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I received the following email from a reader in India. I thought he had some good ideas. What do you think? Here's what he wrote:

I am a Hindu from India. I like your site. And I strongly support your valiant efforts. Since you are in business in fighting with Islam, I would share my opinions. Here in India, I use economic ways of countering Islam. I make sure that I never buy from Muslim-owned shop. First I check the name of the shop. Next I check the owner, and check some signs on his person which might tell that he is a Muslim. It's not very difficult to do these things as Muslims make sure that everybody around them sees that they are Muslim.

So I am practicing economic counterjihad. The good thing is that this is one of the sane and non-violent ways of opposing Islam. If I attack a Muslim personally, I will be in trouble. But by refusing to buy from Muslim-owned businesses, I take the economic oxygen out of Islam.

When I was checking your site, I did not find any such initiative discussed. For Westerners, this is one of the very effective ways of "applied counterjihad." For example, in London, UK, most of the "Indian" restaurants are in fact owned by Bangladeshi Muslims. So maybe someone can find out which ones are actually owned by Muslims by visiting these places for lunch/dinner and casually talking to the owner/waiter. And once this intelligence gathering is done, the list of these restaurants can be published on counterjihad websites and you can appeal to other Westerners to boycott such places.

Counterjihad involves many different strategies. You should include this economic strategy among the tools available to counterjihadists. This is also a peaceful way which can be practiced individually.

When I share my opinions on some Hindu forums, I get ridicule. But there are also some Hindus who got convinced and are practicing this.

I asked him if I could publish his email on Citizen Warrior, and he said yes but asked me not to use his real name. Then he wrote:

I have a desire to start a blog like yours from the Indian perspective. But I am a bit scared. There is lot of dhimmitude in India. Politicians and general population suck up to Muslims. So if some Muslim complains about my blog, there is a strong possibility of police tracking the user of the blog, thats me. This has happened in India before. So it would be great if you can publish my ideas on your blog. Your blog is great and you seem to have lot of knowledge on these issues unlike many Westerners. But I am just wondering how come you didn't think my idea before. Economic counterjihad is one of the simplest things one can practice.

I also have some other ideas, like counterjihad using animations about Mohammed. Making fun of Mohammed using animations. I have seen many Mohammed cartoons, but hardly any animations. These animations could be about Mohammed and general cultural atmosphere in his time. In islamic culture, some particular things are taboo. For example, pigs and dogs are considered dirty. So the creators of such animations should explore such haram topics in Islam. With many open source tools available these days, some counterjihadist artists can easily create such animations. When these animations go viral on the net, they will create a great psychological impact.

Criticizing Islam in rational manner is okay. That's important too. But counterjihadists need to use the good cop/bad cop routine with Muslims. Muslims don't play fair. They practice taqiyya. Counterjihadists need to reply in kind. We can  have both a rational critique of islam, and dirty tricks like these animations and the economic boycott I talked about.

We need to attack Islam from many different directions. You can explore these ideas further on your blog. Don't need to give any credit to me. Publish them as yours. Fighting Islam is more important.  

Also I liked your blog post on fighting stress. I used to feel too stressful thinking about Muslims. It was affecting me psychologically. Then I started doing lot of physical exercise. That helped me fight the stress. We need to be strong physically and mentally to fight Islam. Its a long battle.


Citizen Warrior 1:53 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

CW, my response: I have referred many people to Citizen Warrior just because it is well written, well informed, and because it lacks the sarcasm, hatred, vitriol, ridicule, and bigotry of many other websites that try to educate people about Islam. If Citizen Warrior started using taqiyya, then it would invalidate anything else being written, as being truthful about Islam is so important. I feel the person who wrote is untruthful him/her self and trying to turn this website into another hateful web site. It is not to CW's advantage. I know a number of people (restaurant owner, etc.) who are Muslims in name only, do not believe, do not attend a mosque, nor practice the hateful aspects of Islam. Boycotting a shop owner trying to earn a living to feed his family is not a part of who Americans are. Education, and more education is what CW stands for, not hate nor vindictiveness.

