What's Missing From Their World View?


Many non-Muslims instinctively defend Islam because they see Muslims as weak. They see Islam as the underdog, and out of their kindness, they don't want to anybody to pick on a weak underdog. But is Islam weak?

What do these people not know about Islam that leads them to think Islam is the 98-pound weakling and the West is the big, mean bully?

What do they need to know to see the situation clearly? For example, they need to know that Islam is an ideology that consumes and subverts other cultures until eventually nothing is left of the previous culture. And they need to know that the process is underway in all Western democracies today. Islam is by nature and design a dominating, usurping, continually spreading ideology that now has the largest voting block in the UN.

If these facts, and many more, were understood, more people would see Islam as worthy of criticism. A major barrier to the criticism (the automatic defense of 98-pound weaklings) would have been removed.

So what's your answer? What do people not understand about Islam that makes them see Muslims as disadvantaged, vanquished, helpless victims bullied by omnipotent, intimidating, domineering non-Muslims?

Please post your answers here. Or email them to us and we'll post them for you (anonymously, unless you say otherwise). We'll be posting the strongest answers in a future article, so give it your best shot!


Anonymous 9:58 AM  

Like the majority of religious people, they all suffer from their unconscious certainty. That is,they don't have an inkling that their brainwashing has left them without skepticism. They never ask if what they have learned could be wrong and as a result never ask for empirical proof and have learned to use the word ='fsith' as reason.

Anonymous 10:18 AM  

Three possibilities:

A. What these people do not know about Islam is that they don't know Islam.

B. A Marxist-Socialist-Progressive World View which amounts to the "enemy of my enemy thing."

C. Insanity.

dar alharb 10:31 AM  

Watching a video this morning, I heard Bill Warner give an expanded explanation of his phrase 'those that don't know, don't want to know".
I wish I could attach that audio clip to this reply.

Anonymous 11:10 AM  

Muslims ALWAYS appear timid and cooperative in arguments. They try to give the impression of vicimisation.
I live in a Muslim area in the UK, and this is what they do....the police then always come down on their side.

Citizen Warrior 12:02 PM  

Someone emailed this:

I think what people don't realize is that muslims only job or mission is to spread Islam all over the world. They will lie in order to do it and if they feel you will not submit to Islam your life will be taken. This is a real threat. It is not just a relgion wanting to put a new place in the US they want total domination and nothing less will do.

Infidel Task Force 12:02 PM  

Citizen Warrior has put a challenge in front of us all. Why doesn't America see the Islamic problem. Many of us know why, many do not. So CW wants to know, what is the problem with our apathy and what do we do?

Let me submit the 2 cents from the Infidel Task Force.

You won't need weapons to fight Islam. You won't have to stock up on food or meds. If Islam is to overtake our freedom and culture, you will not feel a thing.They will operate in the courts and in Congress. So the first thing is to...be aware.
What we do need...is education and the will of Free people everywhere. We need politicians and leaders that understand what Islam is all about.
Leaders that are not afraid of being honest and forthright and have the will to leave political correctness at the door.
Leaders that are willing to fight for our freedom and not Islamic votes.
This is what America needs. Not people who apologize and sympathize with an ideology out to kill us.Politicians today have no understanding of Islam and feel its more fashionable today to show they side with the underdog. They should know, what we know and we must show them.

America also needs a the media to be open, honest and independent. When they do not report the truth, they are actually aiding the enemy.
We know this is a problem and one that must be fixed.

We, that have web sites must continue to ban together and work for a common goal. We are educating the public, it must continue. But don't let your ego grow with the size of your web site. There are thousands of us out there, publicize them all. Each one is important.

Most of us know the problem or we wouldn't be here. There are millions that don't even know what is knocking on their back door. So education is number one.
Then we need to get our boots on the ground. I do not mean militarily. I mean:
Letters to newspapers.
Contact our representatives in Congress.
Contact the media that is willing to show both sides.
If financially able, obtain speakers for an open forum.
Above all...Talk about Islam. Use what we have...our ability to communicate freely.
We are all in this together. Its time to march people.

Citizen Warrior 12:03 PM  

Dar, I've been thinking along those lines too. I mean, seriously, if someone doesn't know by now they must be pretty committed to not knowing!

Citizen Warrior 12:07 PM  

Someone emailed this:

Those of the American public who defend Muslims are guilty of ignorance. Since the 7th century, when Muhammed founded that religion, Muslims have been trying to conquer the world because that's what the Koran tells them to do.

Our government schools have done an excellent job at dumbing down Americans and making them ignorant of history.

My family comes from Spain, where the Muslims settled for 800 years. They tried to invade France, but they were repelled by the French general Charles Martel, whose son became King of the new Roman Empire.

The Muslims then tried to invade Europe from the East and succeeded to reach Austria! in the 14th century.

Muslims are still in Czchoslovakia, in the Servian region. Now, encouraged by the OWO tyrants in the West, they see their opportunity to continue their conquest of the civilized world. Their main target being the United States of America.

Any American that defends these savages is an ignorant fool.

