Let's Help Each Other Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam


People write to us all the time wanting help with the challenge of talking to people about Islam. They are having difficulties dealing with their frustrations (for example, when people deliberately refuse to accept facts), or they want advice about how to deal with a particular circumstance or how to answer a specific objection. And sometimes they just seek a little empathy and support because they feel like they are alone in the world, the only one in their life who seems to understand what's going on.

So we have created a site where we could all help each other talk about Islam — a place to share your frustrations, to share your successes, to learn from other people what works and what doesn't, to share resources, and to contribute your hard-won wisdom about talking to people ab out this challenging topic.

When you have a particularly frustrating conversation, or when you've had a particularly successful conversation about Islam, go to this site and express yourself. Or just read what others have written, and gain strength and courage and insight for the conversations you still have ahead of you.

We encourage you to bookmark the page, and we also put a link to it in the Citizen Warrior sidebar.

We will "moderate" these comments so the conversations stay productive and won't be interrupted by Muslims. Let's build ourselves an awesome resource.

I got the idea for this after seeing a "comment page" created just for comments on an article about sociopaths. People have made comments, asked for advice, answered each others' questions, supported each other, and produced an illuminating collection of information about, in this case, the challenges of dealing with a sociopath.

Let's create something similar for the challenges we face when we tell our fellow non-Muslims the disturbing truth about Islam.

So please share your frustrations and your advice on this vital subject. Go here and let's get the conversation started:

Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims


Anonymous 3:23 PM  

Spoke to a lady I took to church on Sunday she was convinced IS had nothing to do with Islam(yawns)right?,she had no idea about the nature of Islam, it's history, the fact their prophet raped a 9old girl who was playing with her dolls when he wasn't sleeping with her.She had never heard of takkiya,Kitman,the beheadings carried out by Muhammad or the sex slaves, the dubious very conveniently arriving revelations,the child murder the torture, the burning, the chopping and blinding but now she does.

Citizen Warrior 3:25 PM  

You had some shocking news for her, didn't you?

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