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ON THE ARTICLE, The Ground Zero Mosque, someone asked some questions and I answered them like this:

Question: You sure about this? If Islam is really about world domination and the article is true, why is it that we have always killed a lot more of them than they have of us?

Answer: So far, Muslim warriors have killed 270 million people. That is more than any person, country, group, or empire has killed at any time in history. By a long shot. In second place is communist China, which has killed 77 million people.

Question: And again, how can the work of a few individuals at 9-11 be construed to be the work of the entire congregration of Islam?

Answer: You missed the point of the article. My point is that mainstream, established Islamic doctrine is supremacist, aggressive, intolerant toward non-Muslims, and imperialistic, and the orthodox Muslims who flew the planes into the Towers share that same ideology with orthodox Muslims all over the world. The heterodox Muslims do not agree with those core Islamic doctrines. They are essentially Muslims in name only, apatheists, or heterodox (follow only select parts of Islamic doctrine, which is against the dictates of Islamic doctrine), and these make up a significant proportion of "the entire congregation of Islam."

Question: Why is it the Islam nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq have never attacked us?

Answer: We provide them with huge sums of money, and they are not powerful enough to win.

Question: No Muslim country has ever invaded a Western country, when we have invaded theirs?

Answer: Please read more about Muslim countries invading non-Muslim countries, including Western countries here and here and here and here.

Question: Islam followers are in all walks of life in the USA from politicians to judges and military personnel. As such, is the article really saying that all were complicit in 9-11?

Answer: Anyone who shares the same ideology and goals are part of the problem. If they want to be part of the solution, they will overtly reject those aspects of Islam that endanger women's rights, freedom of religion (including the right to apostasy), and freedom of expression (including the right to criticize Islam).

Question: A history lesson for the writer — the US has no greater friend that the Islamic Republic of Kosovo ... a country that we in the west liberated a short while ago? So the point of the article?

Answer: The point of the article is to explain why allowing the Ground Zero mosque is a bad idea for the free world.


Damien 8:24 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Those are some pretty good responses. By the way, why is Jihad Watch no longer in your side bar?

I'm only noticing the news feed from Creeping Sharia and Loganswarning.

Citizen Warrior 10:40 PM  

Thanks, Damien.

I took off JW because I was trying to make the two sidebar columns of equal length. I didn't know anyone actually looked at that! But I'm changing the sidebar all the time, so I'll add it back. I like JW.

Damien 10:48 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Your Welcome. I like Jihad Watch as well.

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

On Muslims attacking the West, you might like this article I found on Four Myths about the Crusades:

Kosovo is our friend NOT! Just ask the soldiers serving there how dangerous it is to be around Muslims.

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Click here to read the article.


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