Osama bin Laden is Dead


SIXTY-TWO miles north of Pakistan's capital city, U.S. Navy SEALs stormed a mansion yesterday. Osama bin Laden was inside. A gunfight ensued, and bin Laden was shot in the head.

There were no American casualties.

The U.S. did not share any intelligence gathered beforehand with Pakistan or any other country. They prevented the possibility of security leaks, and got the job done.


Anonymous 1:16 AM  

He should have been caught alive

Anonymous 1:25 AM  

So, do we get our Bill of Rights back yet?



Bin Laden won. Now he's a martyr.

The leader of his 4GW organization that emerges will have something to prove, and will not rest on his laurels as did bin Laden.

We're entering a new, more dangerous stage. And now Al Qaeda has a martyr.

Oh, and, BTW, we still have a government that insists on humiliating and molesting its citizens to "fight terror", and uses our founding documents as toilet paper.

Bin Laden is dead.

But he won.


Damien 8:17 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

Here's thunderf00t on Osama Bin Laden's death, and its relevance.

Osama bin Laden- Shot in Head!

Damien 8:21 AM  

Arctic Patriot,

Keep in mind that when Osama Bin Laden was killed, from every thing we're hearing, it doesn't sound like he put up much of a fight, and he was in hiding. He wasn't out in the opening egging us on, he was hiding in a rich man's estate, who was sheltering him. Bin Laden is Dead, and he did not win.

Anonymous 10:25 AM  

My cheif concern stems from the fact that while this is a major stide to resolve the war on terror - wiping out the face of an army does not wipe out the army itself. If anything, it will enrage them. I will more readily celebrate the education of the masses on the brilliant memes of terrorism than the death of one man whom lead them. And like so many others, the fear of retaliation will always be prevalent. But living in fear will be of no benefit to any american citizen. Education is the only possible solution.

Anonymous 11:04 AM  

Watch this man Imran Khan of Pakistan. Even a great international cricketing career did not help mitigate his Islamism! Neither did his marriage to a Jewish British celebrity, with whom he fathered children.



His suggestion that now the US has taken out Bin Laden they should politically negotiate with the rest of Al Qaeda is ludicrous.

The real benefit of taking out Bin Laden comes in seeing what comes out of the enraged woodwork!

Citizen Warrior 1:34 PM  

"We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the big difference between us." - Osama bin Laden

Well, I'm loving life right now. So I guess everybody is happy!

Anonymous 1:36 PM  

All sounds much like obama's propaganda agenda for re election, I'm not buying the way all this went down and the real culpert is obama!

Damien 4:04 PM  


Based on all the news I'm hearing, it does sound like US troops took him down. If you are going to say there's a good reason for us to doubt that, you might as well claim that there's no body and suspect that Osama is really still alive somewhere. Obama was president when this evil man was taken down by our troops, and he wants to take advantage to get reelected? Can you blame him?

Damien 4:06 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I think this goes to show how much of hypocrite Osama Bin Laden really was, in addition to someone who planned mass murder. If he loved death so much, why was he so determined to stay alive? He clearly didn't want this to happen.

Citizen Warrior 12:50 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Like most others, I am glad that bin Laden is dead. However,his death, at this time,will not prevent the dreaded advance of what drove him to want to distroy us in the first place. What inspired his attitude and action was his conviction that Islam should prevail and non-believers should be destroyed, if not converted.

The idea is almost too simple and probably thought of as absurd by most democratic societies. Yet we know Islam and hatred of infidels is the roots of Islamic terrorism and Islamization in general. At least I do!

What distresses me most is that the lie that "we are not at war with Islam" is so perpetuated and preserved by our "leaders "and the media it almost seems like a crime against humanity to insist this lie is the truth. What can we do about it? As long as this "comfort pill" is fed to the masses people will not want to purge it from their minds and hearts. The people should understand that it is a lie.

Vatsal 9:00 AM  

Pakistan is the epicentre..
Just as quran is epicentre

citizen warrior is focussing on roots by going on 'read the quran' , sign the petition and this blog awareness posts..

but politicians who still seem to be in deep sleep w.r.t mission of this blog should atleast realise the aspect of pakistan as epicentre of terrorism

and so if that is tackled then lots of power of islam jihad will become less.. and then at parallel time our education efforts will also bear the fruits..

wri7913 11:08 AM  

Early indications are Obama isn't seeing much of a bump from killing OBL. Any bump in the polls will soon be negated by $4/$5/$6 gallon of gas and inflation that comes with the higher price gas.

On this momentous occasion we should take time to reflect on those who have given their lives in sacrifice to make this day possible and continue to protect our freedoms from the Islamic Jihad.

Big Thanks to all who have served past and present in the US Military. As a child of USAF officer, I am proud of the men and women who serve our Armed Forces and have some idea of what kind of personal sacrifice they give when serving their country. Sometimes it isn't glamorous but it has to be done. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous 2:06 PM  

"Bin Laden and the Hydra of War" is another excellent article by Raymond Ibrahim.


