Stockholm Pro-Freedom Rally Distorted in Mainstream Media


An injured policeman is helped to an ambulance after being
hit in the face by missiles thrown by orthodox Muslims
and their supporters.
The following was written by Elsa Schieder (read more about her here):

There has been a first — a meeting, a rally, in Stockholm of many major anti-jihad groups. People like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were there, flew from the States to be there.

And then ...

Sometimes something just pushes my buttons — like the utter intentional misreporting of the Stockholm pro-freedom anti-jihad rally by the mainstream media.

The rally was smeared as "far right" (not once, but 4 times, in a short article). That the rally was counter-jihad was mentioned, but put in quotes ("counter-jihad") — as if that's not what we're really about, as if we only pretend to be anti-jihad.

Then of course there was the reference to "anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people," but of course no reference to the many more killed by Islamic fanatics, like the more than 3000 in the little incident in New York involving 2 airplanes and a couple of buildings. Of course, as well, there was no mention of the fact that Anders himself claims to have been inspired by ... Al-Qaeda.

On and on and on  —  a mass of lies and distortions. So the police, in the mainstream report, had to keep the "far right" group and another group apart. Why? Nothing is mentioned in the article. But it's obvious — the other side (positively designated as anti-racist, more than once) was violent. Several people in fact had to be arrested.

To find out why, I had to turn to very non-mainstream media (anti-jihad media, in fact) — Robert Spencer's JihadWatch and Pamela Geller's AtlasShrugs. It's also only there that I learned that a policeman may lose an eye — due to the screaming, raging "anti-racist" group, not the supposedly far right one.

For accurate information, turn to:
Aug 5 news
Aug 5 news

What do the distortions let us know? What powerful forces we're up against.

All the best to all of us who care to preserve Western freedoms,


PS. This makes it all the more important to hear about us as people, as in the teleseminar sseries I'm putting together.

PPS. For the mainstream version of the event, here are a couple of sources:


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