The Value and Limits of Tolerance


IN AN ARTICLE on entitled, We Need Less Tolerance, Not More, she makes some good points about tolerance:
YESTERDAY the president of the United States spoke to us saying the answer was: We need to be even more tolerant. Though he did not mention the mosque at Ground Zero (or the 30,000 who showed up to protest it) we all knew what he was talking about. More tolerance? Really. Seems to me it's time to start being far less tolerant.
We in the free world keep tolerating the Nation of Islam even though Sharia law subjugates and enslaves all their women. Sharia law says it's okay to stone them to death or kill them to protect the male's honor. How about we in the free world start standing up to this and saying it's not okay to treat women like this, even if it is your religious law? A woman's rights trump religious law.
The rights of little girls trump Sharia law. Why should free people tolerate a barbaric religion that still practices brutal rituals of virginity worship that cut out a little girl's source of pleasure, her clitoris, and sew her lips shut to insure her purity to some future man? What kind of people have we become that we tolerate that form of genital mutilation, one every eleven seconds, saying it's okay because their religious beliefs say it's right? It's not right! It's horrible. It's brutal. It's dangerous. And it robs women of their right to pleasure and wholeness. Who says that must be tolerated any longer? Tolerance of evil is a crime against every little girl who has had her genitals cut out.
We give the countries of Islam equal vote and equal rights in the United Nations while they don't give the women in their countries equal voice or equal freedoms or equal rights? We say their form of government is just as valid as ours when it clearly is not. We continue to tolerate what is arguably the most intolerant form of religion on this planet, a "religion of peace" that has murdered over 270,000,000 human beings who refused to convert or submit, so they were simply killed in the name of Allah. That's more death than all other forms of religion or governments in the history of man! They make Hitler look tame. And we're supposed to continue to be tolerant of their religious law when their Sharia law condones the death of those who don't believe in Islam? This kind of tolerance is political suicide.
I think we should stop tolerating the beheading of little Christian girls. No religion has the right to kill little girls of another religion. Why are we in the free world tolerating that?!

Why are we tolerating Sharia law when Sharia law says it's okay to kill someone who doesn't want to be a Muslim any more? Freedom of religion means you have the freedom and the right to leave if you want. Why do we tolerate a religion that enslaves its members under penalty of death?
Why do we keep tolerating the Nation of Islam pushing their anti-blasphemy laws through the United Nations making it a death sentence to criticize anything whatsoever about any religion, specifically Islam? Several Islamic countries have already installed anti-blasphemy laws. That means no one there can say a word against Mohammad, the Quran, Muslims, or Sharia law or they will be killed.
I believe in free speech (can you tell? ;]) and I think it's high time for the free world to be way less tolerant of a religion/government as it attacks our freedom of speech. I have the right in this country to say I think it's wrong to kill little girls for any reason! Sharia law would take that right away from me. Why should I tolerate a form of government, Sharia law, as it infiltrates us seeking to destroy our democracy? I say we should be extremely intolerant of the creeping Sharia influence.
Why should free people tolerate Sharia law when Sharia law and Islam won't even tolerate a cartoon? One hundred and eighty people were murdered because Islam could not, would not, tolerate a silly drawing of their prophet. Why do we continue to tolerate their violent intolerance of our freedoms?
This is a clash — not of civilizations, because stoning women to death is clearly not in any way a civilized thing to do — but a clash between our freedoms and Sharia law. This is a clash between free countries where women have equality and countries where male dominance has enslaved their women.
The free world needs to become completely intolerant of any religious intolerance.


Anonymous 1:36 PM  

Thank you for this incredible and passionate piece. You hit the nail squarely on the head. Keep up the good work. I hope you have many readers.
Maria Louisa

Damien 9:56 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

There's an old saying but I can't remember who said it, but I think it was one of America's founding fathers, or someone who inspired them. Anyway, you've probably heard it before, but it still bears repeating. "Your Freedom to swing your fist ends where my face begins." In other words, you no longer have the right to do something as soon as it violates another person's rights. Therefor in principal we can deny Muslims or any other religious group the right to practice any part of their religion on our soil, that violates the rights of another person. Freedom of religion is not absolute. If some murderous cult was to go around killing innocent people, and then when its members were arrested for the murders, they claimed that they needed to sacrifice the virgins to appease the sky god, because their religion told them to do so, so they had the right, would any judge or jury worth their salt buy that argument? No, they would not, they would convict the cultists. They would not regard the sacrificing of innocent virgins to appease the sky god as a right, and neither would America's founders, or any of the classical liberal philosophers who inspired them. Freedom of religion is not an absolute. Your right to practice your religion always ends when doing so violates the rights of other people.

Anonymous 6:24 AM  

I'd like to post a link to this on facebook, but it copies the whole post in the link for some reason. It's be nice if you could fix that up since I really want to share this excellent piece.

Citizen Warrior 12:23 PM  

Usually you can click "Share" and Facebook will only take the first paragraph or so and publish that, regardless of how much text is showing before you click "Share."

Another alternative is to click right on that text on Facebook and type in or paste in what you want it to say.

Here is some more information about how to make a good post on Facebook:

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