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A few days ago I posted something someone sent me via email called Liberals Against Orthodox Islam. At the time, I wrote to the woman who sent it to me and said, "Excellent! Was it written by a liberal?"

I loved her answer and asked her if I could have permission to publish it, to which she has agreed. Her answer was, "Yes, I wrote the document. I'm a liberal and I live in Germany. I want all liberals to wake up and face reality. Conservatives can't win the fight against the totalitarian ideology called orthodox Islam on their own. When liberals realize the totalitarian nature, they will stop protecting devout Muslims. This must be the primary objective. Only truly moderate Muslims are our allies. We should reject blind multiculturalism and embrace multiculturalism based on tolerance and mutual respect."

Her web site is Indoctrination Watch. Please share it with all your friends and family who are, perhaps, on the "blindly multicultural" end of the spectrum.


Traeh 7:50 PM  

As always, Citizen Warrior is great.

Here's an article that made me feel significantly more confident about fighting this fight:

Muslims are not minority.

With some hard numbers, the article helps one realize who really are the underdogs in this struggle, and that strengthens one's belief in the justice of one's resistance to Islamic totalitarianism.

Anonymous 1:45 PM  

Ben comments like Islam and liberalism are birds of a feather are A historical,erroneous and just plane ignant about what liberal values actually are. Liberals do not believe in male supremacy,Islam clearly states in the Sura's that men are superior to women.Liberals do not believe in theocracies Islam does not recognize the right of any other form of government to exist.Liberals do not support imperialism islam is all about Islamic imperialism.ect,ect.

So the question is why are they supporting a belief system that is diametrically opposed to all of their core values ? Answers: 1 Plain ignance most of dees dotards have never picked up a Koran in dem whole rasclot life and they have certainly never studied the hadith.

Answer 2: Because they are secular they na ovastand dat many muslims live totally by their scripture so they suicidally take all scripture lightly. refer to answer one

Answer 3: To lupus liberals the issue is not Islam at all but racism and western imperialism.

this is even understandable when you have some conservatives making blatant racial slurs against all minority groups and the site managers are neither challenging these counterproductive statements or taking them down. The fatal mistake they have made is to equate all critiques of the ideology of Islam with racism. This is what their afflection is.

My question to you is would yuh like fi win ? If you want to win then you must stop playing red vs blue game and put your differences aside long enough to get this done like what the allies did in WW2 . Or you libtards and conservitards can continue to fight amongst yourselves like the romans and the parthians did resulting in the complete triumph of Islam. There are two ways to learn from history eediot or wise.

Your weapons are the teachings of secular humanism vs Islamic scripture itself. Do not tell them how wrong liberalism is but how defending Islam is not consistent with liberal beliefs and values.Educate them on why Islamic beliefs clearly opposed to those of secular humanism. The next time they shout racist educate them on the history of Islamic anti black racism and how it is backed up by Islamic scripture.
this is how to win

Anonymous 8:37 AM  

A moderate Moslem is a myth and a oxymoron. One cannot be a Moslem and not follow the teachings of Muhammed. Once one accepts Muhammed's way , who murdered, enslaved, raped pillaged and demands Shari obedience, there is no moderation.


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