The Biggest Barrier to Stopping Islam's Relentless Encroachment


AWHILE AGO, I sent out an invitation to my friends and family to sign the petition to stop Muslim immigration, and one of my relatives, a young man who went on a solo trek through several Islamic countries in the Middle East the summer before, responded like this:

I will not sign it. It baffles me that you would promote such biased and discriminatory content.

To equate every Muslim in the world with the few radical Muslims that carry out terrorism is ludicrous. Are the progressive Muslims, gay Muslims (yes, there are gay Muslims) and non-practicing Muslims just as bad as suicidal terrorists?

I've read the Qur'an and the Hadith and I know what it says. The Bible also says some pretty bad things. But before you go on with your thinking, I encourage you to put down the books that you've been reading and actually travel to a Muslim country to make judgments of your own.

I'd be more than happy to go with you and give you a tour of the areas that I traveled this past summer and introduce you to the many friends that I made.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I get this kind of response, I get worked up. You might even call it "upset." My heart pounds.

I believe that my relative's reaction, and my reaction to his reaction, is the biggest barrier to stopping Islam's relentless encroachment. We don't want to bring it up with each other because it is so upsetting, so all the education that could potentially take place doesn't happen, so the ignorance remains in place. And it is that widespread ignorance about Islam that is allowing orthodox Islam to gain concession after concession in the free world. The single most important thing that needs to be done is educate non-Muslims about the basic elements of Islamic doctrine.

But for me (and probably for you), this heart-pounding reaction has happened many times, and I know now that every time it happens, my ability to communicate makes a leap forward, so now even though my heart still pounds and I feel upset, it doesn't last long because I remember the good that always comes out of it.

I also realize if I can't answer the person, even given some time to think about it, then maybe there's something I don't know or the person has a legitimate criticism and I should change my view. So one way or another, it's an opportunity to learn.

I recommend when you get this kind of rebuttal, that you take the time to think about how you will answer it and how you might answer it the next time anyone says something similar. We're collecting answers here: Answers to Objections.

Your feeling of upset will diminish if you can honestly see someone's challenge as a good opportunity to develop your knowledge and your ability to communicate it to others. It is not just about this particular person who is challenging you. By developing your abilities, you become more persuasive with everyone thereafter. As you improve, you get fewer and fewer challenges because you are answering objections before they even come up.

This is how I responded to my relative:

From your response, I'm thinking you must not have read the text of the petition. The main point the petition makes is that we cannot determine which Muslims follow pure Islam (which is a supremacist doctrine) and which do not. If a certain percentage of the Muslims who immigrate are "radicals" and if we have no way of identifying them until they kill someone, why should we allow any Muslims to immigrate at all? Do we have a shortage of Muslims? Do we need more?

And the ones who actually kill people may not be as dangerous as the "long-term" jihadists — those who are right now teaching hatred toward non-Muslims in American madrassas, preaching hatred in 80 percent of the thousands of American mosques, and infiltrating the U.S. government with the goal of overthrowing it.

I know there are plenty of nice people who are Muslims. I know some of them myself. But perfectly nice people can still strive to overthrow a government. And besides, you never know if their niceness is taqiyya.

It seems strange that you would encourage me to travel to a Muslim country. Almost all Muslim countries have a horrendous record of human rights abuses, especially to women — even though many of the people who live there are really nice people.

The countries that follow Islamic doctrine most closely — Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, have the
worst human rights records.

Saying that the Islamic doctrine is supremacist does not insult the friends you made in Muslim countries. I may dislike socialist doctrine, but I know many people who believe in those doctrines that I think are really nice people. Let's distinguish between the doctrine and the person.

It just occurred to me that you probably read a standard version of the Koran, which is written in a peculiar order — the chapters are arranged from the longest chapter to the shortest. So even if you read the passages about abrogation, you would not have known which passages were abrogated and which weren't, which means you would be under the impression that the Koran is a hodgepodge collection of random writings. It is nothing of the sort. It is a single document written by one man, and the order in which it was written is known by all Islamic scholars.

The reason the order is important is that some verses abrogate or supersede other verses. The Koran itself contains instructions on how the abrogation is to be done. Pardon me if you know this already, but it seems from your comment that you must not know this.

The Koran is not like the Bible in several significant ways. The Koran is not a collection of writings from different people. It doesn't say in the Bible, "This is the word of God," but it
does say that in the Koran. And the Bible doesn't give instructions on how to deal with contradictions. The Koran does. Another interesting difference is the nature of the calls to violence. In the Bible, they are descriptive. In the Koran, they are prescriptive (read more about that here).

Anyway, the earlier verses of the Koran were written while Muhammad lived in Mecca. They are mostly tolerant, relatively peaceful passages. After Muhammad moved to Medina and became a military leader, the nature of the new verses changed dramatically. They became intolerant and called for violence against non-Muslims.

So the Koran contains contradictions, but it tells the reader how to deal with them. It says that when passages conflict, the later ones are better than the earlier ones. The later passages abrogate the earlier ones.

Muslims who are ignorant of this might be perfectly nice people, but they are vulnerable to the ones who are
not ignorant of this — vulnerable to being called upon to fulfill their Islamic obligation to jihad, and vulnerable to being converted to an orthodox Muslim.

All by itself, that would be a good reason to restrict or prohibit immigration by anyone who considers himself to be a Muslim. They, or their children, will always be vulnerable to an appeal to orthodox Islam, which mandates a continual fight against non-Muslims until the whole world submits to Islamic law. In fact, in a study in Britain, the researchers found the second generation more orthodox (more inclined to jihad) than their first generation immigrant parents.

The reason Jihadi recruiters are so successful is that they can refer to the Koran and the unambiguous example of Muhammad's (which every Muslim is obligated to follow). The message is unequivocal: For a Muslim, political action is a religious duty — political action aimed at fulfilling Islam's prime directive.

In your reading and travels, what have you come across that gives you the impression Islamic doctrine is
not supremacist?

