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I'VE BEEN thinking about different ways to apply the principles of coordinated efforts and concentration of force, and one of the ideas I had was posting a challenging comment as an article so many more of us could get a chance to respond to it.

And here is my first opportunity. A commenter named Marsden left the following comment on the post, An Indecent Level of Decency. You can respond to it by clicking here. Or email your response to me, and I'll post it for you. Marsden's comment is the eleventh comment on that post. This is what Marsden wrote:

"An ideology which kills so many innocent people" to me that sounds as if it refers to the similar to the governments who invaded Iraq.

Innocents killed by Taliban and Al Qaeda: An estimated 15,000

Innocents killed by the USA and her allies in Iraq alone: Excess of 100,000.

I am pleased that your nation did not degrade him; however you have still condemned Osama as a murderer, then proceeded to kill him. There is an illogic to that very argument. There were 40 US Navy Seals when he was killed, what prevented them from taking him alive? Why didn't they use flashbangs? Why wasn't he trialed at the ICC? Osama has had a great injustice done unto him.

How many of you even know the 3 key aims of Al Qaeda? Their aims are not overtly radical or without reason. Their aims are what you would fight for if your nation was occupied and threatened by a foreign power.

What I do condemn Al Qaeda for are their methods. I despise terrorism and torture as much as any other person.

1. An end to the illegitimate political entity of Israel. Possibly the most extreme of their aims. However, look at it from their side, Israel has murdered hundreds of innocent Palestinan civilians. If these people being murdered were Christians there would be a Western outrage.

2. Removal of all US military bases from the Middle East. A fair aim, how does US military presence in the Middle East differ from the colonial powers of the 18th and 19th Centuries? Not by much.

3. Formation of an Islamic superstate. Another fair aim. Europe got the European Union, North America have links in NATO and East Asia got the Shanghai Pact. Not one of these organisations represents Islam, the second largest religion in the world, yet with no superpower to represent it.

I'm open for debate with whoever desires one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


If you'd like to respond to this, click here. Do it for sport. Do it for practice. And do it to overwhelm this point of view with better facts and arguments, so people who come to the page ever after will have sufficient ammunition to answer others on this same topic. Marsden's point of view here is not that uncommon, and it needs to be thoroughly answered. Are you ready? Go here. Or email it to me, and I'll post it for you anonymously.


Anonymous 11:17 AM  

I would simply say that "Marsden" has answered his own question in the statement he wants an "Islamic Superstate".

Every method and invasion is legitimate if it in part helps to prevent the "Islamic Superstate" being formed. This Superstate would then be the fore runner to legitimacy for this vile religion, and its spread throughout the world at a greater pace that it is doing so now.

All of us can see what happens in Islamic authorities as heads and hands are cut off, women and gays are put to death, under age girls and female inmates in prison raped.

Troops are not in Iraq for fun, they were there to stop a tyrant, and now they are there to defend Muslims from other Muslim Lunatics, and similarly with Afghanistan. Troops want to go home , but they are giving their lives protecting those who regard them as "inferior" because they are not Muslim.

Anonymous 6:35 PM  

I don't deny that Israel has the right to exist. But there is no reasonable justification for the ongoing building by Jewish settlers just in the midst of the Arabs of the West Bank.
Islam is bad by itself. Now the settlements just make that bad squared (if not cubed).

Anonymous 12:20 AM  

Katherine Marsden has already made up her mind about the killing of Osama Bin Laden:

"Osama bin Laden's death was murder, plain and simple

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/Osama+Laden+death+murder+plain+simple/4736485/story.html#ixzz1LYOTaEmd"

She invokes "humanitarian international law" (IHL).

I fully agree with this as a reference frame.

We do not yet know what exactly happened in the elimination of Bin Laden.

But we do know what happened in the execution of Dr. Karen Woo by Bin Laden inspired islamists.

Predictably, googling "Katherine Marsden" and "Karen Woo" scored no results on 6 May.

Marsden, like so many others, comes out the woodwork for those who urge others to kill ... yet stays mostly silent for their countless victims!

That is the moral hypocrisy of PCs, dhimwits and leftards.

Anonymous 8:00 AM  

I can't believe I'm just stumbling onto this blog now, despite being a daily reader of counter-jihad news and editorials. Well done! Perhaps we should work on getting this site more exposure?

Citizen Warrior 11:00 AM  

That's a great idea. We've been thinking along the same lines: This site needs more exposure. So we sent off our first article to American Thinker a few weeks ago.

And completely unrelated, ACT! for America just published one of our articles in their newsletter last week, and EuropeNews just published two of our articles last week.

Do you have any ideas about how to get more exposure?

Anonymous 5:14 PM  

The author seems to be coming from a position that Al Quaeda is the problem, not Islam or the role model of the so called Prophet Muhammad. The 3 points listed are all legitimate Islamic doctrines, not some extraneous version. Al Quaeda is simply following Islam and the role model of the so called prophet Muhammad. In fact, Mark Durie says that Al Quaeda and the Taliban are the equivalent of the Reformation in Islam. Read his eye opening article here:

As for the point about numbers killed, there are some important differences.
1. Killing non-muslims is part of the teachings of the Koran, and therefore more insidious as it is part of the collective subconscious of muslims.
2. The deaths from US forces are nearly all collatoral damage, but by Jihad will kill innocents on purpose.
3. 25% of muslims believe that killing innocents is ok if it done for Islam (see Pew research).
4. Over the 1400 years that Islam has plagued the world, millions upon millions of innocents have lost their lives as a direct cause of the Koran and teachings of Muhammad.

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