There is No Substitute for Doing the Work — Not Even Catastrophe


MANY PEOPLE seem quite sure that the "masses" will not wake up to the threat of Islamization until there is another big attack — as big or bigger than 9/11. But there is a problem with this idea. Orthodox Muslims recognize — at least many of them do — that a big attack would awaken the West, strengthen the West's resolve, and seriously curtail Islamic encroachment. So they will avoid it and try to go as far as possible first with stealth jihad, soft jihad, financial jihad, economic jihad, educational jihad, immigration jihad, etc. They will take these as far as they can before making the mistake, as they did on 9/11, of alerting Westerners to their goals. So we should not rely on a catastrophe to do our work for us. By that time it may be too late. Orthodox Muslims could have their roots into our societies too deep to extricate. So it is up to us. Now. Don't know what to do? Start here:


Damien 7:33 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Even ignoring everything else, if we don't act now, if we wait for some major catastrophe, a terrorist attack of horrific proportions to get people to wake people up, at the very least many more Innocent people could loose their lives.

Another thing that we can do, that you've rarely mentioned here is to encourage people who live in countries, particularly in Europe, where there are blasphemy and hate to speech laws to get their government to repeal them or their courts to overturn them if they can. Free Speech is the first thing the stealth Jihadist want to take away from us. They know that freedom of speech is a threat to them. They know that if they can't silence their critics it will be almost impossible for them achieve their goals, and for that reason, free speech maybe our greatest ally.

Damien 7:53 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Speaking of free speech Issues and Islam, here are a couple of good videos on Ireland's Blasphemy laws.

Ireland on the road to Theocracy

Ireland on the road to Theocracy 2

Anonymous 2:35 AM  

Citizen Warrior, you have a big point there!

9/11 was an Islamist mistake!

Most of us would otherwise still be naively ignorant of the Islamist intent.

One more 'Big Catastrophe' like say a 'dirty nuke' will be the final straw for the majority of Westerners.

Dhimwits and leftards will find the PC Rug has been pulled from under their feet.

So it is the soft jihad indeed that is the far greater threat.

However, Fisk's 'Arab Spring' may yet turn out to be the Canary of Elephant Proportions - all eyes on Egypt as it seeks to contain the Muslim violence against the Copts.

If the Egyptians are unable to move forward to a secular democracy (at least for a while until Westerners have been lulled into a sense of false security again with triumphant Fiskian poetic prose pouring through the media)the Lie will be out.

See how they are scrambling to stop yet another Church attack!

Anonymous 5:45 AM  

Working against the Soft Jihad, yes,yes,yes!

Philip Fikry, a Copt Egyptian, was denied first prize for a political art competion whilst at school because he is a Christian.

The story is at:

It is actually a put down by the writer, Noha El-Hennawy, in reviewing Fikry's book: "I Am From This Country: The Diaries of a Sarcastic Copt.".

An attempt to belittle Fikry by the punchline at the end suggesting that he lacks humour, in case what he says strikes too many resonant chords.

This is the taqiyya that the world is facing, the soft jihad.

So in response there is another story that I feel compelled to tell again and again until there is some critical mass acceptance behind it.

It is the story of the religious Apartheid that Islamists seek, and to those of us who know what Apartheid was, who witnessed the white supremacists denigrading Black South Africans first hand, we can spot it a mile away, sense it in the impending air before the storm bursts, we can feel it intuitively … words will not deceive us no matter how lyrically they may have been assembled.

Fikry’s story is so familiar in its essence … we could point out a myriad and one instances of it in Apartheid South Africa, but let’s simply look at sport, a language that everyone understands if only through soccer.

In the South African Apartheid era, sport was segregated.

A prominent cricketer by the name of Basil D'Oliviera, was not permitted to be part of the national side because he was 'Coloured'.

Believing in his abilities, he overcame this discrimination at the hands of white supremacists to become an excellent international cricketer playing for another country, England!

The discrimination that Philip Fikry suffered, at the hands of Islamist supremacists, is no different.

He was considered unworthy as a non-Muslim to gain first prize.

D’Oliviera was considered unworthy as a non-White to represent his country.

Whilst South Africans are mostly ignorant of the Religious Apartheid that Islamists seek to impose world wide they can be misled into seeing Muslims as victims.

As the majority of South Africans are Black and Christian, once they realise that Islamists would have them back into a state of 'kaffirhood' their view will change.

Black South Africans bore the brunt of white supremacists and they certainly would not tolerate any other form of supremacism that would subjugate them again.

