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FEBRUARY 13TH, 2011, a relatively new City Councilwoman for Villa Park, Deborah Pauly, gave a speech at a demonstration outside a Muslim fundraising event at Yorba Linda, California. (Watch her speech here.) The demonstration was against some of the speakers at the fundraiser, especially the jihadist Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

I received an email about this, accompanied by the suggestion that we write to Pauly and give her some encouragement because she is under fire from Muslims and multiculturalists. A group of 200 Muslim protesters demanded that she apologize. And as you might expect, news stories about her speech excerpted out the most extreme-sounding clips from her speech and referred to her in less-than-flattering terms.

It was also suggested in this email that we coach her on talking about Islam.

I think these are great suggestions, so let's do it. Her email address is: dpauly@villapark.org. She was elected in 2010, and she has already boldly spoken out against Islam's relentless encroachment. She is an important ally in the counterjihad movement. And it would help the cause (and reduce the backlash) if her public statments were more exacting and deliberate so she doesn't unnecessarily give ammunition to the opposition. Read more about her speech and protests against her here.

Let's each email her a short, encouraging message. Here are some things you might include in your email:

1. I watched a video of your speech.

2. I appreciate the courage it took to speak honestly about Islam. I admire your bravery.

3. You have our support. Is there anything we can do for you?

4. In my own way, I also try to warn people about Islamic doctrine. I try to get them to read Inquiry Into Islam because most people can read it without rejecting the information. I always try to focus on the doctrine when I talk (Islamic doctrine, rather than Muslim people) because it makes the information harder to criticize.

5. I hope you continue speaking about Islam. We need more courageous people like you in public offices. There are a lot of us who want leaders to speak honestly about Islam.

In other words, tell her you admire what she did, you want to support her, and share with her what you've learned about talking about Islam.

Deborah Pauly's email address is: dpauly@villapark.org. The proper formal way to address her is: "Councilwoman Pauly."


Damien 8:16 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I feel bad, because I tried to send her an email, but it wouldn't go through.

Citizen Warrior 11:02 PM  

You should try it again another time, Damien. It might be a temporary glitch. This is the City Councilmembers page:


You can try writing to her from there, but it's the same email address. Let's hope she's being inundated with supportive messages and they have filled her inbox!

Citizen Warrior 11:06 PM  

Also, at the bottom of that page for the Villa Park City Council is their phone number, fax number, and snail mailing address.

Damien 11:10 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Thank you. I will try at least one more time.

Citizen Warrior 11:17 PM  

I wrote to her using that address and the email has not come back to me. It apparently worked, although she hasn't responded yet, so who knows?

But this is a legitimate email address and it seems likely it is a good one.

Damien 11:18 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Okay, I sent it again, and I didn't get an error message this time. So I think it went through. I hope she keeps up the good.

By the way, you keep it up as well. You do more to fight the encroachment of Islam on our freedom, than most people.

wri7913 12:46 AM  

Just sent my note.

Thanks for the heads up buddy. I look forward to your postings on facebook and the website. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous 2:02 AM  

I must say I visit this site a lot to read the many great articles but posts such as these I feel do the most good by letting us help "balance out" all the negative letters people like this do get.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous 4:57 PM  

I had no problem with sending her a message, and then I forwarded your notice to my entire mail list. Several of my family members and friends sent her a message and also forwarded your notice to their mail list.


Citizen Warrior 11:37 PM  

Well done, Kohana!

Someone just CC'd me the following email...

Councilwoman Pauly:

I watched your February 13th speech in Yorba Linda.

Thank you for speaking out against
the dangerous rise of "Political Islam."

While "Religious Islam" has a right to exist in the United States, just like any other peaceful religion, "Political Islam" does not. This is an important distinction that needs to be explained.

"Political Islam" does not have the right to preach sedition and violence, or seek to force the imposition of Saria Law on the citizens of the United States.

The First Amendment says that there
is freedom of religion, freedom of speech and a right of the people peaceably to assemble.

What is also understood is that these First Amendment Rights were established specifically to protect our citizens "from religious domination."

"Political Islam" advocates establishment of an Islamic Theocracy, governed by Sharia Law.

The goals of "Political Islam" are a violation of my First Amendment Rights, and, as a citizen of this country, I must oppose "Political Islam" in every way that I am able.

Please continue to do the same.

You are in my prayers. Be well, be safe.

Infidel Task Force 1:30 PM  

The Infidel Task Force sent one also:

Councilwoman Pauly

America is in troubled times. We are entering a period in US history that may actually decide the outcome and direction our country is to go. America with-stood Nazism, Communism, and now is on the brink with Islamism.
A huge percentage of the American people think Islam is just the nice old religion of peace when in fact it is an extreme ideology. I cannot think of any country in the world where religion actually runs it. (sans the Vatican) But in the middle east and into Europe, Islam is the dominate government. Can any American understand that? Entire countries run by Islamic Shariah Law. Any opposing force, and you are dealt with severely.
So when we saw your video posted on Youtube, we knew we had to write to you and give you all our support. Please continue with your efforts and never give up. The more you see and read and learn about Islam in America, the more frightening it becomes. America needs people like yourself.
If there is anything we can do for you, do not hesitate to ask.
God Bless you!!
Keep up the good work!!

The Infidel Task Force


Anonymous 11:13 PM  

Greetings fellow Patriots,
I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. It has kept me strong and you have collectively educated me, further preparing me to join you for the battle we will confront. You can friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @YnotDebPauly
God bless you and may God keep His mighty hand of protection over our great nation.
Deborah Pauly
Councilwoman, City of Villa Park

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