Citizen Warrior 1:54 PM  

Someone else emailed this comment:

Awesome! Thank you and thank the contributor.

Besides the head scarf on the female, how are the other ways you can tell a Muslim?

Citizen Warrior 1:58 PM  

Someone else emailed this comment:

Citizen, I agree with this approach and with this man. I have been boycotting "Indian" restaurants (in reality run for the most part by Muslim Pakistanis who give a proportion of their earnings as zakat to help terrorists to try to kill my family in Israel) for many years now, although I love genuinely Indian food. I also refuse to shop where the proprietors have Muslim-sounding names although I made a mistake once, and found out that the proprietor was a tub-thumping Christian who had left Islam and tried to convert me to Christianity! Obviously he had not abandoned the mindset.

I believe that this is a slow but sure way of undermining Islamic/Islamist influence in the West.

What is needed, however, is a master list of front companies in the West which are owned by Muslims, so that those who want to do so can boycott them. For example, I refuse to shop at Harrod's - although I cannot often afford to buy but the cheapest things there - because Muslims hold a majority interest in it.

Citizen Warrior 2:01 PM  

Someone else emailed this comment:

I practice this economic counterjihad already by not purchasing Halal labeled products. And because of material I have read and seen on the internet about Muslims adulterating food served to non-Muslims, I chose to avoid known Islamic run restaurants.

As far as identifying Muslim run businesses for the purpose of economic boycott, it is not a bad idea, but I would suggest merely listing them and letting each person visiting the blog or website make up his/her own mind about taking action rather than urging such action. Furthermore, I see a problem in monitoring the list to ensure that it is free from infection with the names of businesses that are not Muslim owned or operated. Another problem is that this approach does not acknowledge that there are freedom-loving, good citizen Muslims who own or operate businesses and they are injured along with those who are inclined to destroy Western civilization and install Sharia for everyone.

Just a couple of thoughts since you asked for feedback.

Citizen Warrior 2:03 PM  

Someone else emailed this comment:

Citizen warrior!
Thank you for bringing me the suggestion of that Hindu in India.I also suggest that discrediting the Koran and Muhammad and liberating the Muslim women and protecting the Apostates from Islam will be very effective to bring about the collapse of Islam.

Anonymous 3:09 PM  

A simple internet search, typing in the words "muslim business directory" yields several websites, just a few:,,, If you are thinking of hiring someone from a business you can check whether it is Muslim owned. Or if you are thinking of shopping at a store or dining at a restaurant and it isn't clear whether it's a Muslim business, if it is listed on one of these sites, that will answer your question. Also, keep up with news about foodstuffs that is certified halal. Butterball hired an imam to bless the slaughtering of turkeys a few years back for Thanksgiving, consumers were alterted and voted with their wallets. I read that Campbell soups are now being produced as halal, so I don't buy that brand. Bit by bit, I am pushing back against Islam.

Citizen Warrior 4:02 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I print out slips of paper briefly explaining what Halal meat is and drop them around the tables of
doner kebab shops in shopping centres.

I also point out to customers the Halal signs on the food in supermarkets.

I have been doing this for years and have never been critcized once, except by a Coles manager.

Citizen Warrior 4:06 PM  

Elsa emailed this comment:


Economic counter-jihad makes a lot of sense to me. I remember that, when the Danish cartoons were published, some Canadian Muslims loudly demanded that all Danish products be removed from stores. In other words, they demanded economic jihad. This was openly demanded, including with interviews with Muslims on the major news programs.

The demand to remove all Danish products was, in fact, an outrageous demand: it was asking that all Danish people be punished for the actions of a very few Danish people. Imagine asking all Muslims to be punished for 9/11 - totally unjust. And if anyone had asked for that, the protests would have been huge, and not only from Muslims. But with the Muslim demands, I heard no outrage, just the occasional very reasonable comment that this was not fair.

