What Are You Worried About?


SOMEONE ASKED me this question the other day, and an answer didn't come to mind immediately. So many things went through my head at one time, nothing actually came out of my mouth. So I decided this ought to be something we articulate. I will write out my answers here, and I hope you will add to this list in the comments below. I'm committed to the counterjihad movement. Why? What is my motivation? What am I worried about? What do I think others ought to be worried about? Here are my top seven concerns: 1. Actual terrorism. On 9/11, I first became worried. But really I should have begun to worry long before this. Maybe in 1972 when Palestinian terrorists killed the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, or when Salman Rushdie was given the death penalty by the Ayatollah Khomeini, or maybe in 1993 when the World Trade Center was first bombed, or when the USS Cole was bombed in 2000. I believe 9/11 could have been prevented if enough non-Muslims had known something about Islam. This kind of knowledge would lead to new kinds of precautions, which would save lives. And I believe horrific, unjust deaths can be prevented in the future if more non-Muslims learn about Islam. How? How can understanding Islam prevent deaths? The Fort Hood shootings are a good example. Even in the military, so few people understand even the basics about Islam, and so many people were bending over backwards to give this Muslim the benefit of the doubt, they completely overlooked indications of his potential violence staring them in the face. The result: The lives of 13 innocent people were tragically and brutally cut short. Those people would still be alive today if more non-Muslims knew more about Islam. They would have seen the signs, and would have been willing to speak up. Even the few who understand Islam don't want to speak up because they will be ostracized, ridiculed, silenced, demoted, and even fired because nobody else knows about Islam, but think they know Islam is a peaceful religion that has been hijacked by a few crazy extremists. This ignorance is so commonplace, it dominates the scene and silences or marginalized those who know better. 2. I'm worried about the Islamic indoctrination of young people in this country, and because of this indoctrination, I'm worried they will hand over their freedoms to the march of the relentless Islamic political aggression. Muslim organizations have set themselves up as arbiters of what is written in school textbooks about Islam, and what these arbiters have inserted often goes way beyond merely hiding the horrors of Islamic history. They add a negative slant to non-Muslim history while they're at it. The result is that many young people graduate from high school and college hating their own country and having sympathy for the "unfairly persecuted" Muslims of the world. This motivates them to become aiders and abettors of their own demise. They are who the Muslim Brotherhood refers to when they say, "by their hands" in their strategic goal:

