Infidels Around the World Unite


Whoever is the most organized will win the conflict between orthodox Muslims and non-Muslims. And a new tool has been created to help the non-Muslims organize. It's called Infidels United. It will never censor you for posting something about Islam.

I don't recommend you give up Facebook, because we can use it to reach those friends and family who still need to be educated about Islam (here is how to use it for that purpose).

But for mutual support, for insider news, for sharing with each other good links, articles, and arguments — and for launching coordinated actions — Infidels United is helpful. All of us should sign up and get our fellow counterjihad friends to sign up too. You can use an alias freely at Infidels United, unlike Facebook. The creator of the site understands the danger of our work and respects our need for anonymity.

When coordinated action needs to be taken, it would be helpful to have a central communications hub where the message can get to everyone. Infidels United fits the bill.


Maus 9:00 AM  

I think the concept of Infidels United is a good one but looking at the website, it seems to me it does more to provoke and inspire hatred from muslims instead of anti-jihad organization. I value Citizen Warrior for it's moderate approach to the Islamic teachings instead of obviously posting images and remarks that will surely spark muslim hatred. Education and knowledge is power, not creating a site to encourage hate speech. I mean really??? Advertising the largest Koran burning for this year? Who is that going to help by playing in to the "victim of hatred" game?

We should be encouraging the reading of the Koran and educating our neighbors instead of throwing more gas on the fire of muslim hatred of non-muslims or Islamaphobia by provoking orthodox muslims to violence. Taking steps to offend, like Infidels United is doing on it's front page, will not do any good for the anti-jihad movement. I would much rather read this blog than throw my hat in with I.U.

My opinion, good concept but poor execution. I hope they can mature in the future.


Citizen Warrior 11:52 AM  

Well said, Maus. The creator of Infidels United has only recently realized that he was duped by all the "experts" and that Islam is really NOT a religion of peace. But what a speedy, intelligent, and effective response to the realization!

I'm sure his understanding will mature. In fact, I'm going to help it along, and I hope you do too.

Citizen Warrior 12:13 PM  

I feel it is our responsibility to not only educate our fellow non-Muslims about Islam, but also to help tone down those who already know about Islam but are too extreme in their views.

Also, I'd like to point out that the "advertisement" of the Koran burning was not really an advertisement, although I have to admit, it looks like one. In the right sidebar, recent articles and blogs are posted, and that was one of them. However, I just looked at Infidels United and the admin has moved those blogs further down the page so they're not the first things you see when you go to the page.

How about that? You are already having an influence!

Blogger 6:56 PM  

I agree with you Maus. My ex was a muslim and I spent nearly 10 years in the muslim community. The majority of muslims have no idea what is written in the Koran. They are simply brought up to "believe it" as a kind of idol (even though they are outwardly against idol worship). So, they can only understand Koran burning etc in the same way as someone burning, say Buddhist statue to stir up Buddhists.

Anonymous 7:16 AM  

Yeah, the systematic, state-sponsored persecution of people of other faiths (which includes slavery in N. Africa) is all a figment of the kuffars imagination. Your delusion of a moderate Islam is as ridiculous a concept as a moderate

Anonymous 12:36 PM  

Subject to correction I have never heard of Buddhists up in arms over the destruction of Buddhist statues - that would be contrary to the non violent core of Buddhism. Has this ever happened? Those famous 'skyscraper' sized Buddhas were mortared by the Taliban in the name of Islam but as far as I am aware no Muslim was ever lynched by a rampant Buddhist mob for this?

Here 5:43 PM  

Sometimes, its the bravery of some that overcomes the cowardice of others, I'm proud to be on Infidels United, and I'm ready for Holy war, should the muslims want it, its time to stand up, and I'm standing up to the false religion of islam. Baruch HaShem Adonai!

Here 5:44 PM  

Sometimes, its the bravery of some that overcomes the cowardice of others, I'm proud to be on Infidels United, and I'm ready for Holy war, should the muslims want it, its time to stand up, and I'm standing up to the false religion of islam. Baruch HaShem Adonai!

AliceNorthernLights 3:55 PM  

Infidels united was censored in my country. I was a member. 4

Italy shitty country of dhimmies!
Every day i hate more my blood and my language!

Anonymous 9:22 AM  

Is the site gone? I've clicked on it and there's nothing like what you described. Just some ads for IRAs and stuff. Was it hacked? I think we absolutely need something like what you described, but I can't find it there.

Citizen Warrior 2:13 AM  

I'm looking into it...

White Anglo Saxon 11:22 PM  

I'll stand with you Christos. To quote Patrick Henry, "give me liberty or give me death". And it's true, there is NO such thing as a "moderate " Muslim. During WWII we know that not all Germans were Nazis, but they still were culpable. Just like those Germans who lived outside concentration camps and did nothing.

Gordon Strangeways 9:19 AM  

islam is like a slow growing terminal cancer that is being accepted more and more each day by non muslim liberals, peace freaks and supporters of the Obama administration. The current administration of the United States has done all they can to force this disease down Americans throats by promoting it as one of the religions that were part of the founding fathers accepted religions.

islam was never part of that concept. The United States was founded on freedom of religion, except islam cannot exist with other religions. It must be the only religion at any cost.

It does not matter what practicing muslims say in public the fact is if you are a non muslim you are an infidel in their eyes and deserve to die if you do not accept islam.

Unfortunately the United States, (the voting blacks (96%) and voting hispanic (75%) community) has elected to support an “undercover brother” as president. This president was raised with a strong influence of islamic belief.

In my opinion the United States is on the verge of a revolution, because the current administration has elected to force the acceptance of the muslim religion down our throats and has presented it as a religion of peace (it is not).

I’ve notice a few postings on this site that would suggest understanding by non-muslims. It sounds like there are muslims that have infiltrated the site and are pretending to be non-muslims, or are misguided supporters of the Obama administration.

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