Prevent 9/11 From Being Hijacked


The following is a message from Freedom Annie:

9/11 is rapidly approaching, and we will once again remember what so many lost with the treacherous acts of terrorism on American soil.

This was an assault on freedom everywhere; not just in America — a cold and calculated plan to commit jihad against our freedoms on a global scale, for the world to see. This assault was to bring us to our knees as they attempted to behead our way of life and bring us under their tyrannical rule.

We must all stand together around the globe in one voice and say No More!

We must stand up and be heard.

We must speak out in one voice to say we will not allow these brutal acts of terrorism to bully us into submission. We must stop their agenda to dominate the world with Sharia Law in our own countries. We must hold tight to our freedoms, our liberties and our rights to live free. We the people can and will be heard, but you must act now.

Let’s flood our social media with this message! Let's "Speak Up About Jihad" on 9/11 to counter the Muslim attempt to hijack 9/11. The Political Action Committee (AMPAC) that is sponsoring the “Million Muslim March” is now called the “Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13,” according to its Facebook page.

AMPAC says the march on DC is also a chance for American Muslims to stand up and “fight the injustices being committed” against them — to demand their “civil rights be protected by our government.”

Here is a novel idea for AMPAC: Why don’t you march on DC on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on the U.S. soil and denounce the “extremists” in your religion who kill in the name of Islam? Why don’t you march and condemn the actions of fellow American Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev one of the Boston bombers? Why don’t you call out the despicable human rights violations against women that Sharia law condones?

No, instead AMPAC organizes a march for civil rights on a day we remember the murderous attacks brought to us at home by Muslim fundamentalists.

Let us begin preparing now to flood our social media with clear, calm, understated but solid information about jihad on 9/11. Start collecting images and facts, articles and videos that say most clearly to everyone what jihad is, and how Islamic doctrine motivated the attacks on 9/11. And on that day, unleash the torrent of the very best of your collection for everyone to see. This year, let’s prevent 9/11 itself from being hijacked.


Anonymous 9:06 AM  

Islam has never contributed anything to the history, culture, and heritage of the United States except to change the New York City skyline forever, and gouge a hole 3,000 souls deep in the heart of America.

Ben 7:25 PM  

Why not? 'Cuz they are Muslims! Reviling Allah & Moe or abjuring anything they said or did is akin to suicidal apostasy; it subjects a Muslim to the death penalty as per The Reliance of the Traveller, Book O8.1-7.

So killing innocent people is harram? Only Muslims can be innocnet, everyone else is at war against Allah as per NQ 5:33. Search for "includes disbelief" and get a clue.

There should be no special day for countering Jihad. Every day must be dedicated to the extinction of Islam, which is the only possible solution.

While Muslims believe, they will scheme to maim and kill because to do otherwise ensures their eternal damnation. Refer to NQ 9:38-39 and 61:10-12 to obtain a clue.

Muslims are threatened with the fire if they do not war on us and promised eternity in Allah's celestial bordello if they do. If they believe Allah, his imperativesa, threat & promise, what will they do?

Brig. S.K. Malik told us, on page 60 of "The Qur'anic Concept of War", exactly what we must do to defeat Islam. He did not tell us how.

What happens in the mind of a sentient Muslim who retains a scintilla of vestigial morality when he is informed of the true character of Allah & Moe; their accursed words and actions relative to genocidal imperialism? Those facts act as the seeds of doubt & introspection which must be made to sprout, grow and blossom into apostasy.

We can not relent. We can not relax. we can not put down the sword of truth. We must master and pound the fatal facts of Islam in every possible venue every day with great frequency, without letting up.

On July 4, 2012, Imran Firasat is scheduled to release a new video: "The Innocence of Islamic Jihad". The trailer for the video shows promise of great things.

Lets embed that trailer in our blogs, promote it and make it go viral. This morning, I posted it at Islam Exposed and several other blogs. I included quotes from and links to Islam's canon in that post.

The studeous reader will even find a link to "The Qur'anic Concept of War" in that blog post.

Go one step further: make them think. Propound questions Muslims can't answer so that they will be forced to turn to Islam's canonical texts to find the answers.

Concentrate your FB activity in OPEN GROUPS. Closed and secret groups are not listed by search engines.

If you use the right key words in OPEN GROUPS, your posts and comments will show up in the serps and may lead someone to the truth. The same is true in blog and forum comments. Include links to source documents wnever it is practical.

Citizen Warrior 1:42 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Please, also remind people of what the Moslem government in Turkey did to the Armenians in the late 1890's and under the cover of WWI and till the early 1920's. They destroyed the whole historical homeland of the Armenian Christian people and perpetrated The Genocide of Armenians in Western Armenia from 1915-1918. This is remembered on April 24th each year the day it began in 1915.

Citizen Warrior 11:46 AM  

The same commenter as above added this in a second email:

Thank you for your work in spreading the factual truth and where it is leading us to.

I lived in the USSR in Armenia in the early 70's for 3 years and lived and saw what it was really like there.

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