Fitna, the Movie


Watch Geert Wilders' controversial fifteen-minute film, Fitna:

In Robert Spencer's excellent book, Stealth Jihad, he makes the following points about Fitna:

1. "Fitna" means upheaval or discord in Arabic.

2. The film visually links Islamic teachings with violence.

3. Many Muslims around the world objected to this film by protesting and demanding the violent death of Wilders because that's what their Islamic teachings tells them to do.

4. The film is mostly scenes of Muslims committing violence interspersed with quotes from the Qur'an giving clear commands to commit just such violence, and clips of modern-day Jihadis justifying their acts of violence with references to the Qur'an's clear commands.

5. Oddly enough, by doing this film, Geert Wilders is labeled a hate-monger. Yet the ones doing the hating on the film are the Muslims themselves. No wonder this film bothers them so much. As Spencer wrote, "It was not Wilders, but the many Muslims he shows in his film, who link Islam with violence. And that link has already been made innumerable times around the world — by Islamic jihad warriors, not by non-Muslim 'Islamophobes.'"


Anonymous 2:16 PM  

I followed the election and was more than pleased to finally hear about his success and listen to his premiere debate. We need more politicians like him here in Europe! Very motivating, well done!

David 9:04 AM  

interesting. just saw the movie for the second time and with the context of this website in mind, it seems much more reasonable. when I say Fitna for the first time I thought it was all taken out of context, Islam was generally peaceful and not a threat and Wilders a weirdo. Now I'm much more concerned. The next thing I need is some solid numbers to strengthen my new opinions scientifically.

Akshar 3:40 AM

such links confuse and people dont come to

your site is still not seen in India.

I have forwarded your link to my every friend. Imay be called a hate monger surely as people will mostly not care to see reality. But even few see the reality from your site, I would be happy.

Warrior54 6:17 PM  

I recently bought and watched a dvd that Citizen Warrior had suggested. The dvd Farewell Israel bush etc. The dvd was around $14.00 dollars from amazon .com. The mentioned dvd explained islams roots ideology, and how it has progressed throughout time. The dvd is very lengthy 145 minutes but highly informative such as meanings of words and systems. I would highly recommend this as an educational tool. Thanks to Citizen Warrior! Peace. Copout

Citizen Warrior 7:10 PM  

I liked this comment in the Wall Street Journal:

"Many commentators and politicians — including the British government, which denied him entry to the country last month — reflexively accused Mr. Wilders of inciting hatred. The question, however, is whether the blame is with Mr. Wilders, who simply exposed Islamic radicalism, or with those who promote and engage in this religious extremism. In other words, shall we fault Mr. Wilders for showing photos of the hanging of homosexuals, or shall we fault those who actually promote and practice this crime?

"There is a certain schizophrenia among many Muslims who seem to believe that it is acceptable to teach hatred and violence in the name of their religion, while at the same time expecting the world to respect Islam as 'a religion of peace, love and harmony.'"

Citizen Warrior 7:12 PM  

From that same article:

"When the British government banned Geert Wilders from entering the country to present his film in the House of Lords, it made two egregious errors. The first was to suppress free speech, a canon of the civilized Western world. The second mistake was to blame the messenger — punishing, so to speak, the witness who exposed the crime instead of punishing the criminal. Mr. Wilders did not produce the content of the violent Islamic message he showed in his film — the Islamic world did that. Until the Islamic clerical establishment takes concrete steps to reject violence in the name of their religion, Mr. Wilders criticism is not only permissible as "controversial" free speech but justified.

"So, Islamic scholars and clerics, it is up to you to produce a Shariah book that will be accepted in the Islamic world and that teaches that Jews are not pigs and monkeys, and that declaring war to spread Islam is unacceptable, and killing apostates is a crime. Such a book would prove that Islam is a religion of peace."

Komik Videolar 6:32 AM  

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