Muslims Are Not the Problem


I OFTEN HEAR from people who are focused on winning arguments with Muslims, or somehow convincing Muslims they're wrong, or trying to make them feel bad for being Muslims, or just hating people they think look Muslim. Their focus is all on Muslims.

But Muslims in name only (MINOs or JRMs) are not the problem, and Muslims who actually follow Mohammad's example are not the problem either.

The problem is us.

The problem is too many non-Muslims either don't have a clue about the third jihad, or have a clue but can't believe it, or they are non-Muslims who know what's going on but think there's nothing they can do to stop it (the demoralized).

With the know-how you have right now, you can turn all three of those around. (The fourth category I didn't mention are those few who know all about it, but don't really care. They are a small percentage and they cannot be reached.)

But the vast majority of people in the free world are in the three categories above and they can all be influenced. They can all be swayed. Learn more about how to reach each here: clueless, don't believe it, demoralized.

Anyway, that is our problem: The lack of understanding of the situation by non-Muslims. And that can be handled by us. It's our problem. We need not — and should not — expect Muslims to do anything.

The Islamic supremacists can be stopped by us if enough of us know what's going on. Trying to make them wrong or get them to change or ridiculing them or doing anything about them (or to them) is the wrong thing to focus on.

There are hundreds of millions of non-Muslims in the free world who need to be enlightened. Once enough of us are enlightened, we'll be able to wield enough influence to get more articles and programs critical of Islam published in mainstream sources. That will bring even more people into the inner circle. At that point, we'll have enough people to vote in politicians who know what's going on and are willing to do something about it (knowing they'll have the support of enough of the population).

We will continue to gain influence and new recruits as this understanding spreads. The majority of Muslims may or may not see the writing on the wall and may or may not do something about it, but it doesn't matter. If we take care of what we need to take care of, we don't need to care what they do, and that's the right attitude to have.

We do not need to make them see the error of their ways — it's a waste of our time. We have one task that needs to be done: The education of our fellow non-Muslims. You, personally, have only one primary task: The education of the people within your sphere of influence. And once they understand, it's time to get them out there influencing the people within their sphere of influence. Let's get crackin!


Angel 9:41 AM  

ummm this doesnt make any sense at all, if you are educated. "Muslims who actually follow Mohammad's example are not the problem either."
I do not think you sound educated at all.....Mohammad took a 6 year old as a bride, and she was his daughter in thats not even a moral stance period...its child rape and child sex slavery, that goes on in many Muslim nations.
No not all the Muslim citizens in those nations are the problem, but they are not the ones following Mohammads example of killing any one who doesnt convert!!! Its the citizens who refuse to bow down to government, and get imprisoned in Iran for trying to stand up for whats right!!!!
these are Muslims standing up for human rights, and the are persecuted and killed: these are the people who we need to help!!!! WAKE UP and educate yourself before you make such dangerous statements!!!!! do you even know who Mohammad was????

Citizen Warrior 12:34 PM  

Angel, the suffering of people in Muslim countries is indeed a tragedy. And people who are working to stop that suffering are doing good work.

But most ordinary citizens in the free world have a task that is more urgent: The education of their fellow non-Muslims.

Large-scale solutions cannot come about until a sizable proportion of our populations are educated about Islam.

So for the moment, as a strategic matter, working to save suffering Muslims in Muslim countries is, I believe, less important than educating our own. An educated non-Muslim population can get much more done in less time to end the suffering of many more people.

Unknown 2:48 PM  

Angle, I doubt you will find many people who know more about Islam, Muslims and Mohammed than the folks at Citizen Warrior. They are doing an excellent job at producing material to educate non Muslims to the threat facing our country from Political Islam. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take a deep breath and think through your thoughts and analyze what is being said before letting your emotions get in the way of what you have to say.

Abdul Muqsit 7:14 AM  

After reading just the first few lines of your article, it is clear on the level of your bias with regards to the "jizyah". Calling it "PARASITICAL" takes you down a notch when compared to the value of the tax collected. Obviously the administration and upholding of justice of a disbelieving community is not without price, when one hears of the actual value of the ANNUAL jizyah tax, it is miniscule compared to the actual cost of applying such administration. In fact, democracy has an extortionate taxation system than the Islamic Khilaafa taxation. Do your research.

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