Do you know what taqiyya is?

He stopped talking to me about that topic at that point, and I didn't pursue it. I was concerned that if I pursued it, I would make him defend his previous point of view, but I thought if I left him alone, he might look into it to prove me wrong and make the necessary discoveries on his own. I have heard from many people who came to the counterjihad movement in just that way — looking into it to prove someone wrong, only to find out they were right.

I think one of the most valuable uses of the immigration petition is to spark conversations like this. Most people think the proposal is completely unthinkable, but if you earnestly make a good argument for it, people will say what they really feel, like my young relative above, bringing the issue into the open, and hopefully bringing them some information they've never heard before.

Also, if you get them to actually sign it, they have made one small commitment for the cause and if they do, because of the principle of commitment and consistency, they are more likely to take larger actions for the cause in the future.

As you can tell by my relative's response, he was nowhere near that point, but hey, we have to start somewhere.


One Way to Approach a Conversation: Talk About the Movie, "The Kingdom"


I was talking to two men I was working with (who don't know I am involved in the counterjihad movement — I had never worked with them before). I said, "Have you guys seen the movie 'The Kingdom' with Jamie Foxx?"

One of them said, "I've seen part of it." The other guy said he hadn't seen it. 

"It's a really good movie," I said, "other than the ending, which really pissed me off." They looked at me curiously, so I said, "Well, the movie is about a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. You know how they have enclosed compounds there for Americans to live in — Americans who work there?" They both nodded. "In the movie, there's a baseball game inside one of these compounds, with lots of people there, enjoying a sunny afternoon with their families, and these terrorists drive up and started shooting into the crowd, and then a suicide bomber dressed as a policeman walks into the panicking crowd and blows himself and everyone else to smithereens. Then when the first responders show up, the terrorists set off a truly enormous explosion, killing even more people."

"Back in the United States," I continued, "Jamie Foxx is an FBI agent, and he's talking to a bunch of his fellow FBI agents, giving them a briefing on what happened. One of their agents was at the scene, was one of the first responders, and died in the blast. When Jamie says this, one of the women agents in the front row of this briefing room starts to cry, but Jamie Foxx walks over to her and whispers something to her, and she stops crying. 

"So the movie goes on, and the FBI agents go to Saudi Arabia, and eventually track down the mastermind behind the bombing and near the end of the movie, the old mastermind gets shot, and he's dying, and his grandson is hugging him and crying, and the old man whispers something and the grandkid stops crying. 

"At the end of the movie, we find out that what Jamie Foxx whispered into the FBI woman's ear and what the old terrorist guy whispers into his grandson's ear. They say the same thing: 'Don't worry, we'll kill them all.' 

"And that's what pissed me off, because when the FBI agent said that, he meant, 'We're going to kill all the bad guys who participated in this brutal slaughter of our good friend,' but when the terrorist mastermind dude said it, he meant, 'We're going to kill them all — all the Americans, all the infidels.' The movie tried to imply that they were the same. And that just irked me." 

One of the men I was talking to, the older one, said, "You know, there's only the tiniest difference between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam," and he said this like it was something we all knew, and this was only the preamble to something else he was going to say, but I interrupted. "There is actually an enormous difference between them. I'm only saying this because I have just finished reading the Koran. And although I know Muslims like to say they're all very similar, they are very different in important ways." 

The other one who hadn't spoken much, a young man, looked curious, like he wanted me to say more, so I said, "Yeah, you would expect the founder of a religion to be a certain way, and Muhammad, the guy who founded Islam, was not at all what you'd expect." 

The older man said, "He was a warlord!" 

"Yeah," I said, and turned to the younger man, "Muhammad ordered the assassinations of people who criticized him, he personally took part and oversaw the beheading of over 600 people in one night. Actually it took a couple days. And he knew a group had hidden treasure, so he tortured a rabbi for information. He had the rabbi tied down and they lit a fire on his chest to get him to talk. I mean, this is just not the kind of thing you'd expect from the founder of a religion. But you have to admit, it explains a lot!" 

They both nodded. "The bad news is that it says in the Koran — their most holy book — it says 91 times that a Muslim should use Muhammad as an example. They're supposed to imitate him." 

This is sobering information, and it came like a wall of reality, hitting them like a big, fast-moving wave, and there was a good reason to change the subject, so I did. I got in a few really strong facts with very little resistance. Hopefully we'll have more conversations, or they will be curious and try to learn more. But whatever happens, they are very likely to never hear that line the same way again — the line that "the three Abrahamic religions" are similar to each other. And they won't be so quick to believe someone who says Islam is a religion of peace. They'll have doubt in their minds about that. And when legislation comes around that encourages cutting off money to Saudi Arabia or stopping Muslim immigration or preventing a mosque from being built at Ground Zero, they will be less likely to dismiss it out of hand. This is the kind of brief conversation happening all over the free world between non-Muslims. 

Slowly but surely, we're informing ourselves. Like the passengers on Flight 93, we're sharing with each other what little pieces of information we can gather, and the reality of our situation is collectively beginning to sink in.

Citizen Warrior is the author of the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam and also writes for Inquiry Into Islam, History is Fascinating, and Foundation for Coexistence.


Clarifying Some Misconstruings


ON THE ARTICLE, The Ground Zero Mosque, someone asked some questions and I answered them like this:

Question: You sure about this? If Islam is really about world domination and the article is true, why is it that we have always killed a lot more of them than they have of us?

Answer: So far, Muslim warriors have killed 270 million people. That is more than any person, country, group, or empire has killed at any time in history. By a long shot. In second place is communist China, which has killed 77 million people.

Question: And again, how can the work of a few individuals at 9-11 be construed to be the work of the entire congregration of Islam?

