Do the Majority of Muslims Actually Believe What's in the Koran?


WE RECENTLY published an article: Self-Righteousness Impedes Our Educational Efforts, and a frequent commenter and long-time reader, Damien, made an excellent point. He wrote:

Citizen Warrior, Another thing we can do is show that we have the facts on our side, rather than just pulling stuff out of thin air. That way we will be less likely to seem self-righteous. In addition to quoting the really scary stuff from Koran, we can point out, for example, that according to some polling data, most Muslims do not support freedom of religion or the separation of Church and State. People can, after all, ask whether or not a majority of Muslims actually believe what's in the Koran. Here's a story on such a poll from The LA Times: Majority of Muslims want Islam in politics, poll says It also shows that a majority of Muslims support things that most non-Muslims, especially westerners, would find morally abhorrent. In addition, it's even more effective in those instances when the source is a highly a respected one and is considered trustworthy by large numbers of people, and isn't generally thought of as being anti-Islam or anti-Muslim.


Damien 10:10 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

You're Welcome. There was a story about another poll I found at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, that I thought about including, but the source link for the story did not work. I wanted to give the original source for that poll as well, but when I clicked on the source link, I wasn't able to access the original article.

However, In the mean time I found something else that was also pretty disturbing and just as important. Its a video I emailed Pastorius, which he decided to post at the IBA. It talks about how British Muslims. Most of which reject Britisth values to the point that seventy eight percent of them want the goverment to put restrictions on criticizing Islam and the conflict its causing in British society. Despite having lived in a democratic secular, liberal democracy, most Muslims in Brition reject one of the most fundamental values of a truly free society. We are in serious trouble right now.

Game Over III: 78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion

Citizen Warrior 1:26 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

"People can, after all, ask whether or not a majority of Muslims actually believe what's in the Koran."

I would say no. However, when dealing with over a billion people, a small percentage is a significant number. Considering that there are 1.2 billion muslims, ten percent of that is 120 million. One percent is 12 million.

A point to compare that to is that Hitler had a standing army of 8 million at it's highest point. This can be countered with "well, it is less than one percent". Other than that i don't believe that, nor do any people like Daniel Pipes who should have a good idea, the fact is it only took 19 koran believer to take down the world trade center.

Damien 3:55 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Your friend made valid point. Also among other things, I think what most people would ask now that I think about, is whether or not a significant number of Muslims believe they should do what the Koran says, not necessarily the weather or not a majority believes they should do what the Koran tells them. But that question can also be answered by that poll. However, I think that whether or not the major believes things like adulterers should be stoned to death or apostates should be killed also matters. If the moderates (more accurately refereed to as liberal Muslims, given what we actually want them to be) are the minority, rather than the majority as we have good reason to think, than it will effect what strategies we should use to defeat this enemy in the long run. Changing Islamic dictatorships to western style democracies will be much harder to accomplish if the liberals are the minority.

Anonymous 7:31 PM  

I have just read Hannah Shah's,” Daughter of the Imam.” According to what she reports many muslims are taught to recite memorized passages of the Koran in the original language...which they do not speak. They think that they know what is written in the Koran, but they truly only know what is told to them by the imams. And unfortunately, the imams are quoting the hadith or oral tradition (insert here the telephone game) rather than the Koran.

dizzy999 5:40 AM  

Citizen, I am borrowing the comment that was sent to you.
A point to compare that to is that Hitler had a standing army of 8 million ---- this is a great analogy.

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