonies.

I am open to considering any suggestions and ideas from anyone, so please respond further if you would like. And everyone else,, please feel free to speak your mind about this. I feel all initial inquiries should have a say at what would make the group the best group possible. I don’t want no damned dictators in this world,, especially me. So please speak your mind!!! So many have already died so you can be free to do it,, so just speak up.

Damon Whitsell 12:56 AM  

I have received these comments through different avenues so far.

“Hello Damon:

I just read your story. Those 2 people were never your friends. A real friend does not act like that.

But I know that mentality: I have seen it in Dan Barker,Hector Avalos, and now Richard Carrier. In a video Carrier even says Hitler practiced a form of Christianity. I know better than that. They are beyond reasoning. They have gone off the edge.

As for Islam and people none of my friends has ever done what yours have.I have told other non-Muslims about aspects of Islam and they were shocked.


It is that they dont see religious fanatics of Islam are a danger to THEM. They have a lack of imagination and cant understand that it is possible for a nuclear war to begin very soon.”


“I have lost nearly all my friends, Damon. It was shocking at first but I am used to it now.”


“I read all your comments on the Talk About Islam site and felt badly for you. then I came here, and it seems you are trying, as difficult as it may be, to set aside what is going on and move on with your fight against creeping shari'a and Islam. Frankly, had someone tell me I wanted to kill all Muslims too, I would have had to look at them and tell them, "what an asinine comment." Because it is. Sadly, at least for a while, you may lose the friendship of your friend. From what you have said, it's clear the fiancee doesn't like you. Perhaps she sees you as a threat to the relationship. Hard to tell. But, seems you are moving on with your fight to inform about Islam. Frankly, there are some people you simply can not talk with on certain subjects. And, once you have, they always see you in a certain light. The only thing that would change their mind, sadly, is if something would happen to them or someone they know and care about. So, on to bigger an d better things, and for the time being try to not allow what has happened with your friend engulf your life. Time is a great healer, and perhaps later you will be able to talk with him - but I doubt her.

Islam a dangerous ideology, and a horrible way of life. Fortunately, there is enough information, both written and verbal, that substantiates our concerns. Sorry to go on. Your situation just touched me. It's tough when you're passionate about something and can't share it.”

Damon Whitsell 1:00 AM  

To everyone,,, I will be writing up my complete "What Talking about Islam cost me" testimony tomorrow.

For now you can go to CW's "Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims" site in the right hand sidebar here at CW to hear some of it.

Historyscoper 7:12 AM  

When it comes to the relentless brain disease of Islam, you can either be an ostrich or an eagle. If your friends choose to be ostriches, just fly away from them and live up high with the eagles :)


Damon Whitsell 7:33 AM  

Hello everyone, after thinking about the video I posted in my previous comment here I could like to clarify that the support forum would not be a place to encourage civil disobedience. After watching the video last night I was caught up in the emotion that the patriot in it has, but would in no way encourage or participate in his idea about chucking grenades anywhere. But if someone wanted to curse because of hurt or passion,, I think it should be allowed if it is not just cursing for cursing sakes.

I would also recommend just parting company with anyone who might say things like just because someone stands against Islam that they “want to kill all Muslims.” My only brother was murdered back in 87 and the guy that killed him is the only person I ever thought about killing and that only lasted for two or three days and then God tore me up over that one and I fully believe vengeance belongs to the Lord. Sincerely Damon Whitsell

Anonymous 8:01 AM  

i also have lost Christian friends over this issue, but have garnered more respect from those who agree with my stance and support it. The few that have chosen to disconnect with me by "unfriending" on fb or removing themselves from my newsletter are unreachable hardheads and i don't need a support group to lick my wounds from recognizing there are bunches of uninformed, misinformed people who choose to remain that way. Jesus said the end times would look just like as in days of Noah and Lot. So if you have lost a few friends, go find some new "true" friends.

River Fred 9:59 AM  

I also talk to my friends about Islam and what type of person Muhammed was, however I have never lost a friend over this. Maybe you need to back off a little and approach the subject matter diplomatically. I found most of my friends interested as they knew nothing about Islam/Muhammed. Those who were not interested I dropped the subject as I did not want to force my opinions on them.

mary m 10:18 AM  

I would join. I have lost friends because of speaking the truth about o bama's socialism and islam.

Anonymous 10:23 AM  

I think this is a good idea. I have a handful of atheist friends that are so worried about the Christians taking over (Pro-Choice and Gay Marriage discussions) that they are blind to what is really going to take away their freedoms. And of course, since I am a Christian.... I am the bad guy, full of hate, against other believes (yet they can't stand Christianity and very willing to slam that) and of course can't be accurate in my claims. I am making it up, they say! Or even worse, they few it as a few fringe crazies and it can't happen in America. I also have a family member who doesn't care about the Islamic or Soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan issue so much that I was punished during my husband's deployment, meaning that family member (sibling) didn't offer a ounce of help or inquired on me or the kids well being not once during the entire deployment, even after many started to die. The punishment for the warning can be severe yet we are warning them out of love and concern. Ironic, huh?