I quote his final passage from this article:

"Similarly, while the West continues to lop off Islamist "monster-heads"—most recently, bin Laden's—to achieve true and lasting victory, the ideologies that generate these monster-heads must first be identified and cauterized."

The elimination of Bin Laden is a psychological victory, but only a battle won.

The war continues and so must the counter-jihad.

The enemy ultimately lies within us: the masses of western PCs, dhimwits and leftards amongst our families, friends, peers and work place colleagues.

We need to regain 100% of our 75% of the world's population to ensure that Islamists never achieve their planetary goals.

That requires persistently trying to cure the mind disease that has affected so many, not only in the West but in the rest of the non-Muslim world.

Anonymous 2:50 PM  

Further on PCs, dhimwits and leftards, here is yet another example in the article below:


Titled "The assassination of Bin Laden - Terrorism and State Terrorism", at the website "In Defence of Marxism", Alan Woods displays magnificent leftardness.

Significantly he refers to Robert Fisk, who has the immense talent of writing poetic prose (he is brilliant in this regard) but who must surely rank as one of the greatest ever dhimwits.

Somehow in Fisk's delusional mind he has convinced himself that the 'Arab Spring' will promote democracies that will embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: another South African Miracle emerging?

South Africa is a hard act to beat and the supremacist values intrinsic to Islam will not allow whatever does eventually result from the so called 'Arab Spring' to be even remotely close to South Africa's high water mark.

Gay marriages would have to be allowed and all religions would be equal and separated from the state.

The recent massacre of Copts because a Copt male went with a Muslim female - well even Wael Ghonim with his Gandhi inspirations seems to have chosen to be silent on these violent human right abuses.

As long as the Copts 'know their place' they will be 'sort of okay'; but when they 'step out of line' the true colours of the 'Arab Spring' will reveal themselves.

Anonymous 10:46 AM  

The value of the elimination of Osama Bin Laden really lies in seeing what crawls out of the 'woodwork'.

However, as the proverb has it, it is not 'rats and mice'. Rats and mice are mostly harmless and mice are cute. Furry little huggly fellas ...!

No what crawls out are "dhimwits, leftards and masses of politically correct 'useful idiots' " as the astute Lenin observed.

So it is with this report:


Titled "Bin Laden's killing prompts uncomfortable legal, ethical questions for US " out they come chasing the moralities of the case.

Not very far way, in some God Forsaken north east corner of Afghanistan a young doctor, female, of Asian origins, dreamt of helping those in need, women especially.

She was accompanied by a number of other Westerners, men but other women as well, with similar dreams.

Idealists, romantics like Vic the Italian, recently executed in Gaza.

However they were all westerners, infidels, kaffirs.

See the poem Hurt Locker:


"... Open the hurt locker and learn

how rough men come hunting for souls."

It was rough men that came looking for these souls on a deserted road ...

Rough men who did not take "women and children" to safety before blowing up the crashed chopper in Bin Laden's compound.

Rough men who saw fit to put a weapon up against the waif that Dr Karen Woo was, and blew her brains out.

Rough men who saw fit to execute the other women in the team as well.

Rough men who cold bloodily executed all excepting one who proclaimed himself as a Believer.

You see all sorts of human rights lawyers tumble out the woodwork when someone like a Bin Laden meets his end.

But they were all quiet when Dr Karen Woo met hers ...

No Fisks, Pilgers, Assanges, Chomskys and Naomi Kleins.

Nor Vaughan Smiths in their English castles with Nato liberated Kosovian wives.

No, the dhimwits, leftards, PCs are never around when Copts and Pakistani Christians are massacred, when scores of Ethiopian churches are burnt down, when the most horrendous of atrocities are performed in the name of Islam or Palestine or Muslims for East Timor or any other place you care to name where the 'infidels' need to be dealt with ...

Dhimwits, leftards and PCs see no Karen Woos ... they are just imaginary characters.

For many of these Western Fools there is no money in Karen Woos, for others it is purely a case of how astute Lenin was.

Which begs the question: why did Fisk beg for his life when he was attacked by an angry mob in Afghanistan?

Why did you not just stand there, Robert, and die for the Sins of the West at the hands of the enraged Islamic mob?

Are you not a Westerner as well, an infidel, deserving to be subjugated?

Why are you more deserving than Karen Woo?

Someone recognised you, Robert, and realised that the mob was about to execute one of the greatest of dhimwits - so you were saved!

Enjoy the sunsets from your Lebanese apartment, the beautiful dark Lebanese women who walk by ... and especially the Lebanese cuisine!


Citizen Warrior 11:42 AM  

Someone emailed this:

I concur. Very mixed emotions here. Elated that he was shot in the head and outraged that so much decency was shown this evil man. I didn't want his body dragged naked through the streets or hung from a bridge but I wanted SOMETHING! It seems like such an empty victory. Not to be naughty, but someone wrote "I hope those 72 virgins are pimp-slapping the hell out of him now"....fitting.

Yes, unbelievable!