Answer: You missed the point of the article. My point is that mainstream, established Islamic doctrine is supremacist, aggressive, intolerant toward non-Muslims, and imperialistic, and the orthodox Muslims who flew the planes into the Towers share that same ideology with orthodox Muslims all over the world. The heterodox Muslims do not agree with those core Islamic doctrines. They are essentially Muslims in name only, apatheists, or heterodox (follow only select parts of Islamic doctrine, which is against the dictates of Islamic doctrine), and these make up a significant proportion of "the entire congregation of Islam."

Question: Why is it the Islam nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq have never attacked us?

Answer: We provide them with huge sums of money, and they are not powerful enough to win.

Question: No Muslim country has ever invaded a Western country, when we have invaded theirs?

Answer: Please read more about Muslim countries invading non-Muslim countries, including Western countries here and here and here and here.

Question: Islam followers are in all walks of life in the USA from politicians to judges and military personnel. As such, is the article really saying that all were complicit in 9-11?

Answer: Anyone who shares the same ideology and goals are part of the problem. If they want to be part of the solution, they will overtly reject those aspects of Islam that endanger women's rights, freedom of religion (including the right to apostasy), and freedom of expression (including the right to criticize Islam).

Question: A history lesson for the writer — the US has no greater friend that the Islamic Republic of Kosovo ... a country that we in the west liberated a short while ago? So the point of the article?

Answer: The point of the article is to explain why allowing the Ground Zero mosque is a bad idea for the free world.


Why Do Our Own Politicians Seem to Be on the Side of the Islamic Supremacists?


A FRIEND of mine has been lobbying in Tennessee (see an article about what Tennessee has been doing), and the lobbying process involves a lot of one-on-one conversations with politicians, and he said most politicians are almost entirely ignorant about Islam. They tend to make the assumption that it's a religion similar to any other religion and a few crazy people have committed terrorist crimes for political reasons and justified them with religious doctrines they cherry-picked for the purpose, taking passages out of context to make them mean what they want.

And since they make that assumption, they don't bother learning any more about it. They have plenty of other pressing issues competing for their attention.

That's the case in North America and Australia. In Europe, it is partly the same, and partly the fact that Muslims now make up a significant voting block, and since politicians do whatever they can to win elections, they feel they must pander to Muslims to get into office. Right now enough of the general population of non-Muslims in Europe are ignorant enough about Islam that the politicians are getting away with pandering to Muslims, but as the educational level rises, they will be voted out. They are already being voted out.

So when you feel despair about what seems to be an overwhelming preponderance of traitorous politicians, remember that this is a temporary situation. And remember that they are as likely to be as ignorant of Islam's prime directive as anybody else. They can also be educated like anyone else. My friend in Tennessee has had great success with his lobbying efforts, which he says is simply education. He is putting CSPI's excellent little booklet, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, into the hands of politicians with great success.

So regardless of what you see politicians doing now, the situation is far from hopeless. And if politicians seem too committed to their uneducated position, we will vote them out of office.


New Leaflet: Six Suicidal Assumptions About Islam


ONE OF OUR allies has been busy. Awhile back, I posted a leaflet we can use to help educate our fellow citizens about Islam's relentless encroachment (which you can read about here). The author of that leaflet created another one, and it is at least as good as the first one. Read the content of the new leaflet here.

Download a PDF version of the leaflet:


Six Suicidal Assumptions about Islam

1. Islam is about Muslims – no, Islam is about everyone. Islam has rules about everything, and that includes non-Muslims. 61% of the Koran is about non-Muslims. It has rules about whether or not Muslims should befriend non-Muslims; about how to treat non-Muslims captured in war; about whether non-Muslim women can be raped; the attitude to take towards the possessions of non-Muslims. Most of these rules are unfavourable or hostile toward non-Muslims.

2. Islam is a race (kind of) – there’s a lot of sloppy thinking about this. Making this assumption will render you incapable of any clear thinking on the subject. When you think about it, it’s obvious Islam is a belief system, but when people criticise Islam they are often accused of racism. Defenders of Islam are happy to exploit this tendency as a charge of racism carries such force in a society sensitised to it. But Islam is and always will be a belief system, not a gene pool.

3. Islam is a religion – there is a theme of personal salvation within Islam which gives it some similarities to other religions. However, this is not the main part of Islam. It is mainly a political and legal system with rules concerning the conduct of every imaginable subject from warfare to wiping your bottom. It is both highly political and very personal which may help to explain its huge capacity for taking offence. In a society concerned about discriminating against people on the basis of religion, the religious dimension of Islam can be exploited for political gain.

Islam teaches that achieving personal salvation is done through obeying all the rules and extending Islam’s control of the world. The surest way to personal salvation is by being killed whilst fighting for Islam.
Islam is often described by Muslims as a “total system of life”. This is a fair description. The effects of this system can be seen right across the Muslim world where women are subordinated, free expression is non-existent, and tyranny in one form or another is the norm.

4. The word “Islam” means “peace” – actually, “Islam” means “submission”. The basic idea is that perfect submission to the will of Allah brings peace. How do Muslims know the will of Allah? By studying what Muhammad said and did. What did Muhammad say and do? He brought new lands under the control of Islam and told his followers to do the same. So Muslims bring new lands under the control of Islam. When the whole world submits to the will of Allah, there will be “peace”, as Islam defines it.

In the past, Islam conquered new lands by following Muhammad’s example of military conquest. Today, this is less feasible so Islam follows Muhammad’s example of migration (al-Hijra). This is a 3 step process: (a) migrate (b) multiply (c) dominate. (b) is achieved by new arrivals, having large families, and converting the host population. (c) is achieved by subversion, increasing intimidation, then revolution. (a), (b) and (c) are mutually reinforcing. For example, the power achieved through (b) and (c) can be used to block controls on (a) migration.

