One More Push to Support Geert Wilders


GEERT WILDERS' TRIAL begins in a week and a half. This is it. This is the showdown we've been waiting for. And we have one final battle in support of Geert — one last exertion to put pressure on the people involved in the trial, and to put more pressure on them than the Islamic and dhimmi pressure they're getting from other side. Here's the timeline for the trial: Monday October 4: The trial resumes with substantive handling criminal proceedings against Geert, which continues Wednesday October 6, and Friday October 8. Tuesday October 12: Indictment by the prosecutors. Friday October 15: Plea of the defense by Geert. Tuesday October 19: Rejoinder and reply. Tuesday November 2: Ruling in prosecution by the court (verdict). The trial was delayed as long as possible in the hopes that the huge national and international support of Geert Wilders would die down. The court is trying to make Geert lose. They refused fifteen of the eighteen witnesses Geert wanted to invite, and the three witnesses selected will only be heard off camera. And more significantly, the government refused to provide Geert with protection, something they provided to the murderer of Theo Van Gogh during his trial. The international establishment, subverted by a variety of Islamic organizations including the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference, the largest voting block in the U.N.) is applying a great deal of pressure on the Dutch establishment to ensure that Geert Wilders is convicted on the charges that have been maliciously brought against him (read more about what Geert was charged with and why). And yet, Geert's support among the Dutch people is growing. It seems likely that Geert's party will win the next election in 2011, which means Geert Wilders would become Prime Minister. The global establishment does not want Geert in such a position of influence, even if the people of the Netherlands do. An international SITA action in support of Geert Wilders was established in late January 2009. It resulted in hundreds of letters being sent to decision makers in the Netherlands to educate and inform them. The campaign produced so much interest, even the Dutch Ministry of Justice visited the SITA websites. The "SITA action" is now being reactivated in order to highlight, criticize, and repudiate this politically-motivated prosecution. If Geert Wilders falls, freedom of speech is as good as dead in Europe. There are three ways you can fight: 1) By mail. You can write whatever you want, or you can use one of two possible texts created by SITA; one comparing Wilders to Winston Churchill and another comparing him to Charlie Chaplin. If you follow either of those links and scroll down, you'll find all the details about where to send the letters. Or use this shorter, easier-to-follow source of names and addresses. This kind of international pressure using snail mail letters is extremely effective. It is one of the primary methods used by Amnesty International because it works. If you want to help Geert Wilders, and if you want to have an impact on freedom of speech around the world, promise yourself you will do your part and send a letter this week. Go to the Winston Churchill link or the Charlie Chaplin link, and let's make the judges and politicians in the Netherlands feel the heat! 2) Another way you can help is by making comments on online articles about the trial of Geert Wilders, and include links. You can write your own message, or copy this article and paste it in the comments, or simply make a short comment and leave a link to this article or any of the articles provided below. To support Geert Wilders and our dearly-acquired freedoms, please participate in the two suggested actions above, and transmit this message to your friends who have web sites so they can help spread the word. 3) A third way you can help is by giving money to Geert. To donate, go to Geert Wilders' official web site. Below are some links to articles and videos you can use to help promote the national resistance to Geert's prosecution: Geert Wilders' movie, Fitna (video) Keep On Fighting For Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech How Similar Are These Two Books? An Interview with Geert Wilders (video) Find out what Wilders is being charged with and why: The War on Wilders The Latest Update on the Geert Wilders Trial Update on Geert Wilders Geert Wilder's Hearing Geert Wilders Update July 1st - 2010 Geert Wilders Update August 7, 2010 Geert Wilders Is In Trouble And You Can Help


Anonymous 2:14 AM  

one of links is in non-english language. How to submit comment?

Anonymous 10:33 AM  

Thanks for this article! Besides printing the letter- ready to send- I just sent it to several political incorrect websites asking them to write about is!

Citizen Warrior 1:46 PM  

Several people have pointed out that the links are difficult to decipher on the SITA page. The problem is, in Europe you can't actually publish an address of a public person. So they have to provide links that contain the address.

So here is the simple version. The number one person to write to is:

Gerard Spong
P.O. box 15812
1001 NH Amsterdam
the Netherlands

He is the lawyer who initiated the legal action. He has an email address also: Email may not be as effective as snail mail, but email is better than nothing.

The second most important people to write to are the three judges on the court of appeal. They are Mr. Tom Schalken, Mr. J.P Splint, and Mr F.A. Hartsuiker. Write to all three of them at this address:

Postbus 1312
1000 BH Amsterdam
the Netherlands

This office also has an email address:

(Here's some interesting information about the judges:

Thank you for taking action!

Citizen Warrior 2:09 PM  

To write letters, use this information:

Write Letters in Support of Geert Wilders

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