How Do You Get Someone to Take a Look?


I remember listening to a recording of a humorous speaker using the analogy of a guy who slowly loses his hair until he has only one hair left on his head. He shampoos that hair and combs it lovingly every day. But one morning when he wakes up, he looks down at his pillow and sees what was his last remaining hair sitting there on the pillow. And he cries out, "My God! I'm bald!"

When I look at all the information pouring in from Turkey to Bangladesh, from Britain to Australia, about the relentless encroachment of orthodox Islam, it seems that anyone should be able to easily see that Islam is a dangerous ideology and something should be done about it.

People who don't see this seem like the guy with one hair left, unwilling yet to recognize that he is going bald.

But then I realize that all this "information pouring in" is not being seen by those who are still unacquainted with Islam. If the only thing you read was the Huffington Post and the New York Times, Time Magazine and Newsweek, and all you watched was CNN and MSNBC, you would feel that you had a very good grasp of what's going on in the world, and yet you would have a very different view than readers of Jihad Watch or Citizen Warrior. From that point of view, anyone who thinks Islam is the problem would appear much like the sexist, racist bigots of yesteryear, so you wouldn't listen to them, further cutting you off from your last remaining available source of the information that could potentially pour in.

How do we open this closed door? If you try forcing the door open, the person could respond by reinforcing the door.

It's possible the door cannot be opened from outside. Maybe it has to be opened from within.

What would motivate a person unacquainted with Islam to open the door to the hideous, frightening, enraging information waiting to pour in and forever shatter his innocence? That is the question we should all be pondering. That is what should be keeping us up at night.

I want to hear it. What can you say or do that will motivate an unacquainted person (a person who thinks Islam is a religion of peace) to open his door and look on the other side? Because we don't really have to convince people. Once someone sincerely tries to find out whether or not Islamic doctrines are peaceful, they will discover the disturbing nature of Islam.

We've heard from many people over the years telling us that they were tired of hearing a particular person in their lives speak "badly" about Islam, so they started reading up on it so they could prove the person wrong. But of course, they discovered the terrifying truth.

This makes our task easier, in a way. We don't have to convince people that we know what we're talking about. We only need to make them curious enough to look into it. The facts speak for themselves.

So again I'm asking you — how can this be done? What have you tried before that worked? What do you think might work? Leave your answer in the comments below or email it to me and I'll post it for you (anonymously unless you tell me to post your name), and later I'll compile these answers into a post that future newbies can use as a resource — because once they become acquainted with Islam, the first thing most people want to do is share their mind-blowing new understanding with their friends and family, most of whom will think they've lost their minds. They will need help. Let's give it to them.


Magnus Nielsen 8:45 AM  

According to surveys of public opinion, something like 60 to 70% of people in Britain think that Islam is incompatible with the British way of life. I daresay that statistic chimes in well with opinion in America and the rest of the non-Muslim world. Let us, therefore, not make this problem more difficult than it is. For some reason it is the political elites who want to believe that Islam is a 'religion of peace'. But most people do not buy it. The question is: how do we make those who govern us more sensitive to public opinion?

bill 9:03 AM  

After appropriate small talk, ask someone if they are happy with the USA becoming an Islamic country similar to Iran within 50 to 100 years. You may need to tell them briefly about the simple truths of Islamic Ideology at this point. You will likely get no where if people are determined to be closed minded or know few if any of the truths of Islam. An alternative approach to the fundamental problem is in this comment which I just placed at this link:

________________ A Workable Solution to Tyranny____________

BACKGROUND: The USA is in the political condition it is because not enough people who believe the Constitution is the supreme law of the land have been doing "good politics". "Good politics" is simply politics that keeps people free. Because other people have the freedom to destroy our freedom, the fight to keep Constitutional Freedom is a constant battle and requires a sufficient amount of "good politics". The Democrat party has proven the value of grassroots political work.

SIMPLE PROBLEM - SIMPLE SOLUTION. >>>>> The tea party movement and the libertarian party have the best plan to save our country. They have been trying to influence or take over the Republican Party. Most Constitutional Conservatives believe that is a better path than forming a third party and running a presidential candidate with it. If more people who believe the Constitution is or should be the supreme law of the land would join or start a tea party or Libertarian group, it would be easier to (1) influence the Republican Party or (2) form a successful third party if it comes to that. There may be other groups that have the same basic goals as the tea party movement and the libertarian party. To get started, google/search for "(name of your town/area) tea party" or "start a tea party" or "libertarian party" or "constitution organization" or "rinohunt kibler" to learn how to join or start a new group OR talk to people you know who are interested in constitutional politics. Another possible route to a local group is to learn (by doing) how to develop your own talking points that allow you to start subtle conversations about politics with strangers and end the conversation such that they will give you their email address and/or be eager to talk to you again. With these emails, you can start your own group and later decide as a group what political outfit to join it up with. This technique could be used to form any type of group.

