The Embedded Assumption that Islam is a Religion of Peace


In an article entitled A Rare Look at Secretive Brotherhood in America, the author said:

"Many Muslims believe that the Brotherhood is a noble international movement that supports the true teachings of Islam and unwaveringly defends Muslims who have come under attack around the world, from Chechens to Palestinians to Iraqis. But others view it as an extreme organization that breeds intolerance and militancy."

I had to read those two sentences again. The problem is, those are the same sentences. It's like someone writing, "Some people believe Mohammad was violent. But others think he merely tortured and killed people."

It's like, "What?"

Of course, the embedded assumption here is that the "true teachings of Islam" cannot possibly breed "intolerance and militancy." And yet the true teachings of Islam — if you mean by "true" the teachings written in the Koran and Hadith — breed exactly that: Intolerance toward non-Muslims (and Muslims insufficiently Islamic) and militancy.


Citizen Warrior 9:21 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Citizen, so much of Muslim behaviour is born of the double bind they are held in from the time they first develop consciousness - they are damned by the communities in which they find themselves if they are as belligerent towards kufar as their swivel-eyed prophet commanded them, and damned by their own communities and likewise swivel-eyed imams if they are not.

Add to that an upbringing which may be almost devoid of recognition of each as a person (and how can an oppressed mother bond in a healthy way with any of her children enough to provide the "mirroring" which is vital to their development in order to help them manage their emotions and develop a theory of mind?) and it's little wonder that they are at the mercy of whoever shouts the loudest, and think literally and swallow whole what they are told.

There is safety in a herd of like-"minded", regardless of the murder and mayhem that herd might get up to, for someone who literally cannot know his own mind from one moment to the next and whose reality and personhood has been invalidated almost from the get-go.

Worrisome indeed and, to my mind, evidence of some sort of mass personality disorder, is the ease with which Muslim spokesmen argue that Islam is a religion of peace whilst all around them is Islam-inspired and Muslim perpetrated violence, and that Western leaders fall for it!

Holger Danske is Wide Awake 1:39 AM  

If The Borg had a religion, it would be Islam.

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