5. Because most Muslims are not violent it must mean that Islam is not violent. The perception that most Muslims are not violent will depend on where you live. In those countries where Muslims are more dominant, they tend to be more aggressive. As a rule of thumb, where Muslims are a minority they are less violent. This goes back to the birth of Islam: when Muhammad had a small band of followers in Mecca, the message he gave them was peaceful and tolerant (“Let there be no compulsion in religion” is a favourite from this period); when he migrated to Medina and established dominance he and his followers became more violent (“Kill the unbelievers wherever ye find them” is a favourite from this period). The message he taught after migrating to Medina is saturated with violence. The principle here is that when Muslims are in a weak position, the Meccan message is uppermost; when they are dominant, the Medinan message is unleashed.

In effect, Islam is both violent and tolerant: when circumstances dictate, it is driven by the Meccan message; but, when circumstances allow, it switches to the Medinan message. Being a “good” Muslim and doing what’s right for Islam will change accordingly.

6. The best person to ask about Islam is a Muslim. About 90% of Muslims know very little about Islam. Most Muslims do not study Islam for themselves; they get their opinions ready-made from their leaders. They don’t have an in-depth knowledge and most probably don’t want it because the consequences of forming a deviant viewpoint can be fatal. Many Muslims are also in denial about the real nature of Islam.

Given what has been said about the Meccan and the Medinan messages, how do you know which message your Muslim is familiar with? And, if your Muslim knows the Medinan message is he/she going to tell you? There is a longstanding principle of using deception to protect the faith and the faithful in Islam which, as with all things Islamic, goes back to Muhammad’s own example.

The conclusions we reach reflect the assumptions we make. Start with false assumptions and you reach false conclusions. Start with suicidal assumptions and you reach suicidal conclusions. We don’t have to make these mistakes ourselves; our leaders are making them on our behalf. We and our children will suffer the consequences.

Islam has a foothold in our country. If you want to prevent that becoming a stranglehold by means of the “peace process” described in 5 above, you need to join the Resistance.

Find out more about Islam and why you should resist it at

(You can also download, print, and distribute this leaflet there too)

“The first victims of Islam were Muslims.” Ernest Renan

Download a PDF version of the above leaflet:
Suicidal Assumptions About Islam

Download this in Spanish here.


A Support Group for Citzen Warriors Who Have Lost Friendships Over Islam?


DAMON WHITSELL, creator of The Religion of Conquest, has an interesting idea. He personally lost friends talking to them about Islam's relentless encroachment, and he and I were talking about the many people we know who have either strained or broken relationships because their friends or family members didn't want them talking about Islamic supremacism any more.

Damon's idea is to create an online support group for people who have lost relationships as a consequence of participating in the counterjihad. He already runs an online support group for a different issue, and he would be willing to create one for counterjihadists if there was a desire for it. So he asked me to ask readers of Citizen Warrior if you would be interested in an online support group to help you deal with the aftermath of losing a friend because you talked about the third jihad.

So please let me know. Click here to leave a comment, or email me here and I'll post it for you (anonymously unless you say otherwise). When the results are all in, I'll let Damon know, and if he starts a support group, I'll let you know about it.


Write to City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly


February 13th, 2011, a relatively new City Councilwoman for Villa Park, Deborah Pauly, gave a speech at a demonstration outside a Muslim fundraising event at Yorba Linda, California. (Watch her speech here.) The demonstration was against some of the speakers at the fundraiser, especially the jihadist Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

I received an email about this, accompanied by the suggestion that we write to Pauly and give her some encouragement because she is under fire from Muslims and multiculturalists. A group of 200 Muslim protesters demanded that she apologize. And as you might expect, news stories about her speech excerpted out the most extreme-sounding clips from her speech and referred to her in less-than-flattering terms.

It was also suggested in this email that we coach her on talking about Islam.

I think these are great suggestions, so let's do it. Her email address is: She was elected in 2010, and she has already boldly spoken out against Islam's relentless encroachment. She is an important ally in the counterjihad movement. And it would help the cause (and reduce the backlash) if her public statments were more exacting and deliberate so she doesn't unnecessarily give ammunition to the opposition. Read more about her speech and protests against her here.

Let's each email her a short, encouraging message. Here are some things you might include in your email:

1. I watched a video of your speech.

2. I appreciate the courage it took to speak honestly about Islam. I admire your bravery.

3. You have our support. Is there anything we can do for you?

4. In my own way, I also try to warn people about Islamic doctrine. I try to get them to read Inquiry Into Islam because most people can read it without rejecting the information. I always try to focus on the doctrine when I talk (Islamic doctrine, rather than Muslim people) because it makes the information harder to criticize.

5. I hope you continue speaking about Islam. We need more courageous people like you in public offices. There are a lot of us who want leaders to speak honestly about Islam.
In other words, tell her you admire what she did, you want to support her, and share with her what you've learned about talking about Islam.

Deborah Pauly's email address is: The proper formal way to address her is: "Councilwoman Pauly."


Still More on Talking About Islam by Talking About Scientology


I'VE WRITTEN in several places (here, here, and here) about how to get around the resistance to information about Islam by first giving the same information about Scientology. Because Scientology is a new religion and doesn't have a lot of followers, most people have no aversion to learning anything interesting about it.

If you tell a friend something about Scientology and they have no problem with it, and then you say the same thing about Islam and they want you to stop talking about it, you're in a good position to open their minds about Islam. The double standard will be obvious. This can help you sweep aside their unjustifiable antagonism toward learning about Islam.

Along those lines, a very long article in the New Yorker is an investigative report on the current state of Scientology, and below I'll quote a few things from the article. The title of the article is The Apostate. It's about a famous man who left Scientology (and the stir that caused among Scientologists). The quotes below are things about Scientology that are similar to Islam but unlike any other religion I know about.

The Koran is very clear about the strictness of Islamic teachings, for example. The teachings are perfect as they are. They are not to be altered. There is no "picking and choosing" passages you like or agree with. Islam is Islam, and it is strictly forbidden to ignore or change any part of the teachings. Along those lines, here is a quote from Tommy Davis, the chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International:

"Mr. Hubbard's material must be and is applied precisely as written. It's never altered. It's never changed. And there probably is no more heretical or more horrific transgression that you could have in the Scientology religion than to alter the technology." (Scientologists consider the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, to largely consist of "spiritual technology" — specific methods and "drills" to achieve specific spiritual results.)

