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Someone commented on What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam, and I thought it was a point worth publishing. The author, who goes by the handle, "wri7913," wrote:

If you are unable debate, this should not stop you from being involved. There are many ways to be involved. Every person has a talent of some type they can use.

As an example, I am a photographer so I can create images to get my points across. Others excel at graphic imaging, while many others have different talents. Use those talents to help the cause in whatever way you can. Even if your only skill is cooking good food, bring it to your next ACT for America! meeting.

That's right. Everyone needs to eat. That is such an important point. Everyone has something to share. You don't have to do what others are doing. Just take what you do best or feel most strongly needs to be done, and dive right in. It all needs to be done.


wri7913 10:27 PM  

A great example of what I'm talking about is a guy named Bosch Fawstin He's using his talent for comic illustration to make get his point across. Often times the comic or cartoon use humor to help make the point. This does two things, ridicules Islamic doctrine and makes people aware of things about Islam.

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