Geert Wilders Update July 1st - 2010


GEERT WILDERS' Freedom Party, on a platform to ban the Koran and mosque-building, defied election polling data and boosted him from 9 to 23 seats in the June, 2010 general elections in the Netherlands. "Mr. Wilders’s rise as leader of what is now the No. 3 party in the Netherlands is considered a bellwether of a surlier sentiment in a country traditionally tolerant but now anxious over Muslim minorities." (From a Christian Science Monitor article.)

Geert Wilders' party did very well June, took 31 seats, up from 22 in the last Parliament. “More safety, less crime, less immigration and less Islam is what the Netherlands has chosen,” Mr. Wilders told supporters as the results were being announced late Wednesday. “We would love to govern. I don’t think other parties can ignore us.” (From a New York Times article.)

Who is Geert Wilders? He is the creator of the film, Fitna, and is on trial in the Netherlands for inciting hatred against Islam. He is a member of the Dutch Parliment and has called for, among other things, a ban on Muslim immigration into the Netherlands.

The criminal proceedings against Geert Wilders will continue in October of this year. The dates of absence of the people involved in the proceedings prevent the case coming up for trial sooner. The last expert-witnesses was heard on the 28th of June.

Watch Wilders give a speech in California:

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Anonymous 2:56 PM  

i guess you knew this but Fitna is on Wiki-leaks because "it receives censorship on popular video portals in various countries and has been removed from others due to death threats. Wikileaks has also received such threats, but we do not find them credible."

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