Grouchy 9:21 AM  

This has been posted on "Hardnox And Friends" in its entirety.
This information does need to get out, and the American people made aware of what the 'Normative Islamist" has in mind, and the agenda he is following.

Citizen Warrior 12:19 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

If you have their email addresses, start off by sending them 3 emails a week on islamic problems in their own country. Email should always be accompanied by one quran verse. Gradually, increase to 5 emails a week. Eventually, it will be them sending you info that you already know about. This is when they are ready to take on ten emails a week. This works. S.K.

Citizen Warrior 12:19 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

One of the (tagiyya) arguments is that Islam is just like Christianity (free will) or any other religion and that people often pick and choose which doctrines they follow or believe (basically, "So what if it's in the Qur'an or Sunnah, most Muslims are moderate."). So, I often start out talking about Shariah law which ENFORCES the principles of Islam. I tell them how Shariah law enforces the Qur'an and the Sunnah, Mohammad's example which interprets the Qur'an, and that ALL Muslims are required to enforce Shariah law whenever there are enough Muslims/Muslims in power to enforce it (when Taysir is lifted). Then, I quote a "legal" edict from the Reliance of the Traveller, like apostates are to be killed or how husbands can beat their wives. It makes them want to see for themselves, especially since I tell them how Shariah law claims worldwide jurisdiction and it is the aim of the global jihad to enforce Shariah law worldwide.

Citizen Warrior 12:30 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Discussing Islam with my daughter-in-law (Head of Department and with a Masters Degree at an Australian University) who also lectures many muslim students and knows the horrendous barbaric acts they do and are told its OK that the Koran says it is a muslims duty to kill "infidels", she still says Islam is a peaceful religion!

I told her I had read the Koran and that she should as well. To do some research available over the internet but her answer was terrorist muslims and others who do unspeakable crimes etc were only the radical and/or the extremist ones. She also said that the internet websites were all bigotted and twisted the true facts!

I find that anyone with years education could be so naive and dumb!

To stop a full scale war I had to say OK we agree to disagree.

But how to talk with people with those same views I don't know?

I appreciate your emails and find them most informative whether political of religious etc.

Sincerely Lynette Chase, Nerang, Australia.

Citizen Warrior 12:33 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Dear Citizen Warrior,

First, THANK YOU for all that you're doing to help inform and protect us. And THANK YOU for offering us this opportunity to interact with you. What I plan to do may be just a bit "deceptive" but it will be pointing to the literal truth. And after all, Muslims use deception to hide the truth. Why shouldn't I use a slight "turn of phrase" to help expose the truth?

It is my good fortune to know a local Pastor who - I think - will be willing to collaborate with me in the 'class' that I intend to make available locally. I've had success with the class before now but within a different context.

People will be informed that there is no reason to hate or fear Muslims. Attendees will be informed that most Muslim people are sincere and worshipful persons. Those coming to the class will be also be informed regarding the violent, racist, supremacist and political nature of Islam. People will also be informed that there is no reason for us to accept, tolerate or appease the filthy ideology being harbored by those who are trapped (Muslims) in the nightmare of Islam.

The 'class' will be advertised something on the order "Overcoming Bias, Racism and Islamophobia in These Days of Patriotism".

The class will be offered for free - as often as possible - with each class limited to about 20 - 25 people. Again, there will be no charge but a free-will offering will be allowed. There will be take-home material quoted from authentic Islamic sources. For one, I will use Usama Dakdok's English translation of the un-holy Qur'an.

Order: Holiest/dp/098241370X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1313608856&sr=1-1

Usama Dakdok ©2009 Usama Publishing, LLC
ISBN 978-0-9824137-0-8

Book Price: $19.95 USD

Plus, I'll be using quotes from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim [the "hate-iths" (Ahadiths)] and from the "sewera" (sira) of the pseudo-prophet of Islam.

We also will use material from YouTube and elsewhere on the Web. (For instance, Ms. Ann Barnhardt's videos relating to FGM.) (1 of 4) (2 of 4) (3 of 4) (4 of 4)

Some people may leave the 'class' thinking they've been tricked but the only way to overcome the [non-existant] "bias" and "racism" of 'Islamophobia' is by knowing the truth. If even ONE person has their mind opened then all the preparation and expense has been worth while. And I'm constantly seeking other Pastors & congregations who're willing to collaborate in this effort.

