To Criticize Islam is a Great Evil


The following are verses from the Quran. To read the whole thing, see our recommended versions and save yourself hours of frustration: Read the Koran.

65:8 How many cities have turned away from the command of their Lord and His messengers! Therefore, We judged them severely and punished them with a harsh punishment. They tasted the evil consequences of their own behavior, and the consequences of their behavior were ruinous.

65:10 Allah has prepared a severe punishment for them. Those who are wise fear Allah for He has sent down a reminder: a Messenger who gives you clear signs from Allah so that he may bring those who believe and do good works out of the darkness and into the light. Those who believe in Allah and do good works, Allah will lead into the Gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will live forever. Allah has given them rich provisions.

33:57 Truly, those who speak evil of Allah and His Messenger will have Allah’s curse upon them in this world and the world to come. He has prepared a torturous punishment for them. And those who speak evil of believing men and women, when they have done nothing to deserve it, will carry the guilt and a clear sin.

58:5 Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger will be laid low, just as those who came before them. And now that We have sent down clear signs, the unbelievers will receive a humiliating punishment. On the day Allah raises all of them to life, He will tell them of what they did. Allah has recorded it even though they do not remember it, and Allah witnesses all things.

22:3 Among the people there are those who [Abu Jahl], in ignorance, argue about Allah and follow every rebellious devil. It is decreed that whoever takes him as a friend will be led astray, and they will be led to the torment of the Fire.

22:7 And undoubtedly the hour will come when Allah will raise all of those who are in the grave to life. And among the people there are some who argue about Allah without knowledge, guidance, or the illuminating scriptures. They turn away in contempt and lead others away from Allah’s path. They will be disgraced in this world, and on the resurrection day they will be made to taste the torment of the Fire. And We will say to them, “This is what your misdeeds have earned you, for Allah is not unfair to His servants.”

22:11 And there are some who say they serve Allah, yet they stand on the periphery of faith. If they are blessed with good fortune, they are satisfied with it, but when trials come upon them, they turn away in infidelity giving up this world and the world to come. That is a clear loss. They call upon gods that can neither harm them nor help them. This is a grievous sin. They call upon him who would rather harm them than help them. Truly evil is both the master and the friend.

22:14 But Allah will lead those who believe and do good works into Gardens watered by flowing rivers. Allah completes all that He plans.

22:15 If anyone thinks that Allah will not make His Messenger victorious in this world and the world to come, let them tie a rope to the ceiling of his house and hang himself with it. Then let him see if that course of action remedies his anger. We have sent down the Koran containing clear signs. Allah guides whom He pleases.

22:19 These two, the believers and the unbelievers, argue with each other about their Lord, but for the unbelievers, clothing of Fire has been made for them. Boiling water will be poured on their heads. It will scald their insides and their skin as well. They will be beaten with iron rods. Every time they, in their torment, attempt to escape from the Fire, they will be dragged back into it, and they will be told, “Taste the torture of the burning.”

22:23 But Allah will lead those who believe and do good works into the Gardens, beneath which are flowing rivers. They will be adorned with gold bracelets and pearls and clothed in silk garments. They were guided by the righteous words. They were guided to the glorious path.

22:25 But the unbelievers who lead others away from Allah’s path and keep them from entering the Holy Mosque [the Kabah], which We have given to all mankind—both natives and visitors, and those who sinfully seek to profane it — We will make them taste a painful punishment.


U.Space 11:45 AM  

Great post of some choice quotes from the Religion of Peace.

Welcome to Twitter and congratulations! It's a great tool for disseminating information, and for finding good info. It's been described as both a 'News Funnel', and, if one wants it to be, a 'Cocktail Party'. You'll get the hang out of it.

I suggest you start by following all the Counter-Jihadists you know, there are many of us.

I'll be happy to help you on Twitter in any way, as will most Tweeters.

Have fun, and thanks for keeping up the good fight.

Anonymous 3:55 AM  

"22:15 If anyone thinks that Allah will not make His Messenger victorious in this world and the world to come, let them tie a rope to the ceiling of his house and hang himself with it. Then let him see if that course of action remedies his anger. We have sent down the Koran containing clear signs. Allah guides whom He pleases."

What a horrible religion

Satya 10:07 AM  

Definition of Evil:

1 - Quran
2 - Allah

Muslim who call themselves moderate should accept this. Either there is God or no God. But if there is God then there is no Allah. Allah infact does not exist. Its just theory proposed by Mohammad. All moderate muslims who media acknowledge are 98% (i feel they are hardly 20%) should acknowledge above and just stop believing in religion or explore other religion but why waste even one mininute in this sick religion of allah.

i guess my comment will not be published this time. But people can be so fools. I can't imagine I have decided not to do any business if my muslim friends don't accept as above. I may face threats but its ok.

Anonymous 12:25 AM  

These words from the Koran prove that Islam is indeed evil. It uses threats to instill fear in its followers, who have been brainwashed as children.
Education is the only hope- real learning, devoid of fear and punishment.

How ridiculous that the Koran, the perfect word of Allah states that salt water and fresh water cannot mix in the oceans, that there is an inviolable barrier between them! What utter, stupid RUBBISH!
Therefore, if ONE WORD of the "perfect" Koran is wrong, it is ALL WRONG.

You believers, answer this statement with reason and logic; I am NOT INTERESTED in threats and Koranic verses!!!!

Anonymous 11:55 PM  

you forgot to mention because it has the power of satan pushing it. just as revelation says. a false religion will rise up and dominate the world. can't be any clearer.

Citizen Warrior 12:34 PM  

We didn't forget to mention it. We are not religious.

Anonymous 9:16 PM  

One hugely critcal fact is overlooked: The Koran is from Allah's mouth to your ear.

Alone among all the major religious texts, the Koran alone claims it is the direct, recited word of Allah. Whatever you read in the Koran it's as if Allah recited it into your ear. What was written 1400 years ago is binding upon all Muslims now, in 2013. You must obey, you have no choice, convenient or not, legal or not, distasteful or not, you must obey Allah talking directly to you.

Take no prisoners "...until you have made a great slaughter in the land". No go out and start killing, O slave of Allah.

Anonymous 2:11 PM  

Oh what a religion! And 1.5 billion are enslaved in this obnoxious and can never get out of it, let alone even question it! This is hell on earth. Allah is definitely neither the creator of life nor the sustainer of the world, he cam to steal, kill and destroy.

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