-Finally Figured out Islam

Anonymous 10:27 AM  

I for one have not lost anyone due to me talking about the wrongs of islam but, I do think it's an excellent idea and who knows maybe one day I will lose a friend because of it and will have a support system. Even if I do lose someone I WILL continue to spread the word of muslims and their American and world agenda.

Anonymous 10:34 AM  

I do not consider them friends first of all...but nonetheless yes, I have lost ´people´of close conection or at least they told me to SHUT UP and not talk about the subject anymore!

Gormflaith The Banshee 10:35 AM  

I haven't lost friends but I do have some that think I focusing on the negative when I talk about this. I just use the old AA thing "Come back when the pain gets bad enough." I tell them I understand it is hard to "grok" but time will tell.

Citizen Warrior 10:49 AM  

Someone emailed this:

CW, sounds interesting and helpful.

Citizen Warrior 10:51 AM  

Someone emailed this:

Those Americans who defend Muslims are completely ignorant of world history and the big part Islam has played in it. Ignorance is deadly.

Damon Whitsell 11:23 AM  

Thank you all for your comments and input.

Thank you River Fred for your concern but I have considered what you

I have studied everything our resident Counter-Jihad Psychologist Specialist
CW has said and written about and have been very tactical with all my
Friends and have not forced anything on anyone.

For me I was damned the first time I spoke about Islam because my friends
fiancé is a relativist that thinks no judgments can be made at all and that all
people, cultures, ideas and things are equally true and good.

For instance when I was told that I “wanted to kill every Muslim on the face of the earth”,, it was not because I said anything about anyone at that time but rather for making the mistake of wearing a shirt that says “some people are alive because it is illegal to kill them” in front of her. I have had the shirt for about 8 years and everywhere I go wearing it people offer to buy me drinks saying “I know people like that too”,,, because it infers that it is amazing that some people do not get killed over their stupidity. I have since realized another inherent inference to it. It is amazing to that some people do not killed for not determining good from evil and that some people are narcissistic sociopaths and Cons looking for victims. The relativist has proven this to me by losing thousand of dollars to strangers she meets in bars who give her a sob story, take advantage of her and move on to the next sucker in line.

Things have happened like being shown a picture of pigs saying “I wish everyone was a Jew” and by me just saying Jews are not the only ones to not eat pork,, I was guilty of talking bad about Muslims in her eyes.

On top of this my friend of 30 years, her fiancĂ©, was very interested in learning everything he could about Islam and at one point was even telling others about its dangers,, until she called us racist. And long after I quit saying anything about Islam to either of them she was engaged in a “Damon want to kill all Muslims” smear campaign. And since what Hitler said was true, that “if you tell a lie often enough it will be believed”,, my friend and others became to believe it.

As I told CW..

“I have since remembered that all of Jesus's friends and family betrayed Him, most of the Signers of the Declaration Independence suffer much loss for doing so, that people die in our world everyday for nothing more than being non-muslim and all that the Bible says about how Christians are supposed to suffer and it is good for us. I know most people think of the so called "Prosperity Gospel" when they think about Christianity,,,, but the bible says very much about Christian Suffering.

So I have since became not so depressed and quit whining so I don't need any support anymore. I have myself, my God and my integrity intact and don't really need anything else.

But I cannot help but think about in-mature babes in Christ and non-believers and what they might be suffering for standing against Islam and them having no frame of reference to put the legal and widely acceptable persecution of Islamophobe-phobia into perspective and to be able to persevere and stay in the fight as I have. So a support group might be very needed anyway.”

I am not looking for a place to bitch, whine or cry. I am interested in to finding out if a place is needed to “support and keep as many Wounded Citizen Warriors in the fight as possible.

Damon Whitsell 11:47 AM  

Hi TLW,,, I agree completely. That is why I have joined two local ACT! for America chapters. It will be so nice once i get close to a few like minded people. I am sure it will change my life for the better. Who wants to fly with the turkeys when you can soar with the eagles. :):):)

Damon Whitsell 12:02 PM  

One Anonymous said,,, “I have a handful of atheist friends that are so worried about the Christians taking over (Pro-Choice and Gay Marriage discussions) that they are blind to what is really going to take away their freedoms”.

Please tell your friends that Christians are not the only ones that are pro-choice and for maintaining marriage as a union between a man and a women. All cultures, historical and present, promote the sanctity of marriage as a social institution that maintains our society as what it is. And to not value the family is just Marxist communist doctrine perpetuated by so called Woman’s liberation.