Anonymous 12:47 PM  

What the general population don't realize is the different tactics the devout Muslim's are in the process of using to aid in the imposition of Islam. It isn't just bombs. It is control of our courts and our finance. It is with the use of the pen. They have learned how to win the PR war with the ignorant, especially the ignorant left. Muslim who are devoted to the cause of implementing Islamic law are strategically placed in powerful places. We have been asleep. It is also a culture that has chosen to hate those outside its religion and until there is a change of heart on their side, we will continually be at war with the the push and force of Islam.
Have a good day!
-Finally Figured out Islam

Anonymous 12:48 PM  

First of all it is necessary to have an American president, govt that will live by the constitution of America! Quit trying to hide the truth about Islam and what it really is, a cult not a religion!

Anonymous 1:00 PM  

My impression of them in their home countries, probably due in some part to our treasonous media here, is that they are downtrodden, poor, and low-tech. It seems that if it weren't for oil they would all be broke. Of course, living under the rules that they have would cause anyone to feel beaten down, and this probably provides a rich source of anger - by design.

Unknown 1:12 PM  

I'm not into any man made religion or fairy tales. I didn't really give ISLAM a second thought, until the last few years, as it seems to be everywhere, all of a sudden.
I have tried in vain to find anything positive about it. I've even searched the Islamic websites to find the truth. One in particular "The miracles of the Qur'an. claim all sorts of miracles, which to any one with a brain would find laughable.
One only has to look around to see, the real truth about ISLAM.
Muslims need to get their heads out of the sand, and catch up with the 21st century. Now that would be a miracle.

Dianne 2:20 PM  

My very first recollection of Mohammad was when "God" (played by George Burns in the movie, "Oh, God!") mentioned him as one of his (God's) sons, just as Jesus was his son. It was years later that I connected Mohammad with Islam; still, Islam was something like Buddhism, or Hinduism, another world religion that wasn't Catholicism or Jewish. It wasn't a "weak" religion in my world, it was just not that important. Fast forward twenty or thirty years to 9/11. Then I began to see Islam not so much as weak but rather as a subversive, cult-ish "religion," with a barbarous code of conduct. Women covering themselves completely, and the men wearing full masks just made me more suspicious. The separatist nature of the "Moslems," keeping to themselves within the borders of the U.S., took away any doubt I had left about them wanting to be Americans. Their strength is in their obstinance and arrogance, but mostly in Americans' fear to confront them. I am no longer one of those fearful Americans because I know what they have in mind for us and I'm not going down without a fight.

Mo 2:50 PM  

"What do people not understand about Islam...?"

I have found that most people not only don't understand much about Islam, but they have been taught the exact opposite:

They are told all religions are the same, and/or all are worthless or evil.

They are told we are never supposed to judge anyone's views - especially religious ones - as being right or wrong. (Except for Christianity of course.)

They are told that Islam teaches peace.

They are told that it is Israel who is the constant aggressor in the never ending ME conflict.

I could go on but I will leave opportunity for others.

The worst part is that they do not have any desire to educate themselves on the issue.

Anonymous 3:01 PM  

I am seeing it's more conservative versus liberal. Some liberals actually appear to hate conservatives, thinking, they are responsible for interfering with liberal freedoms. If a liberal attempted to talk to them, that person would be labeled a conservative. What they don't understand is that those of us, conservative or liberal, are attempting to protect their freedoms.

While this has nothing to do with liberal versus conservative, some liberals think it does. It does not matter what tactic is used with them, some are so close-minded, they only spew out hate.

Hate for Christianity is on the rise. So, it becomes Christian conservatives against Islam. It's interesting that while some accuse Christians of being bigots, they, themselves hate Christianity and conservatives.

These people want proof. Many say the Muslims they know are fine people; therefore, there aren't any bad ones in our country. When talking about it, generalizing won't work.

They don't think radical Islam can happen in this country. We have laws to protect us from that. What they fail to see is our laws can be changed.

Our media is partly responsible, as well. Very little is shown about what is happening, for obvious reasons. They don't want to be called bigots. If we don't hear about it, we don't know what is going on. Many don't use the internet to find out.

If it isn't happening in our own backyards, it isn't happening, is another mentality I hear.

Maybe, it's best to give up on those and go on to others less resistant. Hopefully, those resistant will be the minority.

wri7913 3:24 PM  

To combat this, education is key. Why? Because the more people who know the danger of Islam, the easier it will be to elect politicians who will DO SOMETHING about the issue. Just look at Allen West. He was elected and he is probably one of the more well versed counter-jihadists in congress right now. He is but a handful at this point in time. We need to educate and continue to make people aware so that number climbs to 90% of all congress are educated about Islam. This is the way we should fight so that we can avoid the worst situation that could happen, armed conflict in US.

Citizen Warrior 5:14 PM  

Someone emailed this:

Islam has prevented practitioners from offering anything of benefit to man in 1500 years. It is the most regressive form of government known to man.