AT NO TIME will there be any advocacy for hatred toward Muslim people. AT NO TIME will I claim to be an expert on Middle-Eastern History or Constitutional Law. The truth, however, is the TRUTH and even an idiot like me can help people to know the reality behind the lies of Islam.

Indeed, it IS difficult to raise interest among the uninitiated but YOU are doing a GREAT work and if I had money, I would be delighted to offer financial support. PLEASE KEEP GOING FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN! When you have to stop, maybe someone else can pick up the banner.


Citizen Warrior 12:43 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I have noticed that "educated" people (doctors, engineers, accountants, etc) are unaware of Islamic aggression -- that Islam ruled Spain for 800 years , that Istanbul was Constantinople (Christian city) ,
that the crusades were a REACTION to Islamic aggression, etc.

I think telling people about this history opens peoples' eyes.

Citizen Warrior 12:49 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Tonight once again I will be setting up my booth in Santa Monica. A thought came to me after reading your email this morning CW.
I always encourage people to visit a mosques, engage in dialogue with the enemy, attend MB front groups meetings, etc. WHY?

I will make this analogy: it is the difference between dry trading the stock market versus trading with your real money.

It is easy to talk about the enemy, give your opinion of things, offer solutions, say how the enemy thinks. But when you are actually engaged in battle face to face or visit a mosque, it gives you a whole new perspective. Plus it puts the enemy on guard knowing they are being watched.

I answered him this way:

I would rather educate non-Muslims than try to reach Muslims. I think it's a more efficient use of time. Also, making Muslims feel they are being watched will only make their activities more secret.

Researchers have found that therapy for sociopaths only makes sociopaths better able to take advantage of their victims. It doesn't stop them at all. It makes them better at it. They learn what excuses people will fall for. They learn how to imitate emotions better. They become more effective sociopaths.

I think having contact with Muslims in the way you're talking about would make them better at doing their civilizational jihad.

- CW

He answered me back:

Our main purpose with the booth is to educate the uninformed non Muslim. We do though get many angry Muslims come up to the booth.

By attending their events you learn first hand the many lies they use. This gives me more credibility when I talk to the non Muslim about the tactics the Muslim use. I have obtained a lot of violent literature at mosques I visit. I also use this to inform the public. I believe in "knowing your enemy".

Citizen Warrior 2:42 PM  

Posted on this article on another blog:

You have to ask them to find for themselves what has happened to Christians and everyone else in Islamic majority nations when the people exert their will.

Then ask them to ask themselves WHY that is.

Citizen Warrior 2:42 PM  

Also posted on another blog:

It seems to me that people will not take a look until Islamomania affects them directly or in a way that borders on directly.

9/11 was the wake-up call for many of us here at IBA. If 9/11 had not occurred, then would we still be ignorant about Islam? I think that most of us would be.

The door can indeed by opened from the outside, but I think that getting that door opened from the outside requires a travesty committed by Islamomaniacs.

The jihad attack on Boston Marathon should have cause a surge of research. Did that particular jihad attack make much of a dent? Not much, IMO.

And the beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby in the streets of London? Not much awakening effect that I can see.

The meme that Islam is a religion of peace is more powerful today than it was just a few years ago. Also, people have bought into the meme of a tiny minority of extremists.

Citizen Warrior 4:38 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Great article on what can you do to open the door.

Good suggestions emphasize truth. Like when it was founded and the vision etc.Then the verses individually. But what would help immediately is if some pulpits in churches stopped preaching this equality doctrine and telling people not to make a judgment about it. They can make judgments on other philosophy and ideology.

bill 6:23 PM  

Yes, that is how it worked between myself and someone, I was forwarding counter jihad emails to. Recently, they forwarded me one of Dr. Bill Warner's emails that I had already received.This probably works better than most anything else. It is just a matter of pickig out, emails to forward, collecting appropriate email addresses, having a user friendly email service, and doing some record keeping. I'll leave it to someone else give specific help on each of these steps. (Problem: both yahoo and gmail android apps do not allow you to pick you receipients from a contact list. You have to type the first few letters before you can see and click on the address.) I think there needs to be a self help/FAQ/discussion forum for counter jihadists.

Citizen Warrior 11:55 PM  

There is at least one discussion forum for counterjihadists:

Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims

bill 6:03 PM  

or simply "Why does the Christian population shrink or almost disapear as the muslim population increases or dominates over a period of time? ( This is still not the best wording for the idea and there probably needs to be documentation or convincing words that the decrease in Christian population was not just from Christians converting freely to Islam.)

