Quotable Quote From a British Writer


“This is what makes people in this country wary of Islam in many of its forms, in one place or another: the centrality and inescapability of religion, the loss of freedom of thought and expression, the harshness of sharia (Islamic law), the patriarchal suppression of women, including their inequality under sharia, the medieval punishments for apostasy, adultery and even theft, the insistence on a cruel form of animal slaughter, the violence and anti-Semitism of many sacred texts, the disinclination to integrate with the host culture and finally one can argue the incompatibility of theocratic Islam with democracy. To find all those things alarming as possibilities is not to be Islamophobic or racist. It is to be reasonable from a western point of view.”


Unknown 8:15 AM  

Read, THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR' 2 amazon.com and people will see why you need to be wary of Islam.

HH 9:33 AM  

True face of Islam

Sabra 12:18 AM  

thank you for putting it so clearly and unemotionally - when put in such terms it surely cannot elicit even the smallest amount of hate mail in response.

Anonymous 10:50 PM  

She's from the UK....she'll probably be sued and persecuted for hate speech.,...just wait

Citizen Warrior 6:04 PM  

I don't know. I think the UK isn't as far gone as we've been led to believe. She is kind of a big deal there. Google her and you'll find her writing in relatively mainstream news sources.

Anonymous 6:35 AM  

Correct CW. She's a frequent contributor to The Times. Definitely a mainstream journalist. One of our best.

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