Islamists should take note … and rise to ever greater levels of taqiyya.

And yes, in this last comment I am indeed being sarcastic Noha!

Anonymous 8:16 AM  

The art of taqiyya developed through a millennium and a half is truly one to not underestimate.

1. How many of you know that the first genocide of the 20th Century was performed by the Ottoman Turks on the Armenians?

None other than Robert Fisk, the Grand Mufti of Dhimwitism himself, declared this in his epic tome, “The Great War For Civilzation” as an opening chapter!

It was a bizarre opening chapter given that the rest of the ensuing thousand pages is devoted to showing the West as the Root of all Evil, whose demise will presumably surely bring about Utopia.

For some inexplicable reason our Robert has it in for the Turks, as soft as he is on Islamist Arab violators of human rights.

2. How many of you know that there are more Christians being oppressed in Islamic nations than there are Palestinians breathing air!?

Well in the case of the Turks you can console yourself in the fact that the real-politiek of having Turkey as a Nato ally was the price we have paid for not taking the country to the Hague! Yes, we have been shameful to harbour such a criminal nation.

In the case of the Christians fed to the Islamic Lions, well it is the malady of Political Correctness spread by the Fisks and Pilgers and Chomskys and Kleins and Vaughan Smiths and Assanges and Michael Moores that have brought about the denial of this Invisible Holocaust.

Somehow the Palestinian issue has not only monopolised centre stage but has acted as camouflage for human right violations on a grand scale.

Fisk needs one more chapter to his book – the genocide against the Christians in Islamic Lands.

It will be a Cold Day in Hell when he acknowledges such.

9/11 is happening right under our noses every day as infidels bear the brunt of Islamist Hate in Islamist lands.

However, now that the Copts are finally visible as the oppressed people they are, Wael Ghonim should be out there on Facebook and Twitter trying to rescue the illusion of the 'Arab Spring'.

This is his moment for Taqiyya 2.0

CC 10:18 AM  

Dear CW,

I think a lot about your emphasis on tactics and 'sales' pitches in convincing non-muslims about the threat of islam lately.

What I find helpfull to convince Islam-ignorants is to relate to their personal lives and interests.
For example, when talking with a dog-lover, I tell this person in a discussion about muslims disgust for dogs, 'mentioning several refusals by muslim cabdrivers in G-B, Canada , USA to allow
seeing-eye dogs in their cabs!

When using those and simular examples to your audience, you do get 'rapport' with them.

So a practical minded person can become (more) Islamcritical by showing him/her the consequencws of over -tolerance or the stupidity of some Islamic demands on society.

A friend of mine e.g. finds muslim women with headscarfs in the gym utter madness, - but he doesn't object headscarfs per se - so that makes him wonder if these developments are any good at all.

My advice: find out someone's hobby/interest etc. and approach your Islamcritism from there.

Anonymous 10:24 AM  

In the idea that “There is no substitute for doing the work – not even catastrophe” we should be asking why Bin Laden’s wives and any of his offspring at least over the age of 18 are not being held as accomplices of one of the worst international criminals of recent times.

Either they were held against their will – kidnap; or they were accomplices.

The PC Western masses should ask themselves what the law would do if a mother or wife or adult son or daughter of a serial rapist or murderer deliberately sheltered such a criminal.

For some absurd reason it seems that we are going to be soft on them just because … ?

Perhaps that perverse mind of Vaughan Smith who argued on Al Jazeera that Nato medivac choppers in Afghanistan should be legitimate game as they are a “force enhancer” could make a similar plea that providing Bin Laden with the all round comforts of not just one but five wives is also a “force enhancer”.

If a medivac chopper then why not Bin Laden’s wives?

Anonymous 11:02 AM  

Again in the idea that "There is no substitute for doing the work ..." here is a nasty little Islamist blogger who goes by the name of Ozyism:

Every wannabee dhimwit, leftard and "guilt ridden" Westerner-about to-become-PC is potentially vulnerable to this fella's assertiveness if not his written English.

Dhimwits and leftards are a hard act to rehabilitate so we need to concentrate on the well intentioned "guilt ridden" Westerner on the slippery slope to PCness.

Showing up celebrity dhimwits and leftards is one way: for example Vaughan Smith is married to a Nato liberated Kosovian woman who indeed saw Nato as liberators.

Now Vaughan Smith hosts Assange in his English Castle, one of Nato's most ardent critics (you never hear Assange say anything about The Other Side by the way - it would not help him seduce PC inclined females).