Damien 12:15 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I don't think its empty, the shear fact that he was killed will send a message, especially the way he was killed. Not to mention the fact that the burial didn't exactly please our Jihadists enemies, probably because at least in part, since his corpse was thrown into the ocean, they won't be able to make his unmarked grave into shrine, which I think may have been the intent.

Anonymous 6:16 AM  

Navi Pillay is concerned about the legitimacy of the US Seals killing of Osama Bin Laden.

In the article "UN rights chief wants 'full facts' on bin Laden killing" see:


As head of the UN section entrusted with safeguarding human rights as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it is in keeping with her portfolio.

When one Googles "Navi Pillay" and "Karen Woo" however there were merely eight relevant results today 5th May 2011, many months after this massacre.

Karen Woo of course is the British doctor of Asian origin who was executed by Islamists in Afghanistan last year along with seven other Westerners, infidels, kaffirs.

The Taliban were quick to claim responsibility - then surprisingly they seemed to retract it.

Perhaps they realised that it was too revealing of the intentions of Islamists. The delicate waif like face of that young woman perhaps might trigger off realizations amongst dhimwits, leftards and the PC Sheep.

Navi Pillay is South African, probably of Hindu origins given her surname.

Somehow the Religious Apartheid that Islamists seek to impose worldwide escapes her South African consciousness.

Worse still, is the scant attention that her organisation is giving to the atrocities committed by the murderers of Karen Woo.

Somewhere her priorities are disproportionately out of kilter.

By all means do not compromise on the UDHR ...

But then do not compromise on it regardless - in all instances!

As we live in a real world there are priorities ... and the countless victims of Islamism are being ignored even by South Africans in High Places who should know better.

After all Navi Pillay was a second-class citizen in Apartheid South Africa.

If she is neither Christian nor Jew she will fall yet a rung lower in the Religious Apartheid that Islamists seek and be no more than Black South Africans were in Apartheid South Africa.

“Vuil kaffirs” the white supremacists would say borrowing the idea from the Muslim Malays who were exiled to the Cape Colony in 17th Century.

That is what she will become.

Prioritizing Osama Bin Laden’s demise as a human right violations is an insult to all those who have died as a result of Al Qaeda and Islamist violence and have yet had to receive the justice they too are equally entitled too.

Bin Laden should wait in the human rights violations investigation queue – ahead of him are his countless victims.

Anonymous 10:43 AM  

If one googles on 5th May for:

"navi pillay" osama bin laden

one gets:

more than eighty thousand results, a mere few days after the death of Bin Laden!

If one googles on 5th May for:

"navi pillay" "karen woo"

that poor young doctor whose brains were blasted out of her skull on some truly God Forsaken deserted road in North Eastern Afghanistan one gets:

a mere eight results, months after her execution at the hands of Islamists.

Navi Pillay is worried about the Osama Bin Laden's human rights violations.

As head of the UN section dealing with human rights so she should be.

But it is even more worrying that little Karen Woo, delicate waif like young woman that she was, about to be married two weeks after she was cold bloodedly executed by Osama Bin Laden inspired Islamists, gets a mere eight results!

Whilst she was out there trying to help Afghan women she is worth only one hundreth of a percent of the significance of Osama Bin Laden's death when referred to in the same breath as Navi Pillay out there in the Internet!

And as the days and weeks and months go by her significance will diminish even more in the eyes of the UN and the world at large.

That is the perverse hypocrisy of dhimwitism, leftardness and political correctness!

This ratio of Osama Bin Laden versus Karen Woo with Navi Pillay as the 'anchor' could be called the UBL Index (the initials of Osama Bin Laden ito the US) and is a measure of the depravity of much of the world's intelligentsia, and of the sheer stupidity of most of the Western masses.

Anonymous 9:51 AM  

There are incredible ironic parallels between the White Supremacism of Apartheid South Africa and the Religious Supremacism of Islamist Apartheid.

The Islamist equivalent of Eugene Terreblanche, the symbol of white supremacism, head of the Afrikaner Weerstand Beweging (AWB) is of course none other than Osama Bin Laden himself.

They both hated “kaffirs”.

Terreblanche hated the Blacks of South Africa, referred to with contempt as “vuil (dirty) kaffirs” . This term was borrowed from the Muslim Cape Malays exiled to South Africa from Indonesia in 17th Century.

Bin Laden hated non-Muslims, infidels, the “unclean kaffirs” in his Islamic centric world view.

For both, "kaffirs" were as unclean as “pigs and dogs”.

Both met their deserved ends at the hands of the very “kaffirs” they hated.

Terreblanche died at the hands of two Black South Africans.

The greater irony is that Bin Laden met his end at the hands of the first Black American president of the USA.

Therein is a poetic justice dispensed to both Bin Laden and Terreblanche so magnificent that even Robert Fisk's poetic journalistic prose would be pedantic by comparison …

Chris Hitchins sums up the Islamic equivalent of the white racist Eugene Terreblanche aptly in his article, “Death of a Madman”:


faaiz muhammad 1:00 AM  

Osama drama has finally come to an end with many questions in the mind. Why does it so mysteriously happened. ISI helped the CIA to probe terrorism as PM Gillani said

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