Western birth rates are so low that our society will implode if people do not start reproducing more.

And that Jesus said Joh 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

There is only a small portion of Christianity that subscribes to the unbiblical theology of Kingdom Now Theology and Dominion Theology (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Theology). They do indeed wish to set up a theocracy on earth with men at the helm but most of us Christians look for the return of Jesus and follow Jesus command to Mar 12:17 b Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.

Citizen Warrior 12:30 PM  

Someone emailed this:

I have no need for a support group. Perhaps because the people with whom I raise the issue are already concerned about the Islamic drive to use our democratic system to promote Sharia and dawa. My approach to Muslims is limited to those in media and/or politics. I express my wish to learn more about the ideology and ask questions which, I hope, forces them to address some unpleasant aspects of the ideology; and, the character of Mohammad. They try to deicuss something else, lie or end the excange.

They may be polite to me; but, they are not, and cannot be, "friends". Those in desperate need of a support group, are those Muslims who would like to escape their cultural prison.

Anonymous 7:51 PM  

My hubby & I have family & some friends. They were mostly sheeplebut a few caught us off guard. Heck, 1 of my kids' godparents told me they were hardcore NY democrats that supported gun control (the man of this godparent pair was in the military... explain that one?) & thought we should part ways. WTF?
I can't understand how rational people don't see what's happening?

Jim Horn 9:44 PM  

A great idea. For some, losing a friendship long cultivated is a tragedy.

Jim Horn

Citizen Warrior 11:20 PM  

Someone emailed this:

I haven't had experience with loosing friendships over this but it should talked about ,people don't realize that the muslims are trying to take over this country,and it's time to wake up before it's too late. How many banks are already shariah compliant?

Damon Whitsell 11:27 PM  

THANK YOU ALL for your input!!!

I am leaning heavy towards YES, there is a need.

CW, I so got strung out doing so many different things today I did not get around to making the post and testimony at my sites, but I will tomorrow.


Unknown 12:39 AM  

On the Citizen Warrior facebook page, someone wrote:

I met a "friend" online who, when we began to discuss Islam, wanted me to admit that Christianity is just a barbaric as Islam. When I refused to admit this, and when I refused to condemn Christ, she began by saying that the bible treats women just as badly as the Koran. She tried to say that Islamic women in some European countries during the middle-ages, like Spain, were treated better than their European counter parts. When I asked her how she thought Muslim woman compared to Christian women today, she moved on to slavery. She pointed to the African slave trade to justify her claim that Christianity is just as barbaric as Islam. When I showed her a you-tube video showing that Muslims were worse slave traders than Christians ever were (at least Christians didn't castrate their male slaves), and when I showed her the Tears of Jihad article showing that over 270 million innocent men, women and children have been killed/enslaved by Islam in the past 1,400 years, and when I pointed out that Christians who commit acts of violence aren't following the example set by Christ, but Muslims who commit acts of violence are following the example set by Mohammed, she went beserk, called me a fucking loon, said I need a rubber room, and told me to stop visiting nutjob online websites to justify my irritational fears. Irrational fears? Does that make me an Islamaphobe? I hate it when defenders of Islam say Christians/Christianity are just as violent as Muslims/Islam. I hate it when defenders of Islam refuse to look at history/current events in a logical, impassioned way and reach the rational conclusion that Islam is not a religion of peace. How many people like her are there in America?

Oh yeah, she also threatened to report me to the FBI, Facebook, and my internet service provider for hate crimes. Since when is telling the truth a hate crime?

Someone else wrote:

altho I personally have not lost any friends, i do know that the more we voice the truth, the more we will upset! I think a group would be good idea.

Anonymous 5:10 AM  

I certainly like the idea of a support network. It can be very lonely on this battlefield. I don't much favour the idea of getting together to lick our wounds and mourn lost friendships. We need to be strengthening the new friendships that will undoubtedly form on the basis of our shared vision and determination. If only there were a way of helping us to identify fellow warriors! Can't we come up with some subtle form of identification that will mark us out to one another without giving us away too readily to those who would persecute us?


Anonymous 6:27 AM  

yes yes yes, there needs to be support groups not just online but in person all over the country. it is terrible what is happening. people become outcasts in their own families. people risk job loss or employment networking loss if perceived as being on the 'bad guys' side, meaning republicans. please create a network and then have all the conservative blogs publicize it.

Anonymous 6:33 AM  

there needs to be, also, support groups specifically in certain communities: like the jewish community, or the evangelical community. these more specific groups can be more helpful as they understand the backgrounds and environments better.

