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IN KEEPING with the principles of gathering allies and coordinating efforts, someone just emailed a request:

What two or three of us need are allies. Generally, Salon members are Muslim (Islam) supporters. Two of us regularly make comments on Salon when a piece is written about Muslims or Islam. I don’t know who the other person is; however, he says he spent time in the Middle East citing his experiences.

I learned not to be offensive; however, just talking about Islam brings the worst out in Salon members. Maybe, those most hostile practice Islam. No one knows. Despite those hostile comments, I continue sharpening my words in different ways that might encourage someone to look at Islam in a new light.

If you know some people who could support the two or three of us on as allies, it would be very helpful. Of course, it would require a Salon sign-up and watching every day to see if something has been written about Muslims and Islam. Justin Elliott appears to favor the subject in his writings.

I asked for more details. Here they are:

In order to make comments to articles written by Justin and others, you will need to join "Salon Letters." Click here to go to the login page. On the right side, look for “Don’t have a Salon account?” Go down the page to “Salon Letters.” You can sign up there.

Comments made by members are made at the bottom of every article. Look for “Comments,” printed in red.

Besides Justin Elliott, Glenn Greenwald writes quite a bit about Islam and Muslims, as well. Right now Justin is focused on Donald Trump, but as soon as Islam or Muslims are in the news, Justin jumps on it.

When you locate Islam writings by any author, you can read all the comments that have been written in the past.

To locate just writings on Islam and Muslims, under search, at the top right side of the page, type in, for example,
Justin Elliott Islam, Justin Elliott Muslims, the same with Glenn Greenwald. There are loads of them.

Every day, new articles, written by various people, some on Salon staff, some not, will be sent to your inbox when you become a member. There are all kinds of subjects covered — mostly, what’s going on in the news. All you have to do is go down the page and look for articles about Islam or Muslims or anything related. I check it every morning. It takes a few minutes. Today, there was nothing there.

You will not have to look up any author of an article unless you are interested in past writings. Everything current will be emailed to you. If you sign up today, Salon will email tomorrow’s articles to you tomorrow morning.

If you're looking for a place to change some minds and sharpen your own ability to articulate the case for a new stance toward concessions to orthodox Islam, join and ride in like the cavalry coming over the hill to form an alliance with the outnumbered counterjihadists fighting the good fight at Click here to go to the login page.


Damien 6:00 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Here's something really weird. I followed your advice and created an account over at Salon and now when I try to login to it, it takes me directly to your page. I wonder if you did something wrong when you linked to the login page.

Damien 6:03 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Interestly enough my account seems to work so far. I haven't tried posting anything, but now when I return to, I appear to be logged in.

Damien 6:33 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

By the way, I just left my first letter to the editor, under the user name, "ImDamien" since "Damien" was apparently already taken for

Here's a link to my first letter to the editor, in case you are interested.
I don't think the US should be giving money to the Palistinian Authority

I tried to leave a link in my commentary, but it wouldn't let, me, so people will have to copy the URL, if they want to see exactly what I'm talking about, but that should work.

Citizen Warrior 1:31 PM  

Thanks, Damien. Everything seems to be correct on this end. Maybe they automatically take you back to where you started once you've signed up.

And your link goes right to your comment. I like it.

Citizen Warrior 10:16 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I went to to check it out and it is such a vast web site, and on some of the articles there are more than 500 comments. I don't know why he thinks he needs allies. Also some of the commenters were using pretty foul language. But I did consider signing up until I read his privacy policy. He stated what kind of information he would snag from my computer for his advertisers, tracking where I had been and where I was going, so I just closed out his web page and deleted all history from my computer. I don't go into porn places and you don't let foul language onto your site, and I'm pretty careful where I go on the internet. I don't down load anything like music or games, and have never had a virus or worm, etc. Anyway, thought you might be interested in why I didn't sign up. Some of his readers are a little less civilized than yours.

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