Freedom of Speech Triumphs in Ohio


The creator of the Elvis Chronicles sent me the following email. It illustrates the principle that orthodox Muslims will continue to try to curtail freedom of speech in every way they can, and they will never stop trying.

But if enough non-Muslims understand the Islamic agenda, the efforts to curb free speech will fail every time. Here is the email:

The Mansfield area NAACP and CAIR of Ohio tried to keep us from hearing Usama Dakdok at the Mansfield Senior High School, Mansfield, OH, last night. (See the news story here.) They pressured the Mansfield school district until Superintendent Dan Freund caved to their demand and declined to allow the presentation to be held in the school. But thanks to the perseverance of the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association, we were shepherded from the high school to first one building and then an even larger building to hear Dakdok. Everyone was welcome and some of the latecomers were Muslim.

The only thing I knew about the event ahead of time was the title: "Freedom or Surrender" and that was enough for me to make the trip. It was my introduction to this Egyptian-born American Christian, and this short video clip will give you a taste of what I experienced last night.

CAIR and the NAACP can rip Usama Dakdok all they like and it won't change the fact that the Q'uran says that, as a Christian, I'm an 'infidel' and a 2nd-class citizen.

Like many of my 912 and Tea Party associates and friends, I've been learning about Islam and what the prophet Mohammed wrote for the Q'uran. In our area we have several trusted sources of information on Mohammed, Islam, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood, for example, who are in agreement about the threat that Sharia law and "extremist" Islamists are to Ohio — to the entire United States — plus the few online resources. Usama Dakdok is now one of my trusted sources.

Only one of the unexpected moments of last evening's presentation was the overwhelming video reminder of 9/11 and the haunting sound of "Taps" played over it. It brought me to tears.

Usama begged us last night to read the Q'uran, as he has done many, many times (and he reads it in Arabic). It's the same message we got from our ACT! for America chapter leader on Sunday, and from each and every one of our respected and credible teachers here in our area. It's the only way we will learn the truth. (Our representatives will soon be receiving copies to read for themselves; I intend to call or write and ask if they have read them.)

All the Muslims who denigrate Usama Dakdok call him a "bigot," (and by association, those of us who feel threatened by Mohammed's teachings) but Dakdok founded The Straight Way of Grace Ministry because he really wants Muslims to walk away from Islam. Dakdok truly loves his Muslim brothers and sisters, as Christ mandates, but his mission is to turn them away from Islam and toward Christianity.

I encourage you to share this with everyone you know who is concerned about the threat of Islamists and shariah. We can run, we can even try to hide from the fact that 'infidels' all over the world are expected to submit to Islam — but it won't help.


Damien 5:39 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Anytime CAIR or any other group of Islamic apologists fail to silence a critic of Islam, its a good thing.

Malcolm 5:52 PM  

ot: The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam

Your post interesting comments

Damon Whitsell 8:52 PM  

Hi CW, The "this Short video" link you have in this article goes to a site that talks bad about Usama.

These links go to the full FREEDOM OR SURRENDER seminar.

Citizen Warrior 12:03 AM  

Someone from the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association sent this:


Mansfield, OH (April 6, 2011) – In a lawsuit filed yesterday in federal court, the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association claims that the Mansfield Board of Education and its superintendent violated the federal civil rights of the tea party and its members when they allowed opposition to a proposed speaker dictate a decision to deny the Tea Party the use of the high school auditorium.

Last Monday, on March 28, the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association was scheduled to host a seminar by Usama Dakdok entitled “Freedom or Surrender” at the auditorium of the Mansfield Senior High School. Despite the fact that the auditorium is regularly made available to private organizations and the Tea Party had reserved the auditorium weeks in advance, on the morning of the scheduled event, Mansfield School Superintendent Dan Freund withdrew the previously granted permission to utilize the auditorium.

The decision by Superintendent Freund to deny the Tea Party the use of the auditorium came about only after vocal opposition to the seminar by Mr. Dakdok was spearheaded by the Cleveland Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Mansfield Chapter of the NAACP and other organizations.

“We believe that it is readily apparent and that the evidence will only further confirm that the decision of Superintendent Freund to cancel the Tea Party’s event was based solely upon and in reaction to the efforts of CAIR and other organizations to stifle Mr. Dakdok from making his presentation,” stated Curt Hartman, a Cincinnati-area attorney who is representing the Tea Party in the federal lawsuit. Mr. Hartman continued, “The Supreme Court has made clear that speech cannot be punished or banned simply because it might offend a hostile mob. To allow a heckler’s veto to rule the day, as Superintendent Freund apparently did, is repugnant to the First Amendment.” A heckler's veto is an impermissible content-based restriction on speech where the speech is prohibited due to an anticipated disorderly or violent reaction of the audience.

“As an organization, we recognize and appreciate that an informed citizenry is key to our representative democracy,” stated Bonnie Oleksa, founder of the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association. “As a responsible and involved citizenry, we should be striving and promoting free and open debate, including critically examining alternative or different points of view. If one disagrees with another person’s position on a topic, the remedy is not to stifle those points of view with which we disagree, but, rather, to promote and encourage more speech.”

Superintendent Fruend announced his decision at a press conference held at the board of education’s office on March 28. This press conference was followed immediately by another press conference also at the board’s office, this time with CAIR, the local chapter of the NAACP and other groups participating. As Mr. Hartman noted, “The irony (or, perhaps, hypocrisy) of this should not be lost. At the same time that the school district and Superintendent Freud were providing a forum for CAIR and the NAACP to engage in First Amendment-protected speech criticizing the Tea Party, Mr. Dakdok, and the anticipated content of the seminar by Mr. Dakdok, the School District was refusing to provide a forum for the Tea Party and Mr. Dakdok to engage in their own speech-related activities protected by the First Amendment.”

The federal lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland Division, case no. 1:11-cv-677, and is styled Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party v. Board of Education of the Mansfield City School District. The case has been assigned to Judge Patricia Gaughan. For more information, contact, Curt Hartman, Esq., (513) 752-8800.

Cyril Lucar 7:58 PM  

I would qualify the exhortation for non Muslims to read the Koran to this: Read the Koran in either the Hilali-Khan or CSPI translation. The popular Yusef Ali and Pickthall translations are slanted and meant for consumption by non-Muslims and new Muslims. The HK and CSPI give it to you in all its brutal glory. And the HK comes with reference notes from the Hadith.

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