Write Letters in Support of Geert Wilders


SEVERAL PEOPLE wrote to us saying they want to put pressure on the people involved in Geert Wilders' trial (read the latest on the trial here), but the links are difficult to decipher on the SITA page. And that is true.

The problem is, in Europe you can't publish an address of a public person. So SITA has to provide links that contain the address, and since most of those web sites are in Dutch, it is a little confusing.

Luckily, Citizen Warrior is based in the United States, and we can publish what we damn well please.

So below you will find the names and addresses you need.

If you would like the people involved in prosecuting Geert Wilders to feel the international pressure and to know that we are all watching and judging what they decide about Geert's case,
the most important people to write to are the three judges on the court of appeal.

The judges' names are Mr. Tom Schalken, Mr. J.P Splint, and Mr F.A. Hartsuiker. Write to all three of them at this address:

Postbus 1312
1000 BH Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Write to each one separately. Write to Schalken, for example, by addressing your envelope like this:

Mr. Tom Schalken
Postbus 1312
1000 BH Amsterdam
the Netherlands

The judges' office has an email address: info@gerechtshof-amsterdam.nl. Email may not be as effective as snail mail, but email is definitely better than nothing.

Here's some interesting information about the judges

The second most important person to write to is:

Gerard Spong
P.O. box 15812
1001 NH Amsterdam
the Netherlands

He is the lawyer who initiated the legal action. He has an email address also: spong@spongadvocaten.com.

Thank you for taking action. And please urge everyone you know to send some letters too.


Satya 9:51 PM  

One of strong thinks in practitioners of islam is that they are united amidst themselves against nonmuslims..

But here the support for Geert is like a feeling from heart. A brotherhood is felt. US citizen or from anywhere who know the true issue of the quran (the danger book for humanity)..are increasingly getting united. It will take time but the support post by citizen warrior here for Geert is a healthy sign.

islamic many love death more than we love life. but then to live and die is more harder. i.e; we have to be ready to live and fight for this attack which islamic quran has staged on world and we will have to fight again and again as the roots of them are very deep.

united we stand, divided we fall.

Read the quran and be united! united for humanity and freedom of speech.

Susan 11:08 AM  

Satya! I agree. I face so many people who have been made to think that Geert is against freedom, that is how the enemy deceives! It is up to us to educate everyone we know. What happens to Wilders happens to us all.

Freedom Akbar!

Anonymous 8:53 AM  

Hi, We are trying to send those emails and they keep coming back?
Any idea why?

Citizen Warrior 12:52 PM  

I don't know why the emails don't work. I'll check with the SITA people and get back to you.

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