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A READER and dedicated counterjihadist named Ramachandra got a letter published in the Tribune Star on March 4, 2011. With his permission, we are republishing it along with our congratulations on his persistence and clarity. Here is his letter:

The pitfalls of understanding Islamic law

In the Feb. 6 Tribune-Star, syndicated columnist Diana West states (referring to the Islamic world) that “their freedom is not necessarily our freedom.” In fact, language is a major impediment in understanding Islam, as pointed out by Gregory Davis in his book, “Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World.”

Davis mentions the following issues:

When the Islamic world refers to the “establishment of justice,” it means the “the establishment of Sharia.” Sharia is Islamic law which mandates the subjugation, oppression and exploitation of non-Muslims and women; hardly something that the free world would term “justice.” Islamic law institutionalizes male Islamic supremacism, to the detriment of non-Muslims and women. Thus “Islamic justice” constitutes “injustice” for non-Muslims and women.

When Sayyid Qutb, the guiding light of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that “Islam is a Religion of Peace” in his book, “Islam and Universal Peace,” what he meant was this: “Islam seeks the subjugation of the whole world under Sharia. When Sharia becomes universally triumphant, peace will reign; therefore Islam is a Religion of Peace.” Thus the “peace” of Islam can only be achieved after non-Muslim civilization has been destroyed.

Islamic virtues such as “mercy,” “forgiveness,” “kindness,” etc. apply toward other Muslims, not to mankind in general. In fact, being unfriendly to non-Muslims is considered a virtue in Islam. (The Koran, Surah 5 Verse 51: “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends”). Thus “virtue” in Islam is what would be considered “rude behavior” in the West.

Islam forbids suicide, but in Surah 9 Verse 111, The Koran promises paradise to those who “kill (non-Muslims) and are killed” in the cause of Allah. Thus while suicide is forbidden by Islam, it becomes a virtue in “suicide bombings,” if it results in the killing of non-Muslims.

Both Western society and Islam forbid rape, but “rape” means very different things in the two societies.

In the West, rape is any form of nonconsensual sexual intercourse. However, in Islam, consent is not required of “those women whom one’s right hand possesses,” that is, non-Muslim women captured during jihad (The Koran, Surah 33, Verse 52). Thus non-consensual sexual intercourse with non-Muslim women captured during jihad is lawful under Islamic Law. Thus what would be considered rape in the West is a lawful act in Islamic Law.

Indeed, language is an impediment in understanding Islam.

— Ramachandra

Are you looking for something you can do that would make a difference? Here's something: Write clear, persuasive letters to the editor of your local paper, and keep writing and clarifying and improving your ability to communicate until you get something published. This is not the first letter Ramachandra has written to the editor. This isn't even the first letter he's had published. He persists and he succeeds. He's an example for us all.

Here's another letter to the editor, published in Terre Haute: The contradictions of ‘peaceful’ Islam.


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