The Ikhwan (Muslim Brothers) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.
3. I'm worried about the same stealthy, biased influence the Muslim Brotherhood's fronts have on mainstream media. Anytime Islam is mentioned in the media, the news organizations always repeat the same message: Islam is peaceful, the majority of Muslims are normal citizens who just want to live normal lives, and Muslims are unfairly criticized by prejudiced, bigoted, racist people. This message is repeated from so many different sources, it gives the message a great deal of apparent authority in non-Muslims' heads, and this makes it very difficult for accurate information about Islam to get through to them. There is a classic Zen story of someone who comes to a Zen priest to learn about Zen. The priest is pouring the visitor a cup of tea, but after he fills the visitor's cup, he keeps pouring. The visitor says, "Stop! The cup is already full." The Zen master says, "Like this cup, your mind is already full and no more will go in." You can't teach someone who "already knows." The stealth jihadists understand this principle well and are exploiting it to the hilt. With their influence over mainstream media and textbooks, they have filled non-Muslims in Western democracies with "knowledge" about Islam, filling their minds to the brim. Then when you come along and try to tell them anything about Islam, even quotes from the Quran, they will immediately disregard it or find some way to disbelieve it because they "already know" about Islam, and what they "know" doesn't match what you're saying. Right under the noses of the brainwashed non-Muslims, and often with their help, Muslims with a political agenda are working their way into government positions, getting hired in national security positions, wielding influence over law-enforcement officials, and even advising presidents, and almost all of us go along with it. They've done their job well. This is something to worry about. Worry isn't even a strong enough word. For people who learn about the "infiltrating" network, panic seems much more appropriate. 4. Muslims following Islam's prime directive are also wielding their influence over Hollywood movies. This may seem innocuous, but this greatly helps reinforce the indoctrination of the textbooks and news media. So you will almost always see the Crusades depicted as an unwarranted aggression of the Western world over the innocent Islamic world, as it was depicted, for example, in the movie, Kingdom of Heaven. Even Russell Crowe's latest version of Robin Hood gives this distinct impression as if it is a foregone conclusion, and in most viewers' minds, it is. When "terrorists" are depicted in movies, the Islamic groups try to get moviemakers to depict anything except Islamic terrorists, giving the subtle but unmistakable impression to millions of viewers that terrorism is just as common with other groups as it is with Muslims. Most people are surprised to discover that most of the world's violence involves Muslims, who make up only 20 percent of the world's population, demonstrating the truth of Samuel Huntington's comment that "Islam has bloody borders." 5. I'm worried about the Islamization of Europe. They have had unrelenting Muslim immigration for many years and the larger the Muslim population, the more they assert their supremacist political agenda, and the more they get away with (source). They are out-reproducing their fellow Europeans by a wide margin. They are marrying non-Muslims to make them Muslim. And they are bringing in as many of their fellow Muslims into Europe as they can. There could very well be Muslim majorities in several European countries in ten or twenty years. This unchecked Muslim immigration isn't being stopped. Why? Too few people know anything about Islam but think they do. What will happen to the world if Europe becomes a union of Muslim countries? 6. I'm worried about the great numbers of non-Muslims in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, Europeans countries, and India who are actually helping orthodox Muslims carry out their political plans, and fighting against those of us who know Islam's prime directive and wish to curtail it. Our efforts are being undermined by great numbers of our own countrymen, vehemently and aggressively. I thought at first it was only here in the United States that this was happening, but I have heard from people all over the world over the last nine years, and the exact same thing is happening in free countries everywhere, from India to Germany. It is not just ignorance we are up against. That would be an easily-solvable problem. You could simply teach people about Islam. You could get everyone read the Quran, or teach its primary precepts in schools or on television. Problem solved. Ignorance is a vacuum, and it can be filled. That's not what we're up against. There is no vacuum. The space is already filled. The category in everyone's brain called "Islam" is already full of misleading and outright false information, deliberately planted there by orthodox Muslims who know full well what they're doing, and who have not only sowed the information, but have carefully set up a memetic immune system of sorts to protect the indoctrination from being replaced by real information. 7. I'm worried that we won't educate enough people before it's too late. Right now, Muslims are a minority in the world and in free countries. They are far outnumbered by non-Muslims. If enough non-Muslims learn about Islam, Islam's political expansion can be contained and even pushed back. But Muslims are increasing their population much more rapidly than non-Muslims, and at some point, the game will be over. This is a race against time. Will we educate enough non-Muslims while we are still the majority of the world? Or will too few non-Muslims be educated by the time Islam has gained a numerically dominant proportion of the world's population, at which point, any further education of non-Muslims about the true nature of Islam will be shut down permanently? Is this paranoia? Is this some future dire, alarmist vision? It is already happening. Turkey was the shining example of a Muslim-majority country that was climbing out of its own Islamification. It is now being consumed and converted back to an orthodox Muslim country. Same with Egypt. Lebanon, in our lifetimes, has been converted from a primarily Christian country to a violent Islamic country. Malaysia is becoming Islamic. Indonesia has become a Muslim country. Islam is a ratchet. It apparently only goes one way. And now Muslims are moving into free nations in droves, and agitating for exactly those accommodations that will help them achieve Islam's political plan. The first step is to shut down freedom to speak about Islam. This will greatly impede resistance to the further Islamification of Western democracies, allowing greater immigration and allowing more and more accommodations and concessions to Islam, allowing more and more precedents to be set that makes the already-existing laws of the land to give way to Islamic law. At some point, there is no going back. Only one country in the world has been Muslim and became non-Muslim again: Spain. And it was done from the outside. Not one country in the history of Islam has been able to get itself out of its own Islamification once it was achieved. Even Afghanistan and Iraq — two countries which had the possibility of moving away from its own Islamification — has succumbed to Islam and is heading back toward fully Islamic countries. They both wrote into their constitutions the precedence of Islamic law over any other laws it might make. As soon as that was allowed, the end of freedom was inevitable. The ratchet of Islam must be reversed. Its gears must be forcibly stripped. This can only be done by people who understand what Islam is and how it works. My biggest worry is that this understanding won't become commonplace quickly enough, and then it will be too late. More non-Muslims know about Islam than at any time in history. In the nine years since 9/11, nine percent of non-Muslims in America have become informed enough about Islam to dislike it, so the trend is going in the right direction. But Islam has also gained in many areas. The Muslim population has grown. Many countries have grown more Islamic and none have become less Islamic. So it's a race against time, and this is my biggest worry. You can help, of course. I'll bet you are already helping (thank you very much). If you'd like to do more, go to WhatYouCanDoAboutIslam.com.