FactsRule 7:53 PM  

1) People have been misinformed about the so-called "Palestinians" since 1948. They believe that they were a nation with a history, distinctive foods, clothing, & lifestyle. They mistakenly believe that they are mistreated by Israel & that is the reason that they are in a difficult predicament. Obviously, to those of us who are well aware of the real history of Israel since at least the mid 19th century, they are wholly misinformed.
2) People are also misinformed about the beliefs of Islam. They believe that Islam is practiced around the world as are the rest of the world's religions, so it should be treated equally.
3) Their world view is missing knowledge of the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, its plans, & how it has grown.
4) Finally, missing from their world view is an understanding of how vital it is to civilization that people not only not shy away from confronting them now in every way possible, but on the contrary, that it is high time that we fight back fiercely in the political arena &, of course, whenever they make it necessary, like in the case of the plane that was brought down on 9/11 by its brave passengers who'd heard it was on its way to destroy the White House or Capital.

FactsRule 7:56 PM  

A note to writers: copy what you've written so that if you get a message that says that they are unable to publish your message just try it again. I think that something goes wrong after you enter the word verification. It signs you in but doesn't publish. So now that you've been signed in it goes through the 2nd time. Maybe mine got messed up because there was no word verifier & I entered the only words shown which were "word verification" & it didn't go through.

Lynne 8:01 PM  

An adroit question that revels a chink in our armor.
Because of our Judeo-Christian roots, Americans [Westerners] see the world in a particular way. These cultural sensibilities incline us to 'love our brothers, sisters, neighbors..' Forgive, without requiring a change in behavior, i.e., Remorse,Repentance, Repair, and not Repeating wrong doing.
Because Muslims communities are not open to those outside the Ummah, true understanding of their mentality is up to interpretation bases only on their 'word' and our cultural bias.
It is incumbent upon us to read their scared texts [as unfortunate as that turns out to be since it will now be in our heads] to see that their cultural roots are diametrically opposed to ours.
Mohammed taught lessons we can not relate to, thankfully, but to understand those of the islamic faith, we need to attach these teaching to their culture without apology. Not just some, but to ALL.
If we take this first step, we might actually save outselves.
I remember hearing a muslim 'academic' say with some pride that it took Egypt 300 years to fall to Islam....THEY NEVER STOP!

Blogger 10:06 PM  

I am not from America, but I notice that Americans are more scared of critiquing Islam that Europeans are, and I have come to understand that it is because of their guilt regarding previous treatment of non-whites, plus of 2 main myths;

1. Islam is a "race", ie "black race".

2. Criticising Islam is the same as going back to the pre 1960s treatment of black people.

Both of those myths need a thorough debunking. Outside of America, the majority of Christianis are black. The majority of muslims are also 'not' black (the biggest group are indonesian asians). Islam is also not linked to any race, except that the Hadithes claim that Muhammad was "white", and the arabic word for "slave" and "black" are still the same. Arabs traded slaves long before the Spanish and British did.

Civilus Defendus 1:31 PM  

The Tiger is majestic and beautiful from a distance. If you could, the Tiger's coat would be soft to the touch, its fang and talon hard and sharp. Its muscles ripple with strength as it ambles casually to and fro. Its voice is startling, yet proud and awe inspiring. And the Tiger lives in an exotic place of wonderment. The Tiger is truly magnificent.

Yet were you to perceive it from a different angle, to feel the Tiger's hot breath upon you, to have nothing separating you from its raw power and natural instinct, would send you into a panic and instant survival mode. The Tiger’s presence would sharpen your thinking and govern your every move. Nothing would you take for granted, not your next heart beat, your next move, your surroundings, nor the mindset of the Tiger.

Is the Tiger friend or foe? Does it enrich your world or threaten it? From a distance it is a wonder, up close and personal it is life-threatening.

Be careful how you perceive things.

Citizen Warrior 3:03 PM  

In Victor Davis Hanson's book, The Father of Us All, he wrote:

"The only mystery about our reluctance to speak honestly and freely about particular issues is why we are so eager to give up on free expression, especially when it comes to radical Islam, which fuels much of the world's terrorism in the post-September 11 landscape.

"Other than fear of bodily harm, one reason for curbing criticism of radical Islam surely is contemporary postmodern ideologies such as multiculturalism (the notion that the West is just one of many cultures, no better or worse than any other); utopian pacifism (wars can be eliminated through diplomacy and the teaching of nonviolent arbitration); and moral equivalence (those with power and influence in the West, given its own sins, cannot legitimately calibrate, much less condemn, the distasteful practices of other cultures)...

"The aggregate result of multiculturalism, utopian pacifism, and moral equivalence among its cultural elites and leadership is that philosophically and ethically the Western public becomes less well-equipped to condemn antithetical ideologies and to defend itself against their aggression. In Western consensual societies this so-called political correctness likewise permeates the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government."

Unknown 7:43 AM  

Another debate is coming on Capitol Hill. This one relates to withholding funds from the United Nations. The UN has become an inept, impotent organization at best and a purveyor of rape and other crimes at worst. Why should the US pay for an organization that trades Food for sex with underage girls, is a network of pedophiles, cannot decide on a final definition of terrorism, cannot keep its own members (who have sworn to uphold and defend the sanctity of life) from slaughtering their own citizens (Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, China, need I continue?), and regularly votes AGAINST US interests and resolutions?


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