Elsa 8:26 AM  

How to get people to look and see. This is the $5,000,000 question.

Five hundred people worldwide die from bird flu. Most work in large-scale chicken places. Billions are spend on immunization processes. Worldwide panic.

A jihad bombing in Boston … and Islam is not held responsible.

A jihad beheading in London … and Islam is not held responsible.

Over 21,000 jihad attacks in 10 years … and still the insistent fiction that Islam is a religion of peace.

I see that each thing we do helps change that … but massive worldwide change is needed, at the very least in the West.


Citizen Warrior 12:19 AM  

Someone emailed this:

You tell that someone the following about Islam:
1)muslim women have no Equal Rights and are not free to dress, travel , get educated, marry as they please etc etc and this must stop!Its in the Koran!
2)The muslims are forced to believe Muhammad was a saint that deserves veneration , when in fact he was a murderer, liar, pedophile,bandit, torturer and slave merchant deserving our stern condemnation!Read the Hadith!
3)the muslim Apostates are condemned to death which is a gross cruelty and injustice!Its in the koran!
4) The koran the muslims are forced to believe that was written by Allah and was revealed to Muhammad ,while in fact it is a distorted copy by Muhammad of the Bible particularly the Old Testament !
Also lets place the Koran in all libraries for people to read!

Anonymous 12:40 PM  

This is a huge question. Most of the answers I've seen still won't work with the kinds of people I tend to associate with. The problem is that we're trying to broach the topic of the fact that there is a large, well-organized, well-funded conspiracy to take over our governments and then convert us to another religion, make us second-class citizens or kill us. It isn't exactly cocktail party chit-chat, and at least in the first few sentences, it sounds like either tinfoil hat time or xenophobic hatred. When someone asks "What's new with you?" I tell them that I've taken a real interest in Islam lately, and then I say something like "I didn't use to know anything about radical Islam, and what I found out blew my mind" or "Now I finally get part of what's going on in the Middle East" and explain about how Islamists who want to re-establish the Caliphate are fighting overthrow their local governments. With the latest news about Syria and many people very confused about what's what and who's who over there, it's a natural conversation topic. I still don't know how to broach the conversation with someone I don't know at *all*, but for people who know me, it works. -- Bradamante

Citizen Warrior 2:22 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

As you know I am familiar with everything in your article today. I am a person of average intelligence I suppose and to tell the truth I live in a country that had never been terrified by Islam. Even with 9/11 we, as a nation we imagined it was a group or a sub group of hard core Muslims who committed this atrocity and we were duped into thinking this from George Bush who called it "a War on Terror". The truth is it should have been called a War on Islam right from the start. I presume he called it this because of the oil rich Muslim countries where we got much of our oil and this is crucial to the day to day working of Western countries and in spite of the fact that Australia has plenty of our own oil and gas to support our small population of around 23 million, although I dont believe this figure either. We should have been using this time to cut off our association with Islam and developing other methods and techniques for fueling our needs i.e. Solar, Hydro and other methods, as yet unknown. If we dont develop new "ways" to distance ourselves from the Muslim world, and help to save our planet and the environment, we are doomed. So, what is it exactly that our leaders are not telling us???????

Nothing is going to change Islam. They have had their agenda for 1,500 years and it will take a lot of will from our own people to rid ourselves of this pestilence. On a personal level I feel it will take a long time to raise any level of resistance against Islam by the grass roots community simply because, some are so naive, others dont care, and others are stupid and cant read the signs. The signs have been there for many years and we have all failed to see them until recent years. Why? I feel deep down in the core of my being that something else is happening. Something we need to flush out. We need to know the truth before we can fight whatever it is. Why are our leaders bending over backwards to accommodate these evil people? Why are our young men women, once again fighting in foreign countries that most would not even choose to visit or even know where they were. Our kids are dying - for what? The heartache of the families, the destruction of a country and its people and we dont even speak their language. Vietnam all over again! The Afghani people must fight for their own freedom if they want it - just as we all did in the past. Freedom is not free and trillions of dollars and our youngest and fairest are dead, so can anyone tell me why we are there?

Islam has wrecked many of their own countries and now they want to wreck our countries too, and we are not allowed to speak about it. We are branded as the problem. We are called racist and other names and we are not, we are patriots. We love our countries. Why cant the people have a say and every Western country should be given the opportunity, country by country to have a referendum on "DO YOU, THE PEOPLE WANT ISLAM IN OUR COUNTRY?" . Simple as that. Let the people decide. All Western leaders should be on notice that your people are angry - very angry and we want to know what is behind all of this.

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