Many Islamic organizations use the courts to harass people, and they use organized political and legal actions to intimidate people into doing what they want (apologizing, retracting public statements, keeping silent, firing an employee, etc.). Here's a quote from the article about Scientology. Notice any similarities?

"The Church of Scientology had recently gained tax-exempt status as a religious institution, making donations, as well as the cost of auditing (a form of 'spiritual counseling'), tax-deductible. (Church members had lodged more than two thousand lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service, ensnaring the agency in litigation. As part of the settlement, the church agreed to drop its legal campaign.)"

Another thing that becomes very clear in the article is that the spokesperson, Tommy Davis, is lying to protect Scientology, and Scientology's teachings explicitly make clear that lying for the cause of Scientology is completely acceptable. Islam does something similar. Known as the practice of taqiyya, Muslims are given explicit permission in Islamic teachings to lie to non-Muslims if it serves the goals of Islam.

Another similarity is that becoming an apostate is very bad in both Islam and Scientology. Very very bad. They consider it a kind of treason. Leaving the religion is considered a very serious offense. In Islamic law, the punishment is death.

In Scientology jargon, someone who leaves the church has "blown." Apostates are considered "fair game" in Scientology, meaning they can be tricked, lied to, sued, and harassed (read more about that written policy here). Here is another quote from the New Yorker article:

"Whitehill and Valerie Venegas, the lead agent on the case, also interviewed former Sea Org members in California. (The Sea Org is the headquarters of Scientology worldwide.) One of them was Gary Morehead, who had been the head of security at the Gold Base; he left the church in 1996. (Gold Base is a central Scientology outpost in the desert near Hemet, a town eighty miles southeast of Los Angeles.) In February, 2010, he spoke to Whitehill and told her that he had developed a 'blow drill' to track down Sea Org members who left Gold Base. 'We got wickedly good at it,' he says. In thirteen years, he estimates, he and his security team brought more than a hundred Sea Org members back to the base. When emotional, spiritual, or psychological pressure failed to work, Morehead says, physical force was sometimes used to bring escapees back."

Talk about some of these aspects of Scientology with people you know who are reluctant to listen to information about Islam, and then talk about how similar these aspects are to Islamic doctrine. Don't push to hard; just open up their minds a little. Think small bits and long campaigns.


The Information Slipped Right In


I WAS TALKING to a man the other day who had already told me (months earlier) he doesn't believe the Muslims he knows follow the Islamic teachings I told him about, and he is skeptical of my assertion that the Koran is strewn throughout with messages hateful toward non-Muslims and encouraging violence against them. And he feels that our U.S. laws will protect us anyway. I'm telling you this so you understand the mindset of the man I was speaking with.

So the other day, I said, "Remember I was telling you I'm reading a book about L. Ron Hubbard?"

He said, "Yeah, I remember."

"Well I finished it and I'm reading another biography of Hubbard. The guy was amazing in his audacity! Remember the Freedom of Information Act?"


"When it passed, Scientologists discovered that the U.S. government had lots of information on Hubbard and Scientology, and almost none of it was favorable. So Hubbard decided to infiltrate government organizations so they could change or destroy that negative information."

"What do you mean?" my friend asked. I had suddenly gotten his attention. "How do you 'infiltrate' the government?"

I liked his interest. I could tell this conversation was going to be instructive. I said, "Hubbard assigned a bunch of loyal Scientologists to get jobs at the IRS and other government offices. And then they proceeded to find documents on Scientology and either steal them or change them or shred them. Unbelievable! I mean who even thinks of doing something like that?!"

"Yeah, that's amazing!" he said. He looked genuinely dumbfounded and appropriately outraged.

Then I dropped a bomb on him. I said, "The Muslim Brotherhood has done the same thing."

"What? What do you mean?" I had taken him by surprise.

"They have infiltrated government organizations," I said matter-of-factly.

"What for? What would they do?" I could tell he had never heard anything like this, and really couldn't imagine what a "real" religion would want to accomplish by infiltrating government offices.

My answer wasn't as good as I would have hoped. I wished I had been better prepared with examples. But I will be next time. What would the Muslim Brotherhood do in government offices? I said, "All kinds of things that might help Islam advance in America. I told you the clear goal in Islamic doctrine is an Islamic world, remember? Well, the devoted ones intend to accomplish it. So, for example, one guy fairly high up in the U.S. government was caught trying to get a known Islamic terrorist organization off the FBI 'watch list.' Others have gotten jobs at the FBI instructing agents on how to be careful not to offend the American Muslim population. Others have gotten jobs as interpreters in security agencies. And we only know about the ones who got caught, of course. Nobody knows how many have infiltrated without getting caught."

After that, I said something else interesting I read about in Hubbard's biography. Sometimes, you've got to just let things sink in and not push too hard. But some new information got through in that conversation. It's a beautiful thing when it happens. Step by step, inch by inch, we are converting unwitting enemies into allies for the cause.

Read more about how to use Scientology
or Japanese Bushido to help you get information about Islam to penetrate your listener's defenses.


A Simple Way to Respond to Resistance


WHEN YOU SHARE something about Islam with a non-Muslim and you get resistance, respond with something like this: "Well, tell me what you've learned about Islam so far. Let's start there." Ask the question in a casual, relaxed, easygoing, not-in-the-slightest-bit-defensive way. Practice asking that question when you're alone, so you can deliver it perfectly and with just the right tone.

And after you ask the question, listen. Let the person speak until they're done.

When they finish, tell them what you have found out. Take something specific, and say, "I used to think exactly the same thing until I read the Koran. And what I found out really surprised me..."

A back-and-forth argument usually doesn't change anyone's mind, and tends to create negative feelings. But the kind of conversation you get with the approach above has a chance of making your listener consider what you have to say, which could lead to them changing their mind eventually.


