Five Interesting Historical Facts About Islam


While reading about things totally unrelated to the counterjihad movement, I have occasionally come across some interesting historical facts about Islam. I was surprised to discover that Islam had a hand in many important historical events I already knew about without ever knowing Islam had anything to do with them. Here are a few of the most interesting:

1. The first foreign was fought by the United States was against Muslims. The Barbary Coast pirates were following in Muhammad's footsteps, raiding caravans (in this case, oceangoing ships), taking slaves, capturing people to hold for ransom, and demanding "protection money" from any kafirs who didn't want to be raided. This had been going on for centuries along the North African Mediterranean coastline.

Any ships that wanted to do business in the Mediterranean were at risk. Many European countries did the easy thing and paid the protection money to the Muslims to avoid being raided, which, of course, helped fund their operations against anyone who wasn't paying. The U.S. did not have enough military resources to protect its ships, so it paid the protection money too. This bothered Thomas Jefferson. Before he was president, when he was an ambassador to France, Jefferson had a chance to meet with an ambassador from Tripoli, and he asked why Tripoli did this. The Muslim explained it was written in the Koran.

So Thomas Jefferson bought himself a Koran and read it. Then when he became president, he knew what he needed to do: He expanded and then mobilized the United States Navy to protect American ships from Muslim piracy and then sent Marines to the shores of Tripoli, who soundly defeated the Muslim warriors.

This was the first foreign war fought by the United States. America's victory was the beginning of the end of the "Barbary Coast Pirates." The military aggressiveness of Islamic countries remained contained and weakened for over a century.

Read more about that here: Why Did President Jefferson Read the Quran?

2. The New World was discovered because of Islam. Christopher Columbus was looking for a new trade route to the East. But why was he looking for a trade route?

During the Second Jihad, Islam invaded Central Asia and defeated Constantinople in 1453, cutting off the overland route for Europeans. Islamic armies continued their jihad northward, and conquered much of what is now Eastern Europe, until they were finally stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Read more: The Second Major Wave of Jihad: the Turks, 1071-1683.

Europe had been trading with the Far East for centuries, and their old overland route now went through territory that was hostile and dangerous to anybody but Muslims. The economy of Europe was threatened.

So, in 1492, the year Islam was finally defeated in Spain, ending Islam's 780-year occupation, Columbus set off to find a passage to the Far East by boldly sailing West into the unknown. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3. The .45 caliber 1911 semiautomatic pistol was created to stop Islamic warriors. From 1902 until 1913, the United States fought a war with the "Moro Warriors" in the Philippines. These Islamic warriors were named "Moros" by the Spanish. Their unstoppability was legendary. "In one instance," writes Robert Boatman, "a Moro warrior received 14 bullet wounds in five minutes, three of which penetrated his brain, and yet he fought on."

At the time the army was using .38 caliber guns, which were unable to stop the Moros, so in 1906, they began testing different guns to find something better. In 1911, they chose the .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol. It had enough stopping power to kill even a Moro warrior with one shot. Read more about this interesting piece of history here, here and here.

4. The Great Pyramid of Giza looks unfinished because of Muslims. The pyramid was once covered by a smooth, beautifully polished layer of white stone. This outer layer was removed by Muslims, who used the white stone for mosques and palaces, leaving the ancient pyramids with their somewhat unfinished appearance.

The physicist, John Zajac, wrote: "This protective covering was made up of...hard, white limestone, similar to marble but superior in hardness and in durability against the elements...The casing stones, 144,000 in all, were so brilliant that they could literally be seen from the mountains of Israel hundreds of miles away...The people of the area had viewed the pyramid and its polished stones with awe for centuries. But when a 13th century earthquake loosened some of these casing stones, the Arabs recognized a great quarry of precut stones that could be used to finish off palaces and mosques. For instance, the casing stones were used to rebuild the new city of El Kaherah plus Cairo mosques and palaces, including the Mosque of Sultan Hasan."

Historically, this is Islamic standard operating procedure. Wherever Islam established itself throughout the world, it destroyed or defaced monuments that represented the previous (conquered) culture and replaced it with Islamic structures and mosques. Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. Turkey used to be Christian. Pakistan used to be Hindu. The former cultures and any symbols of them were annihilated and replaced by Islam.

5. The Crusades were a limp, late, defensive response to four hundred years of Islamic war against what was then largely Christian lands (the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Europe). Four of the five main centers of Christianity, including the Byzantium and Constantinople, were eventually conquered by the Islamic warriors' relentless conquests, and the countries were forcibly converted into Islamic states. But before the Crusades, Byzantium was still fighting to defend itself, and repeatedly appealed to Rome for help.

The different nations of Europe were largely competitors with each other. They were not a united force — far from it — but the Pope thought he could unify Europeans if he made it a matter of "defending Christians," so that's how he made his appeal. It helped unite Europeans against a common threat, and it may have saved Europe from the forcible Islamization suffered by the nations of the Middle East, part of India, and North Africa. Read more: What About the Crusades?

Here's another interesting historical tidbit about Islam's influence: The defense of Europe during the Crusades was devastatingly expensive, and the Church of Rome tried many ways to raise funds. Some of these fundraising efforts were deeply offensive to Martin Luther, so he initiated the Protestant Reformation.