Anonymous 7:25 AM  

I think the support group is a good idea. I have had to accept that amongst my friends, family and peers are dhimwits and PCs and worse still leftards seeing Islam as an "anti-imperialist" ally. Somehow the latter are unable to associate the collapse of the Soviet Union with the misguided assistance the West gave to the 'holy warriors' (although 'satanic warriors' would be the accurate description for these power seeking religio-zombies). Rather to have succumbed to the Soviet Union and Maoist China than to live under Islam. We may still rue the day that we brought the Soviet Union to its knees. However, to be part of the Resistance Against Islam means the loss of relationships. Seeing friends, family and peers sinking in the Politically Correct Quicksand, their eyes mesmerised by the Spell of the Islamic Kaa is indeed traumatic.

Citizen Warrior 10:34 AM  

Someone emailed this:

A support group would help people cope with friend losses but best would be if speaking the truth about islam became mainstream behaviour rather than a fringe activity.

Truth should have that power but sadly, in today's world, it doesn't.

Where i live, many people know and acknowledge muslims' violent and irrational behaviour.
Most acknowledge that islam is a scourge to humans everywhere, but no one speaks up because of extreme political correctness.
Media bias plays a huge role in this perspective.

Anyone who speaks up against islam is branded a racist, a bigot or worse by our media.

I wish there was some way in which speaking the truth about islam becomes acceptable in society.

Anonymous 6:40 PM  

I had too many unpleasant encountered with malay-islamic people in their malay-islamic country dominated country, in nonislamic dominated asian countries and in other islamic asian/middleeast countries and was discriminated by malsy-islamic people from a very a young age and therefore I was and am not surprise to read about their extreme islamic nastiness, though I was shaken abit by proislamic extreme abusiveness and irrationally aggressive replies from proislamics in certain blogssites.


Anonymous 10:37 AM  

I was talking to a few tennis acquaintances about a neighbor who is a retired minister and who serves as a volunter at a local Universalist church and got myself into a little trouble as a result.One of the players didn't want to get into religion as she believes religion is responsible for most wars. Another player who was wearing a large gold cross on a necklace made a deragatory statement about my being an agnostic Deist as a result of my mocking Bill O'Reilly's statement that God created Hell as a way of controlling behavior of mankind.
I don't have any friends who are muslims but I am sure they would not be friendly to me as are religious people of other Faiths.

Anonymous 9:00 PM  

Thank you for this service! People don't want to see me coming, it seems. However, I cannot hide my head in the sand. It's disingenuous.

Anonymous 10:33 AM  

It's a non-starter talking to any meember of my family, and most of my friends, about the current onslaught of islam in the West.

Citizen Warrior 10:47 AM  

Would you be interested in a support group? Have you lost family members?

Or would you be interested in helping others from what you have learned? Or learning from others about how to better approach these kinds of conversations? If so, you can participate here:


Unknown 2:38 PM  

Someone made this comment on CW's FB page:

My cousin deleted me from her fb Friends list as a result of a conversation over Islam. Frustratingly, many people have the same perspective as my cousin...they don't actually know a darn thing about Islam's history, have never bothered to read a transliteration of the Quran, and aren't willing to learn, but they know far more about it than I do. Ironically, if Islam, God forbid, overruns the US, she and her liberal friends will be among the first in line for some serious trouble.

Citizen Warrior 11:53 AM  

Someone emailed this:

I think this is a very good idea. I personally don't care if my friends don't want to listen to me much or think I am crazy. Slowly, I believe , I am convincing some of them. But if I cannot penetrate their thick skulls then I'm just as glad to let them go because quite frankly they're idiots who are too stupid to open their eyes to reality and I prefer to have friends who will open their eyes and see what's going on. So, rather than needing support for lost friends, I think forming a group like this is a good idea to make new friends and perhaps get more accomplished with strength in numbers. What's your idea about this? We could even have occasional meetings a few times a year to discuss projects, etc.

Babs 10:38 AM  

The difficulty, as I see it, is the deliberate use made by Muslims of our cognitive dissonance. Islam is antithetical to democracy or to being criticised and yet it has not hesitation in using our democratic laws against us and to advance the da'wah. Consequently it is not beset by the sort of cognitive dissonance we suffer from when, for example, having been brainwashed into political correctness, we are presented by Islam with behaviours or messages which are not in the slightest politically correct but we are prevented by our own political correctness from arguing with.

Islam's treatment of women and kufar is but one example. When decent people complain about Islam's supremacist attitude they are accused of not being politically correct, although their complaints are well-founded.

This cognitive dissonance is deliberately compounded by taqiyya and lip-service to interfaith or outreach progammes and the old guff about Islam being the religion of peace.

How to achieve consonnance? Grasp the nettle firmly and declare double standard "do as I say not as I do" wherever you see it. Yell from the rooftops every time you hear about or witness Muslim aggression in the name of Islam that the Islamic King is butt naked and be at pains to point out why. If enough of us do this in the world, eventually the supremacist influence of Islam will be eroded.

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