Who Are We to Tell Muslims to Change Their Beliefs?


A LITTLE WHILE ago, someone wrote me a long email message, and I wanted to answer it here, because it brought up points worth thinking about. Here is what I wrote:

I've been blogging on Citizen Warrior for nine years now, and I have never gotten a message like yours. I'm not going to answer all of it, but there were a few things I wanted to answer. The first was your statement, "As an outsider, who am I to tell a foreign cultural group to 'change' their ways or to lobotomize their belief system to make it safer for me?"

You have a duty to yourself to survive. If someone or something is threatening your survival or even threatening your ability to thrive, you have a inborn right to defend your life, whether that right is sanctioned by law or not. And beyond that, if someone wants to move to a country, that country has every right to say, "We will not allow anyone to immigrate who is intent upon overthrowing our government or causing harm to our citizens."

If you are my next door neighbor and you have some belief that endangers me, I will insist you change your ways. For example, if you believe that burning plastic bags in your front yard protects you from evil spirits, I will insist you stop it because those fumes are poisonous to me.

I believe people should be able to believe what they want, and do what they want based on those beliefs as long as it doesn't harm others who do not believe that way. If you are doing something that isn't safe for me, that is more important than my respect for your cultural values.

In your email, you also said that trying to make someone change their belief system to make it safer for me is "just as arrogant or non-consensual as Muslim extremists attacking non-Muslims or ex-Muslims." You're basically saying that if I insist that a Muslim change his belief that he should make war on non-Muslims, it is just as arrogant and non-consensual as that Muslim killing me because of his belief. Those are not the same. Not even close.

Later in your email, you said you could only see three possible options for non-Muslims:

1. Become a Muslim. Join the dominant culture, much like Native Americans did when they saw the Great Melting Pot could not be defeated.

2. Fight against Islam. (And because the name of this site is Citizen Warrior, you assume this is the one I choose.)

3. Relocate to a new area.

I would suggest a fourth alternative: Educate non-Muslims. The Native Americans were outgunned and outnumbered. Non-Muslims are not. The biggest problem we have is not Islamic beliefs; it is non-Muslim ignorance. This is citizen warrior. The military and security agencies have a job to do. But what can citizens do?

Citizens can solve the problem of the vast, incomprehensible ignorance of their fellow non-Muslims.

Islam has been gaining ground
— not because they are stronger or have a better military or have more intelligent people or have a numerical superiority. They have been gaining ground because we have been giving it to them. Why? Because of our ignorance of Islamic doctrine, our ignorance of Islam's prime directive, and our ignorance of Islamic history.

Because we have an already-existing and perfectly understandable commitment to multiculturalism, that commitment is ruling the day for the lack of anything to oppose it or refine it. But if more of us simply knew about Islam, the problem would be largely solved. As they pushed for concessions, they would find their way blocked by people who knew better, in the same way a "mark" no longer falls for a con job once they have been educated about it.

If you had never heard of email scams, you might fall for it. But once you know about it, the problem is solved. You simply delete the message, and the harmful intentions on the other end of the line are blocked. If enough people know, the scammers go out of business. It is no longer profitable. It has become a waste of time.

That's what we're trying to accomplish on Citizen Warrior. We aim to put orthodox Muslims out of business.


An Unusual Birthday Party


WHAT DO WE hope to achieve eventually? What would it look like? This is worth thinking about because it can inform and direct our actions now. The following story was written by one of our many incredibly talented readers, and explores one possible future...


