Who Are We to Tell Muslims to Change Their Beliefs?


A LITTLE WHILE ago, someone wrote me a long email message, and I wanted to answer it here, because it brought up points worth thinking about. Here is what I wrote:

I've been blogging on Citizen Warrior for nine years now, and I have never gotten a message like yours. I'm not going to answer all of it, but there were a few things I wanted to answer. The first was your statement, "As an outsider, who am I to tell a foreign cultural group to 'change' their ways or to lobotomize their belief system to make it safer for me?"

You have a duty to yourself to survive. If someone or something is threatening your survival or even threatening your ability to thrive, you have a inborn right to defend your life, whether that right is sanctioned by law or not. And beyond that, if someone wants to move to a country, that country has every right to say, "We will not allow anyone to immigrate who is intent upon overthrowing our government or causing harm to our citizens."

If you are my next door neighbor and you have some belief that endangers me, I will insist you change your ways. For example, if you believe that burning plastic bags in your front yard protects you from evil spirits, I will insist you stop it because those fumes are poisonous to me.

I believe people should be able to believe what they want, and do what they want based on those beliefs as long as it doesn't harm others who do not believe that way. If you are doing something that isn't safe for me, that is more important than my respect for your cultural values.

In your email, you also said that trying to make someone change their belief system to make it safer for me is "just as arrogant or non-consensual as Muslim extremists attacking non-Muslims or ex-Muslims." You're basically saying that if I insist that a Muslim change his belief that he should make war on non-Muslims, it is just as arrogant and non-consensual as that Muslim killing me because of his belief. Those are not the same. Not even close.

Later in your email, you said you could only see three possible options for non-Muslims:

1. Become a Muslim. Join the dominant culture, much like Native Americans did when they saw the Great Melting Pot could not be defeated.

2. Fight against Islam. (And because the name of this site is Citizen Warrior, you assume this is the one I choose.)

3. Relocate to a new area.

I would suggest a fourth alternative: Educate non-Muslims. The Native Americans were outgunned and outnumbered. Non-Muslims are not. The biggest problem we have is not Islamic beliefs; it is non-Muslim ignorance. This is citizen warrior. The military and security agencies have a job to do. But what can citizens do?

Citizens can solve the problem of the vast, incomprehensible ignorance of their fellow non-Muslims.

Islam has been gaining ground
— not because they are stronger or have a better military or have more intelligent people or have a numerical superiority. They have been gaining ground because we have been giving it to them. Why? Because of our ignorance of Islamic doctrine, our ignorance of Islam's prime directive, and our ignorance of Islamic history.

Because we have an already-existing and perfectly understandable commitment to multiculturalism, that commitment is ruling the day for the lack of anything to oppose it or refine it. But if more of us simply knew about Islam, the problem would be largely solved. As they pushed for concessions, they would find their way blocked by people who knew better, in the same way a "mark" no longer falls for a con job once they have been educated about it.

If you had never heard of email scams, you might fall for it. But once you know about it, the problem is solved. You simply delete the message, and the harmful intentions on the other end of the line are blocked. If enough people know, the scammers go out of business. It is no longer profitable. It has become a waste of time.

That's what we're trying to accomplish on Citizen Warrior. We aim to put orthodox Muslims out of business.


philip.zhao 8:49 PM  

While lights in America are going off, Citizen Warrior is hold the torch high!!

Historyscoper 11:22 AM  

Yes, the #1 problem is the ignorance of Western non-Muslims about the true nature of Islam and its threat to our way of life. Tell them about the Historyscoper, the world's best history teacher, who provides a free cram course on Islam and its hairy history showing what it has done in country after country, along with a daily link concentrator blog giving you access to all the global news articles and op-eds:



Anonymous 9:23 AM  

Islam. Christianity. both religions. both have been a catalyst for people to use for selfish reasons. one however, if followed strictly, says thou shalt not kill (or murder). the other orders that it be committed in the name of God. in one, the ancients waged war on each other for various reasons thousands of years ago, but the book ends with the message "be peaceful and spread Gods word by your words, kind actions actions and by love" and the other ends "with kill or oppress those that refuse to adapt or accept our ways." both end with open ended statements meant to be followed for future reference. personally, i like the ending and guidance of the first book the best. it commands that we love everyone through our religion and be kind to one another. the other, force them into obedience with the sword. when someone CHOOSES to live a religion, as opposed to being forced into it, you know they have a true faith. one teaches, love the sinner, hate the sin, the other teaches hate the disbeliever utterly. which one is better suited for a smaller, modern world and a society geared towards acceptance? you tell me.

Anonymous 10:16 PM  

Religion is a set of beliefs and
behaviors not an immutable human trait such as race, gender, sexual
orientation or gender identity.
I'm very left wing and can't fathom
how anyone who thinks they believe
in progressive values would be tolerant of Islam and it's practices. It's not "a few bad apples" it's a fucked up psychopathic religion, social and legal order and culture created by
a meglomaniacial madman. We have the right to freedom of political
thought in this country. That doesn't mean white supremicists or
Nazi's should be given a voice in public discourse or policy decisions. That's not descrimination and those who claim it is are dangerously intellectually and morally lazy
westerners and Muslims who are
exploiting a noble principle in the free west while they would never extend the same tolerence to
non Muslims in whatever Islamic
theocracy they come from.I'm not
Christian (actually I'm half jewish raised as such and my father's brother is a priest don't
believe in organized religion) but
I do believe the teachings of Christ have informed the development of more democratic societies and the concept of human rights in Western Europe. Mohammed not so much. Just go look at a map. Islam is Mohammed real bad guy. If this guy gets his own religion I think Manson should too. I do liken Islam to the Nazi's (the Islamic body count blows the Nazis out of the water)
and call it a cancer on the globe.
When it's equated with Christianity by pseudo liberals who cherry pick extremely rare nuts in the west as examples of how "we're just as bad."

Anonymous 3:02 AM  

There is no such thing as an Orthodox Muslim, or a Moderate Muslim, or a radical Muslim. They are all Muslim. Period. No ifs and or buts! The doctrine is seditious and should be outlawed and all Muslims should be deported immediately. The heart of the doctrine requires the death and destruction of ALL nonMuslims. That is not negotiable according to the doctrine itself because Islam is perfect and all else is inferior. They are at war with us and we are getting creamed because we don't stand up to tyranny and bigotry and evil! No more immigration, no more Muslims! Deport the ones here immediately like Geert Wilders did!

Anonymous 8:00 AM  

This whole issue is very simple. Extremely simple. Islam is not a healthy religion. It is not healthy for the Muslim believer, it is not healthy for the "Infidel", it is not healthy for anyone.

You shall know them by their fruits. Ok. Look at the fruits of Islam: Rape, Specific Murder, Mass Murder, Child Brides, Victim Mentality, Gang Mentality.

Look at the Founder of any Religion and you will know the outcome. Ok. Look at Muhammad:

1. Rapist
2. Mass Murderer
3. Liar
4. Slave Owner
5. Pedophile

Muhammad is the exact opposite of all other religious founders.

Muslims need to own up to the issues their Religion causes. Enough already.

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