The Latest Update on the Geert Wilders Trial


A DEFENDER of the free (and a frequent commenter on just alerted me to a web site devoted to staying up to date on the Geert Wilders trial. Excellent. Check it out:

Thank you, Damien! The latest update says: "The criminal proceedings against Geert Wilders will continue in October of this year. The dates of absence of the people involved in the proceedings prevent the case coming up for trial sooner. The last expert-witnesses will be heard on the 28th of June."

I see no way to subscribe to the updates via email yet, but there is a way to get email updates on any blog using the RSS feed. Just go here:

And paste in the RSS feed address for Wilders on Trial, which is:

Any new updates on that web site will be sent to your email inbox. Spread the word.


Damien 11:31 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

You're Welcome

Also people could add the website to their list of bookmarks and check back periodically, if they would prefer.

You Who 1:46 PM  

Thank you sooo much, I'm sure watching.

Anonymous 4:34 PM  

Better yet, get the information from the Dutch themselves. Try which is in English.

Damien 10:26 AM  



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