Honor Killing Awareness Campaign


THE GROUP, Stop Islamization of America, has come up with an ingenious campaign. They are putting ads on Chicago taxis — ads to help young Muslim girls in fear of being murdered in an "honor killing." Clearly printed at the bottom of the ad is the web address: LeaveIslamSafely.com.

This is brilliant. It is a public service ad, doing something anybody would have a hard time publicly arguing against — helping young girls in fear of their lives. And at the same time, the ad cleverly associates this problem — a problem most people are unaware of — with Islam. The faces on the ads are real Muslim women who have been victims of honor-related brutality.

It's brilliant and it's also kind. It will probably save the lives of young heterodox Muslim girls.

The project is the brainchild of Pamela Geller of AtlasShrugs.com and Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.org.

And the timing of this campaign is fortuitous. An attempted honor killing of a famous person is in the news. As Geller says, "Last week, a beautiful young Muslim actress, Harry Potter star Afshan Azad, was badly beaten, but thankfully escaped death when her father and brother attempted to honor murder her. She was dating a non-Muslim."

"It is important to note that 'both [Azad’s] parents were born and educated in the U.K.' They were
not unassimilated immigrants, which the media and the apologists always associate with honor killings in the West." Police say 17,000 women are victims every year in the UK alone.

If you like the taxi ad idea and want to help, click on the button below and donate some money to the project. The more funds they have, the more ads they will buy:

Read all about this exemplary campaign: Freedom Taxis Hit the Streets of Chicago.


Citizen Warrior 12:00 AM  

From the same article:

If everyone understood that a Muslim girl is at special risk, especially if she is “wild” (even if she is just trying to fit in), if the media used the word “Muslim” where appropriate, perhaps services tailored to Muslim immigrants from war-torn regions might now exist.

Unknown 10:30 PM  

Thank you for this amazing idea. Im Hispanic and one of my griends started dating a Muslim man who beat her and abused her in everyway possible. We didnt know where to go for help. She had to hide in my home out of fear because she had returned to her Christian faith. He terrorized her because she remived the head scarff. Thank you protect us girls from these boogey men. Amen.

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