New Leaflet: Six Suicidal Assumptions About Islam


ONE OF OUR allies has been busy. Awhile back, I posted a leaflet we can use to help educate our fellow citizens about Islam's relentless encroachment (which you can read about here). The author of that leaflet created another one, and it is at least as good as the first one. Read the content of the new leaflet here.

Download a PDF version of the leaflet:


Anonymous 2:21 PM  

Nice work CW but I'm having trouble with the download.

Citizen Warrior 11:16 PM  

When you click on the link, it goes to Google Docs, right? And there is a link that says Download. Click on that and you have the option to "open" or "save."

Choose "save."

Anonymous 10:14 AM  

Nice work. The paragraph on racism should mention that like all major world religions, Islam has members of all races.

It wouldn't hurt to add that Muslim white Arabs are racist towards Muslim non-white non-Arabs.

Anonymous 5:57 AM  

CW sign up for a drop box account it's free. Drop the documents bin and link them to your site. Drop box will not require your readers to "sign up" for an account in order to download the documents and flyers. They offer lots of space, I have three blogs and still have not filled my box to a point where I have to pay for space. In light of PRISM not everyone wants to sign up for scribb. Thanks Liz

Citizen Warrior 12:57 PM  

Does it give you a link to the document? I've been using Google Drive ever since Scribd started requiring people to sign up. Maybe I should go back and make these available on Google Drive and then change the links.

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