How To Get Past Someone's Multiculturalist Defenses


WHEN YOU begin talking about Islam with a multiculturalist, you will immediately run headlong into a wall of resistance. But you can soften their defenses if you immediately make the following perfectly clear:

1. You are against racism, and if people understood more about Islam, it would prevent racism.

2. You are not criticizing Muslims, you are criticizing the political and religious doctrine of Islam.

3. Until your listener has read the Koran for herself, she really doesn't know what's going on. And if you have read the Koran, make it a point to mention that relevant fact.

Work these into the early part of your conversation and you will have a much more willing listener. Listen to me: Multiculturalists are the people we most need to reach. Please do not write them off. These are the people we are not reaching, and there are millions of them. They could be our allies, but their wall must be penetrated. Hammer those three points adamantly up front, and you may well find yourself with an open mind to talk to.


horus 11:03 AM  

Concerning Point 2, just how does one not criticize muslims when the political and religious doctrines of islam are precisely what every muslim must believe and support?

Seems analogous to combating botulism but avoiding saying anything bad about the bacterium responsibile for the condition.

After all, political and religious islam would be innocuous without the toxic bacterium spreading the disease.

Citizen Warrior 11:55 AM  

It would be analogous to criticizing the particular gene that makes the bacterium dangerous to humans.

The purpose of doing so is that the information is more likely to get through. And that's what we're trying to do. So if you're doing anything that prevents the information from getting through (like criticizing Muslims rather than Islamic ideology) you are working against the purpose.

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