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LAST WEEK, someone wrote to me saying the links on Islam 101 don't work. I wrote him back and told him to try right-clicking on a link and opening it in a new window. When he wrote back saying that worked, I asked him what got him interested in this subject. I thought his response was inspiring. He wrote:

"I am now a US citizen, but I am originally a Hindu from India. Islam has slaughtered over 80 million Hindus in India. I do not want that to happen to my new home — the United States.

"I greatly admire your site. I have taken up many of your suggestions. I bought multiple copies of several books and DVDs that expose the true nature of Islam and began circulating those among friends. I have now met another individual here in my home town (a regular American, born and brought up in the United States) who shares my concern.

"We are building a library of books and DVDs to educate people about the threat of Islam. Every Saturday, we screen a movie for people and we have a discussion following the movie. This is in its initial stages, and we hope to expand it.

"We may soon have a local chapter of Act for America in our town.

"Thank you for all your efforts — your web site is an incomparable resource for all who are worried about Islam's designs on America and the world. I wish you every success."


Anonymous 12:20 AM  

I think this may be the best article I've read in my almost 48 years.

Citizen Warrior 12:54 PM  

I just read that article last night, and you're right, it is really good.

Americans have paid out three trillion dollars because our policy makers and media are ignorant of the basic teachings of Islam. The source of all that wasted money is the want of a little education.

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