A Less Disturbing Way to Talk About the Disturbing Nature of Islam


Terrorism works. Islam is the bully of planet Earth. They say we must either join their gang or pay them money and if we don’t do what they say, they'll hurt us or even kill us. They mean business. Jihadists will commit suicide to terrorize the world into submission. Sharia law seeks to destroy our democracy and take away our freedom of speech and thought and religion. They mutilate the genitals of their little girls, kill their own wives and daughters to retain their “honor” and their women are second class, subordinated sex slaves. Sharia law says it’s okay for a man to have sex with girls as young as nine as long as he marries her first. They are taking over the world, infiltrating governments and the U.N., willing to die and kill for Allah, and they've been at it for 1400 years.

Okay, stop for a moment. How do you feel having read that? It’s upsetting for non-Muslims to hear about Islam. The information makes us angry because orthodox Islam is encroaching into our lives. This kind of information can make you feel afraid because you see what's happening in places like Europe and see the same thing beginning in the U.S. The facts can overwhelm people and leave them depressed and defeated and wanting to give up.

This is my point: When you tell someone a disturbing truth about Islam, you will make them feel bad. This is not good for your relationship. And if you’re not careful about how you share this information, you will harm the bonds you have with your family and friends. It happens all the time.

This is the real problem: People need to know what’s happening, but we can’t count on the media or the government to keep us informed — so we need to connect in other ways. We need our relationships. We need to be joined together to make strong organizations to battle the aggressive encroachment of orthodox Islam.

But talking about Islam is upsetting, so people avoid bringing it up, and when they do, it often leads to upsets. We end up arguing with each other or avoiding each other or lying to keep the peace. And all these ways of coping with the upset strain and drain your relationships. Islam drains your time and your relationships just because it is so terribly hard to discuss without getting upset.

But we need to keep talking about it. Everyone must know what is happening. So we keep trying to get through to them even though it keeps causing upsets. Sometimes people actually listen, but often it’s just too much for them and if you keep trying, they will stop talking to you altogether. When you're upset, you prevent the transfer of information.

Jihadis not only blow up buildings, but talking about jihad can cause your relationship to blow up. So what can you do?

First, don’t try to share the truth when you’re upset. It needs to be shared, but not while you feel bad. Nobody likes being around you when you’re upset. You need a change of attitude and a better strategy for sharing what you know. You can accomplish both with one thing: When you feel bad, do some good.

If you want to talk about Islam and share what you know, you first must get busy doing something about it. You can’t let yourself just absorb information. You can’t let yourself just watch orthodox Islam’s war on the free world unfold. If you don’t find something to do, the knowledge alone will destroy your happiness, your dreams, and your relationships.

You must become a citizen warrior and do something productive to fight for freedom. Why? Because only in taking an action will you grow strong. Only in doing something can you improve your mood. But it doesn't have to be a big thing. It doesn’t matter much how big of a step you take on. It only matters that you are moving forward.

Go to WhatYouCanDoAboutIslam.com and find something you can do. You could join ACT! for America or even start a chapter. You could get a conversion kit for your car so you can burn ethanol and stop sending money to OPEC and into the bank accounts of those who fund the global jihad. You could write one letter or send an email asking your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Open Fuel Standard and break oil’s monopoly over transportation. You could find out what your child’s textbooks say about Islam. It almost doesn’t matter what you decide to do. It only matters that you are taking action.

Taking action does two important things. First it makes you feel better. Action takes you out of the state of being a victim where this terrible thing is happening to you, and psychologically puts you into the state of being a cause, an initiator — acting upon rather than being acted upon.

This shift from victim to cause makes a big difference emotionally. Every time you're upset, find a small step you can take. It will bring relief. It will strengthen you. A terrible thing is happening in the world, but there are hundreds of ways to do something about it. You could support women’s rights. You could volunteer time to a leader who is fighting the good fight. Look around your world. Look at your family, your kids. What would you do to save the world for them?

The instant you begin, your attitude will shift. You are doing your part. You will feel satisfaction. You will feel good about yourself. Doing something about orthodox Islam's relentless encroachment will strengthen you and make you feel better.

But the second benefit of taking action is to give you a way to talk about Islam indirectly. Now you can tell people what you’re doing. People love to hear stories about what people are doing. They will turn toward you, not away from you. Then, as you tell them what you’re doing, you can tell them why you’re doing it.

For example: We bought a kit for our car that was pretty easy to install, making our car capable of burning E85. Now we’re trying to get more sources of ethanol here locally. When people want to know why we’re doing this, we tell them how OPEC controls the price of oil and one fourth of all gas dollars go to nations who hate freedom and repress and abuse women. And we don't want to lavish money on them any more.

When you share what you're doing, it is easy to talk about why you’re doing it. And you're sharing it as a story about what you are doing and why. This is a much easier conversation to have. Even if they don't agree with you (or even like what you’re doing) it makes for a much less upsetting interaction.

Then, make sure when you talk about Islam that you always couple information with possible actions they could take. Knowledge and action must go together.

So this is the easy way to talk to people about the disturbing nature of Islam: When the truth upsets you, take an action to do some good. When you do something good, share that with people and let them know why you’re doing it. When you tell them why, suggest ways they could help. Ask them to join you. Always nudge people toward taking action. Help them take a small step forward. If it makes them feel upset when they hear about the disturbing nature of Islam, encourage them to do a bit of good so they will feel better and, in turn, encourage them to share what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Hesiod wrote: "If thou shouldst lay up even a little upon a little, and shouldst do this often, soon would even this become great."


  • Don’t share while you’re upset.
  • Take a small action to do some good and you will feel better.
  • Share what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
  • Encourage others to help you or join you. They can share with others and tell those people why they are doing what they’re doing and suggest ways those people could help.


Anonymous 1:01 PM  

Ive tried telling lots of folk and all I get is insults..they think im a liar.

Citizen Warrior 6:50 PM  

When what you're doing is not working, do something else. Change your approach. Here are some ideas:

Tools For Our Educational Mission

Anonymous 11:40 PM  


Anonymous 5:25 AM  

This is a great idea of yours.
I shall try it out.

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