The demand was further unjust - it was part of the demand for censorship according to Muslim standards, and for punishment for not following Muslim censorship standards.

The open demand for economic jihad by some Muslims continues in Canada - calls to not buy Israeli goods, etc.

Note: this is not even just individual economic jihad. It is open public pressure.

Counter pressure has happened, I'm glad to say: encouragement (like by Act for Canada) to shop at this or that store which imports Israeli goods, and which has been targeted by Muslim calls for boycotting.

With economic counter-jihad, it's important, thought, that people don't make generalizations about all Muslims - something way too easy to do. So the issue becomes complicated.

And it becomes especially complicated as tanking up means, in good measure, funding Muslim countries.

Citizen Warrior 4:50 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Here's some information for your boycott list, Many QFC food stores have been quietly laying off all their butchers citing budget cuts, but then replacing them with Muslim butchers (halal meat, not even touched by non-Muslims). Pamela Geller broke the story about all Butterball turkeys being halal (even though most of their business and their largest packing plant is in the U.S.).

Citizen Warrior 5:34 PM  

The most important thing we can do to cut off money to jihad is pass the Open Fuel Standard bill:

Read more about it here.

It is a way to massively cut the funding to the biggest source of orthodox Islam in the world: Oil-rich Saudi Wahhabis who are pouring their wealth into building mosques and madrassas all over the world, and making sure those institutions only teach orthodox Islam.

Citizen Warrior 8:55 PM  

Someone else emailed this:

Here is the list that Muslims use:

Citizen Warrior 8:59 PM  

Someone emailed this comment too:

I read the interesting comment by yr reader from india and want to inform him tht there is a movement going on to produce cartoons to lampoon, or just to show the plain truth about islam, and when muslim youths read it and confirm the hadiths with their imam, they become embarrased /and even horrified and they leave islam.

Here are some links:

THE COMICS ARE also translated into several foreign languages and can be used as a tool in international cyber-counter jihad)



The Islam Comic Book

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Islam Comic Book - YouTube

Citizen Warrior 12:26 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I did this at a gas station right across the street from Tacoma Community College. I was on fumes but I asked, "is this a Muslim owned gas station?" He said, "Yes, why?" And I replied, "I don't do business with Muslims!" and turned around and walked off. If ever I am in doubt, I won't do biz with them. Why should I let my money go to their zakat which goes to fund jihad?

Unknown 3:39 AM  

It needs a separate page where people can post the names and addresses of Muslim businesses. Like a pedophile Yellow pages. Something that comes up when people google the shop, business etc. Can this be done?

Citizen Warrior 1:17 PM  

Yes, it can be done. I'm not personally technically savvy enough to do it, but maybe someone else would be willing to start something like that.

Anonymous 9:54 PM  

The affordable health care act exempts Muslims from participating because it is against their "religion" to have health insurance. If this is correct, Then every Muslim doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider that receives payment for their services through The health insurance industry is a hypocrite. If they are to be exempt from having to pay for insurance then they should not be allowed to participate in receiving money from insurance. The whole idea is completely asinine and unfair. It's just another example of how off balance our government has become in giving this group of people not equal rights but special rights. I agree with the idea of boycotting Muslim business to the point that we should not go to Muslim doctors . I am all for someone making an honest living but when a portion of their money that goes to their mosques is used to support Jihad,WE NEED TO WAKE UP! We must quit sending American wealth to support terrorism! Keep our money here. "Bring home the Bacon!" PUN INTENDED

Lee H. 6:00 AM  

The one thing that needs boycotting is Saudi oil. They fund petrol-islam/wahabism/islamofascist terrorism across the world. They created bin laden and sponsor isis. Ride a bike, walk, carpool, and only buy American oil and products made from American oil. That is the only way to make a difference. Forget about this nonsense boycotting shops and restaurants.

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