Islam has had a profound impact on important historical events throughout its history, and it is still being felt today.


Anonymous 11:30 AM  

All in a nutshell!!!


Infidel Task Force 4:16 PM  

good job....

Anonymous 4:13 AM  

“Moderate” Muslims, if indeed that is a realistic concept, will have to do more as a community against “Radical” Muslims.

Yesterday, 20th May, was “Everybody Remember Molly Norris Day” – a year since her “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

Since then she has had to “disappear” due to the death threats.

David Rusin has this article on the events:

We can look at the word wide community of Christians, as an example, in how they dealt with the white supremacist "Christians" of Apartheid South Africa.

The Vatican condemned Apartheid from the word go.

Subsequently, Protestant voices added to the condemnation, leading to the declaration of Apartheid as a heresy and a crime against humanity.

And rightfully so - to have used Christianity as a cover for Apartheid is truly blasphemy!

Even as an atheist I cannot but be overwhelmed by the symbol of compassion that the Christ-figure is.

Apartheid collapsed when the ANC under Mandela brilliantly captured the hearts and minds of the West.

In their 30-year military struggle the ANC caused less civilian deaths than one month’s worth of civilians killed by the Taliban!

The Christian world can be credited with a major role in the downfall of Apartheid.

In the end God did win there - listen to their moving Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (God Bless Africa) hymn and you cannot but be stirred by South Africans and what they achieved 'down there'.

Listen to it on You Tube:

One cannot deny the co-ordinated power of the Muslim "voice" on Fridays.

In one single fell Friday swoop, if “moderate” Muslims really did want to be rid of “radical” Muslims, they could do so!

It would merely require the synergy of the majority of imams condemning radicals once and for all.

Anonymous 12:45 PM  

You left out slavery. The African slaves weren't taken by Boston sea captains, they were taken by Muslim traders. No American would have had the contacts, but the Muslim traders had been going in and out of Nigeria for a long time on their trade routes.
To me, the concept of a Black Muslim (Whitey enslaved you, we will free you) is absurd and can only be attributed to poor knowledge of history.

Lexcen 3:09 PM  

Fascinating facts.

Citizen Warrior 3:18 PM  

Someone just emailed this:

Thank you so much for this (and for all your news bulletins, sometimes I hardly have time to check on everything I get but I always appreciate what you send me and your site).

I think you will love this info about what jihadists have been doing in Southern Thailand and how buddhists finally decided to fight back. Also they give a link to a Wikipedia article about Hunda I found very helpful (pardon if you already know of either or both of the pages).

The massacres:

Anonymous 5:06 PM  

The New World was also discovered because Spain evicted all muslims from the Iberian Peninsular, and because of that muslims refused to do any more trade with Spain as 'punishment'. Spain decided to look for Indian spices via the Western route, and serendipitously disocvered the New World, which eventually increased the success of the western world - something that the muslims were trying to destroy! LOL. I love the irony in that story.

Anonymous 1:18 AM  

Islamists recognise that the greatest obstacles to global jihad now that the cancer of political correctness has spread throughout the West are Russia, China and India.

To some extent the 10% to 15% of Muslims in India are a significant bridgehead for causing turmoil.

India is the largest secular democracy in the world.

In past geo-political errors, the US supported Pakistan whilst the Soviet Union supported India.

India is still unhappy about this. But we cannot afford it to be so.

Pakistan is now trying to align itself more and more with China, seeking to create a wedge between India and China.

If one reads anti-West Pakistani media there is a sense that anti-West Pakistanis (the majority) see China as the new Big Brother for Pakistan, a relationship that would be another step for Global Jihad.

The single most powerful long term strategy against Global Jihad is for the West, Russia, China and India to set aside their historical differences and unite, not in a “War on Terror” but in a “War on Global Jihad”.

Whilst the West is ridden with the cancerous cells of Political Correctness, China is not, and the genocide performed by Muslims against Indian non-Muslims (if shunned by politically correct Western historians), is still too deep in the DNA of non-Muslim India.

Political Correctness is still far from reaching a critical mass in Russia. There is something in the survivalist psyche of Russia that would stop the Madness …

However, tensions between the West, Russia, China and India will only serve the intentions of Global Jihadists.

To stop the Planet from being overwhelmed by the Religio-Tyranny of Islam we need to unite against this Common Enemy.

Citizen Warrior 11:38 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Interesting writing but one problem with how you define the founding of the Marine Corps. The Corps was started by the Second Continental Congress in 1775, disbanded in 1783, following the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War. The Marines were restarted in 1798 and made a name for themselves fighting against the Barbary Pirates in 1805 in Tripoli.

LakeGeneva 11:21 AM  

Ha! I was reading this post in my Google Reader feed and came here just to set the Marine Corps info straight. Glad to see someone has already emailed you with the correct info, as you posted in comments above.

Great article, by the way. :)

ciccio 7:55 AM  

Leave out that last little bit about Luther. The money was raised to support the profligacy of Rome. Venice was only to happy to work with the Turk during the conquest of Constantinople and Rome did squat to aid them.

Truthiocity 6:28 PM  

I would like to add that it was a muslim who blasted the nose off the spinx in the middle ages.

Reasons handed down are that He was offended by the life like apperance of the face and that the indigenous egyptians were placing offerings to it because it was associated with the fecundity of the Nile.

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