Satya 9:50 PM  

The zen cup example is a reality.

Secondly, why is there always over protection and care taken not to hurt muslim sentiments?
That is understood now!

But more imp is why not a single time muslims raise objections when something have happened to christian groups or hindu groups or people in general?

Forget defending and muslims saying that 9/11 was wrong but even when muslims have not done something bad and crime happen or injustice happen, still muslims will not come up.

Pretty strange.

Also its imp to go to source. People have reports of islam by sites, friends, personal acquaintances, islamic scholars.. infact muslims themeselves rely on these scholars and their cup is full.

Going to source. No body gets this message!
Reading quran, and realted booksm studying mohammad's life is enough..

Citizen Warrior 3:46 PM  

Someone just emailed this comment:

# 8
How can the assurance to non-muslims be, that Osama Bin Ladin IS the worlds MOST perfect Muslim. He lives the book. The majority of Islamist in America are Radicalized in that they are NOT living as told to in the Koran.
One morning in the future those individuals that live by the "good and quiet" Islamic neighbor, will answer the doorbell and that neighbor will execute them by any means possible. Jihad all over America. Just as 9/11. With about 40 militant Islamic training camps in America, the ability exists to:

blow up Hospitals,
Fire Stations,
Police Stations.
Bridges connecting major cities.
Communications networks.
Power Stations.
Then just roam the streets killing people and blowing up homes and business such as gun shops grocery stores, gas stations, fuel distribution centers (propane and natural gas)

All in one day.


Anonymous 7:02 AM  

The thing I'm most worried about is loosing our/my freedom. Our country being fundamentally changed to the point that my grand-kids will not be free to do what They want to do but having a government telling them what they will do.

Metastasis 9:45 PM  

Awesome information CW. There is so much lethargy in people to confront this clear and present danger.

Whenever we raise this issue here in India, we are labelled as the fanatics and being religiously intolerant towards Islam. Can you believe that? And it is the non-Muslims who do that and they cite 600 years of "peaceful co-existence", while it has always been bloodshed and mass murder by the Islamic sword coupled with large scale deceit of the Rajputs and the Sikhs.
The rolling juggernaut of Islam was finally brought to a crunching halt at the foothills of the Vindhyas by 200 years of hard fought battle by the Vijayanagara Empire, which reached its peak under the Great King Krishnadevaraya, without which the Islamisation of India would have been complete.
Despite all this, this history has been conveniently brushed under the carpet by a host of so called "secular" historians who, like you have aptly put it, "have their cups full" of stuff fed by the orthodox Muslim scholars who give them "peaceful" quotes from the Quran which they would like to hear.
Islam knows only one language, the language of the sword, and it is by violence that it grows and expands. Sadly it is seeming more and more clear that it is through violence only that it will end, one way or the other.
I hate to end this on such a negative note, but I thank you for enlightening me on the contradictions of the Quran and how it actually works. The information campaign you have launched should grow wider and swifter and I pledge myself to the same, though it will only serve as a forewarning before the actual war starts. It is a frightening reality, but we cant keep hiding from it till it blows us all up. Good Luck and I hope it will not come to all out war.

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