A Slow-Motion Conquest by Stealth


YESTERDAY a commenter named Reilly left an interesting comment on the article, The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam, and I wanted to share it with you:

I started thinking about Islam as a dangerous, self-replicating "meme" a few years back.

The catalyst was a Muslim colleague who tried to convince me Islam was tolerant. His evidence was a source claiming that the Koran demanded that Muslim men could marry Christian/Jewish women and were obliged by the Koran NOT to interfere with their wive's religion (thus allegedly proving how tolerant Koran is).

But... the same source also declared that:

1 - Children should follow the father's religion.
2 - And while Muslim men were allowed to marry infidels, Muslim women were not.

And then I thought how those rules interacted with each other.

And then I realized that, under a thin disguise of supposed "tolerance", these rules gave an evolutionary/competitive advantage to the Muslims over the long term (ie: birthrate/religon of children).

In reality, these rules didn't facilitate "tolerance". They simply facilitated a steady, slow-motion conquest by stealth.

Now I don't know the providence of these claimed traditions, but when even the evidence shown to me directly by a "Moderate Muslim" clearly shows a Supremacist mindset, this is not encouraging!

And so my suspicion began...

Thank you for laying this all out so clearly and easy-to-understand in a single article.


Damien 5:46 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

You're right this is hardly an example of tolerance.

Sarah 1:07 PM  

Many Muslim men will tell non-Muslim women that they (the children) can choose their religion when they grow up and that Islam embraces all religions.
This is a huge lie perpetuated by the males to get the non-Muslim females to marry them (insert reason: conversion, visa, etc). It's only after the unsuspecting and gullible female marries these men and are trapped do they come to realize the full truth: that their children have to be Muslim no matter what and this is non-negotiable.
I've seen plenty of women duped by Muslim men and very few of them have happy marriages or relationships. The only time I've seen good relationships is when the parent(s) are non-religious or completely indifferent to religion.
These women do not reason that the purpose of having Muslim children is to ensure the future propagation of Islam. It's a trickle down effect that can soon turn into a flood if not held in check.
It's just too bad that most women are not willing to take the time and effort it to fully understand Islam and what propels their men to be what they are!

Damien 5:15 PM  


Another reason to be super careful, if your woman, when it comes to marrying a Muslim, also involves the children. Even if she won't go with her husband to an Islamic country, there have been many cases where Muslim men have literally kidnapped their children, when their wives either divorced them or didn't approve of them. Than they take them to an Islamic country, and its very difficult for her to get them back.

gsw 2:06 AM  

Not a 'meme' a PRION.

(Proteinaceous Infectious particle also responsible for Creutzfeldt–Jakob and Mad Cow)

Anonymous 4:01 PM  

Yes, the rule allowing Muslim men to marry Christian and Jewish women, but prohibiting Muslim women from marrying any non-Muslim men (unless the man converts to Islam), is based on a combination of the Quran and the Hadith. In Islamic law, marriage between a non-Muslim man and Muslim woman is a capital (death penalty) offense. Even among Muslims in the U.K. today, if my memory serves me, about half of them believe that a Muslim woman should not be allowed to marry a non-Muslim man.

As for the Muslim husband tolerating the non-Muslim wife remaining non-Muslim, there are incentives mentioned in the Hadith for converting her, e.g., the man is promised "a double reward" from Allah if he can convert her. In addition, a grave penalty is threatened if she does not convert to Islam, as implied by Quran 66:6, which urges Muslims to save themselves and their families from the fire of hell, and 3:85 which declares unequivocally that Islam is the only acceptable religion.

(Not that all Muslims believe this, but many do).

Anonymous 10:59 AM  

When I was 19 I dated a man from the Muslim world who seemed completely Americanized in every way. One day he became worried that he had gotten me pregnant. I asked him "What would you do if I was?" Without hesitation he said he would send the baby to Iran to be raised by his family. That was quite the "Aha" moment for me.

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