Vaughan Smith also suggested on Al Jazeera that Nato medivac choppers should be fair game as they are "force enhancers".

Yet he sleeps every night with a woman liberated by Nato!?


Anonymous 1:57 PM  

Omar Bin Laden, Son of Osama, demands dignity for his father!

Dhimwits, Leftards and PCs will no doubt rally around this.

Yet most of us recoil in horror at psychopaths, monsters, who perform serial killings.

Some of these murder scores of people – one Eastern European may have reached more than one hundred killings!

He would randomly approach isolated farmhouses and wipe out all the occupants in the middle of the night.

Then he would set the house on fire.

Somehow this was his ultimate sexual excitement.

Yet Omar Bin Laden, one of the many Sons of Bin Laden, calls for ‘dignity’ for the monster that was his father!?

Driven not by sexual lust but by religious lust, Osama Bin Laden inspired the killing of thousands of civilians.

The minds he infected would prepare suicide belts intended to spray ball bearings and nails in all directions in market places or places of worship or other public places.

The explosions would rip apart all living beings within the “kill zone”, men, women, children.

In 9/11 his followers took entire planes hostage and crashed them into buildings.

He exhorted his followers to kill not only Americans but also all Westerners, regardless of whether or not they were combatants or civilians.

Osama Bin Laden is worse by at least a few billion galaxies than any serial killer that has ever existed!

Yet his son demands dignity for his father?

Dignity was however shown to Bin Laden’s family in the compound – instead of being slaughtered as crazed Islamists would no doubt have acted towards Infidels they were escorted to safety before the damaged chopper was blown up.


Anonymous 10:24 AM  

This is an incredible example of taqiyya wherein Sara Khorshid implies that the Muslims have reacted to a totalitarian Coptic Church!


A millennium and a half of Muslim oppression of Copts have conveniently been taken out of the equation by Khorshid.

This is the soft jihad that we need to be on guard against, far more dangerous in the long run as it has the potential of generating even more political correctness amongst the Western masses.

Anonymous 2:29 AM  

Further on the idea that there is no substitute for a holistic counter-jihad, we do need to understand the fullness of what we are dealing with.

The founder of Islam was no doubt a genius.

He recognised the primal male urge and ensured that male followers, necessary for militancy, would have sufficient religious latitude to secure maximum sexual gratification.

This includes not only polygamy but also the sexual spoils of war: raping of conquered infidel women.

To ensure the acceptance of wives in the Rape Fruits of War, he proclaimed that only by making one’s husband happy in all ways would wives avoid the flames of hell.

Wives were required to support the subjugation of the infidel by having their husbands rape the women of the conquered infidels.

Yes, it is sick!

Not quite as sickening though as the dhimwit and leftard apologists for Islamists!

Furthermore, as a ‘drug’ to ensure maximum militant commitment is the reward of 72 virgins if one dies in battle, ‘martyrdom’.

So be not afraid to die, 72 virgins will ensure your eternal orgasmic pleasures!

The other material spoils of war remained part and parcel of the deal.

Architecturally there is an expression to support this.

Consider the minaret – what does it remind one of, especially with the rounded onion shape.

It is a phallic symbol, one much closer to the real organ itself than the pointed spikes of say Christian bell towers.

When the French General Juin committed the war crimes on the Italian people in the Monte Cassino area he knew what he was doing. He gave a 50 hour carte blanche to the Moroccan Goumiers, knowing fully that in their culture the spoils of war that were being denied them by Western restraint would incentivise them to act even more audaciously.

Once they did break through the German lines, Allied officers had to make their men turn a blind eye to the pillage and rape that occurred.

It was reported that even animals were bestialised (“buggered”) and a priest was tied to an altar, sodomised and murdered!

Of course General Juin was never prosecuted, which is shameful, but the point is the Goumiers did what they did because they believed they had a divine right to do so!

In their culture they stayed faithful to the message of the 7th Century passed down through the generations.

We need to understand the primal nature of what we are dealing with.

Anonymous 6:51 AM  

Finally a non-dhimwitism on the part of Robert Fisk!

Fisk describes Saudi Arabia as “the land of head-choppers and hand-cutters”.

It is a Big Step for him so let us fully appreciate The Moment!

However in his lambasting of Saudi Arabia he spoils this by saying that “…the most cruel version of Islam comes from Saudi Arabia”.

What other version of Islam is there?

Any version of Islam that is not in accordance with the Koran is not Islam – it is heresy!

Do not blame the Saudis, Robert, they are just faithfully following the Koran.

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