It was Ali Qureshi's ninetieth birthday today. That evening, as always, after his afternoon's work, he sat down for an early meal at the Mecca Mosque Resort cafe and waited for the waitress to approach; a young smiling blonde woman with notepad ready.
"The usual felafel with a glass of beer, thank you," Ali said, taking off his hat and sitting back in the chair. The wait staff in Mecca were always changing as backpackers and university students stopped for a while to earn some money to continue their travels around Saudi Arabia, but Ali didn't mind as he knew how important it was for young people to understand history. He was thankful for the air conditioning in the outdoor seating area, where he and the many other diners could enjoy the scenery in front of him; the ancient Sacred Mosque, the park around it where people walked their dogs, or jogged, the new Zamzam swimming lagoon that was built on an old spring, and made to look like an oasis, and the Kibla Disco that opened each night. The superimposed new-over-old made sure that history could be enjoyed in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Turning ninety, he had not slowed down one bit. In fact, he was still just as fit as he was when he was thirty. If anything, he felt younger today than he did when he was thirty years old; back in the olden days, when the world was a very different place to how it was now ... the year 2090 ...
Ali loved his job as historian and museum curator, especially this time of year when groups of school children flew in from all around the world to see the old mosque and the Museum of Islam. He loved their wide-eyed looks as he described how the region used to look, and their infectious laughter as they tried on old burkas and played at ghosts, scaring each other.
That afternoon he had been tour guide to two groups of 15 year olds from Israel and Yemen who were bubbling over with energy, most of them already dressed in their swimming gear so they could jump into the Zamzam lagoon straight afterwards. He had made them circumnavigate the kaaba so they could get a taste of what the ancients used to do, and burn off a bit of energy at the same time. He told them how the pilgrims used to kiss the Black Stone on the kaaba, and how archaeologists have proven it to be a Hindu Yoni stone. They had all crowded around the stone, out of breath after the laps around the mosque's interior. Once the Black Stone silver casing was observed more closely, there was the usual sniggering and elbowing amongst the male portions of this age group, and the eye-rolls from the girls. It was always the same; no matter which country they came from, confirming that we were all brothers and sisters the whole world over.
As usual, there had been the tour of the old mosque, that had been converted into a museum. Ali had begun telling the teenagers the same story that he had been telling for the past twenty five years, to thousands of youth and tourists who came through this way, from every country on earth. He never got tired of it.
"It all began here in the 630AD when a leader named Muhammad captured Mecca," said Ali.
"These conquered people here were my ancestors ..." Ali guided the children past the life size hologram reconstructions, thanks to late 21st century technology, showing how Muhammad and his gang made the siege, captured and killed dissenters. The children moved past the images cringing, as if they expected them to come to life at any time. A boy boxed the hologram of Muhammad brandishing a sword, his fists going right through the image. He glanced at his friends for approval, laughing.
"These ancestors you see cowering here," said Ali, pointing to the holograms of ancient people holding up their arms, pleading, "... were Jews and Hindus. But were forced to follow Islam or die."
They filed past another hologram of stone idols being smashed.
"The kaaba was a Hindu Temple and they used to worship Brahma here," Ali told them.
"Wasn't that Abraham?" a boy interrupted.
"Same thing," Ali said, as he waved the children through the walkway of history.
"Then we move through the centuries ... "
Ali led the now subdued teenagers through the Museum of Islam as it was set out to show the development of Islam through history, leading to its final demise. There were cases showing old artifacts from archaeological digs in the area, maps and photos of Islamic conquests and developments through the centuries.
They stopped at a large century-old aerial video of millions of people circumnavigating the kaaba. Some of the children laughed.
"Hey, it looks just like one of those black-holes in space!" exclaimed an Israeli girl.
As usual the children were especially in awe at the hundreds of photos of terror attacks.
"They used to actually strap bombs to themselves, stand in a crowd and blow up themselves and everyone in range, as they thought they would go to paradise afterwards," Ali told them.
The children laughed uproariously.
"Here we arrive at the year 2030, children, long before you were born ... " Ali said, pointing to the colourful timeline along the wall. They were getting more restless, so he knew he had to make the finale a good one. One that they would remember and tell to their own children.
"Islamic law, which was known as Sharia, took over the state governments of all Islamic countries once their dictators were removed. This was democratically elected by the people."
Some of the children laughed, some rolled their eyes. On the walls were old photos of protest demonstrations in Europe. There was a photo of a man holding up a sign that said: 'Behead those who insult Islam' to which the children pointed and laughed.
"Sharia laws courts in Europe had expanded in number and power and the population of Muslims and their converts had grown to nearly 30%, mostly because millions of Islamics went to Europe and the US claiming they were refugees. Europe was poised to become Islamic as more imams became emboldened to encourage a revolution against the non-Muslim government institutions which they had already infiltrated, while governments could do nothing to stop them, since they still fitted in the box of "freedom of religion", and the UN had passed laws making criticism of religion illegal. Intelligence suggested that there was also an enormous stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world," Ali pointed to the grainy pictures that were supposed to be old satellite photos.
He was familiar with the usual teenage "I'm-too-cool-for-this" attitude, so he made his conclusion short.
He pointed to a document locked in a glass case, lit up from behind.
"This did it," said Ali more dramatically, "a piece of paper saved the world."
The children peered over each other to get a closer look at the artifact — a signed document.
"A brave move by the United States that officially reclassified Islam as a political organisation, and no longer a religion, had a snowball effect. Europe followed suit, and within a space of five years all non-Muslim countries had reclassified Islam as a political organisation, like the old communism. They arrested those same imams for sedition and stopped funding their organisations."
An Israeli teen had raised his hand: "Why didn't the Islamics bomb us then?"
Ali smiled; "It had the opposite effect. It weakened the organisation since it had no more psychological pull on anyone. It was named as the thing it was — a totalitarian ideology. We in the then-Muslim countries began to question this whole thing our parents and their parents had passed down to us. We rebelled against our parents, especially when we learnt that our ancestors had been forcibly converted."
The teens brightened up and there were some sounds of approval.
"And, as you already know, many took on the religion of their ancient ancestors, before they had been forced to submit to Islam ... like Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism ... Or they simply became agnostic."
"Excuse me, sir!" a Yemenite girl put her hand up, "but what's this black stuff in the jar?"
She pointed to an exhibit in a glass box.
"Oh! That's oil," said Ali, knowingly. But the children's eyes glazed over. 'Oil' made no sense to them as they'd never seen it in their lifetime.
"Yes, the whole world depended on this black stuff from the Middle East, would you believe! And Islamic countries refused to sell any more oil to any country that had reclassified Islam, and it seemed as though the entire world might come to a stand still! But," Ali smiled warmly, "in times of chaos like that, great discoveries are made ..."
How their lives had improved since then. No more need for oil or coal, no more wars or terror. No more "ozone" problems. But all this the children already knew. They were restless now and jostling towards the door, anticipating their much awaited time in the Zamzam pool.
"Islam collapsed almost overnight, and now we all live in secular nations ..." Ali concluded, smiling, but the children were already out of the door and running for the water.


Ali finished his felafel and beer. They'd tasted great. He watched as the children swam in the turquoise waters in front of the cafe, and heard muffled sounds of splashing, shrieks of excitement. This was the new generation of an era that had not known fascism of any kind. This part of the world was now called the "Tourist Mecca", and it opened up a new and innovative tourism economy after the oil trade collapsed. Noone followed Islam any more. In fact, the Koran had even gone out of print. It was such a boring thing to read!
After he paid and tipped the backpacker waitress generously, Ali set off towards the kaaba, as he did every evening. He wanted to make sure it was swept and clean, just as 1400 years of his Bani Shaiba ancestors had done before him. He reached the stone monument and stepped up inside.
"Surprise!!!!" Ali almost jumped out of his skin. Suddenly he found he was surrounded by family and friends, streamers and balloons, a birthday cake and bottles of champagne, right inside the kaaba!
"Open the champagne!" said cousin Samira, who was already opening it. The cork popped and hit the roof.
"Hey, careful of the marble and ancient writings on the wall!" cautioned Ali, "it is our family honor to preserve this amazing history."
Cousin Samira clumsily jumped outside onto the wooden step, and a large splash of champagne accidentally landed on the Black Stone.
"Oh well, it could do with a good wash ... and a Christening!" she laughed.
The birthday cake was brought out with candles lit.
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! ... " they all sang.
"Here, cut the cake grandpa!" shouted six year old Saeed, "and make a wish!". Ali cut the cake, closed his eyes tightly and made a secret wish: that the world will never be pulled into any 'black-hole' of fascism, ever again.
The End


Freedom of Speech Triumphs in Ohio


The creator of the Elvis Chronicles sent me the following email. It illustrates the principle that orthodox Muslims will continue to try to curtail freedom of speech in every way they can, and they will never stop trying.

But if enough non-Muslims understand the Islamic agenda, the efforts to curb free speech will fail every time. Here is the email:

The Mansfield area NAACP and CAIR of Ohio tried to keep us from hearing Usama Dakdok at the Mansfield Senior High School, Mansfield, OH, last night. (See the news story here.) They pressured the Mansfield school district until Superintendent Dan Freund caved to their demand and declined to allow the presentation to be held in the school. But thanks to the perseverance of the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association, we were shepherded from the high school to first one building and then an even larger building to hear Dakdok. Everyone was welcome and some of the latecomers were Muslim.

The only thing I knew about the event ahead of time was the title: "Freedom or Surrender" and that was enough for me to make the trip. It was my introduction to this Egyptian-born American Christian, and this short video clip will give you a taste of what I experienced last night.

CAIR and the NAACP can rip Usama Dakdok all they like and it won't change the fact that the Q'uran says that, as a Christian, I'm an 'infidel' and a 2nd-class citizen.

Like many of my 912 and Tea Party associates and friends, I've been learning about Islam and what the prophet Mohammed wrote for the Q'uran. In our area we have several trusted sources of information on Mohammed, Islam, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood, for example, who are in agreement about the threat that Sharia law and "extremist" Islamists are to Ohio — to the entire United States — plus the few online resources. Usama Dakdok is now one of my trusted sources.

Only one of the unexpected moments of last evening's presentation was the overwhelming video reminder of 9/11 and the haunting sound of "Taps" played over it. It brought me to tears.

Usama begged us last night to read the Q'uran, as he has done many, many times (and he reads it in Arabic). It's the same message we got from our ACT! for America chapter leader on Sunday, and from each and every one of our respected and credible teachers here in our area. It's the only way we will learn the truth. (Our representatives will soon be receiving copies to read for themselves; I intend to call or write and ask if they have read them.)

All the Muslims who denigrate Usama Dakdok call him a "bigot," (and by association, those of us who feel threatened by Mohammed's teachings) but Dakdok founded The Straight Way of Grace Ministry because he really wants Muslims to walk away from Islam. Dakdok truly loves his Muslim brothers and sisters, as Christ mandates, but his mission is to turn them away from Islam and toward Christianity.

I encourage you to share this with everyone you know who is concerned about the threat of Islamists and shariah. We can run, we can even try to hide from the fact that 'infidels' all over the world are expected to submit to Islam — but it won't help.


Another Letter to the Editor Published in Terre Haute


I DON'T KNOW what's going on in Terre Haute, but they've got some warriors taking it to the public! Last month I told you about a counterjihadist named Ramachandra who got his letter to the editor published (read it here). Ramachandra just sent me another published letter by someone else: Dr. Anil K. Sarkar.

Sarkar lived in what is now Pakistan when India gained its freedom (he is now 82 years old). He knows unbridled Islam firsthand. And what does he recommend? "Every non-Muslim should read this Koran to know the truth," he writes. I couldn't agree more. Read his letter below, published here with his permission, and when you're done, Take the Pledge and Read the Koran, and get everyone you know to do it too. And then write your own letters to the editors of the local paper. Here is Dr. Sarkar's letter:

The contradictions of ‘peaceful’ Islam

Dr. Khwaja A. Hasan, an ex-professor at ISU, like all other Muslims, is defending Islam in his recent letter published in the paper of March 20. But I have a feeling that the people are waking up and are seeing what Islam is, and they cannot be fooled any more. We have to understand that the human race was never peaceful and for hunting rights and for settlements, the Kings, religious and ethnic groups always had wars.

But Islam, created in the Arabian Desert was quite different, as it claimed that there is no God but Allah and the whole world is Allah’s kingdom. So every non-believer in the world is a rebel, who needed to be converted and on refusal, be killed. So the history of “Peaceful Islam” is a history of murder and rape of the defeated women. Every page of the Holy Koran says how the Merciful Allah condemned the non-believers and how they will end up in hell. Every non-Muslim should read this Koran to know the truth.

The Muslims do not tolerate any non-Muslim among them and even today, no Christian can take his Bible to Saudi Arabia and no non-Muslim is allowed to practice his/her religion in any Muslim country.

During the Gulf War, U.S. soldiers who went to Saudi Arabia to save the Saudis had to cover their cross signs on their shirts, as Islam does not even tolerate a cross sign of Lord Jesus. But still, Dr. Hasan and the Muslims are shouting about the peaceful Islam of Merciful Allah.

The peaceful Muslims conquered India, killed millions of Hindus, destroyed their temples and molested their women, until the British took over India in 1757. On the eve of British departure from India, the Indian Muslims, 24 percent of the population, refused to live with the Hindus in a democratic free India, but wanted their Muslim Pakistan. And still this Dr. Hasan is shouting against the statement that democracy and Islam are incompatible.

And to get this Pakistan, they started to kill the Hindus in 1946, and I narrowly escaped this massacre of Calcutta.

After Pakistan was created in 1947, millions of Hindus were killed and we were driven away from our home in East Pakistan to India. And later, in 1971, when East Pakistan become Bangladesh, about a million of the Hindus were killed, who had no part in the freedom fight of East Pakistan, but were killed simply because they were Hindus.

Killing a Hindu or non-Muslim is a holy act blessed by Allah, and the killer will go to heaven to enjoy 72 virgins. But Dr. Hasan’s family stayed on in India and he had his education there to be a professor at ISU and nobody said one unkind word to him or his family. And naturally he has to shout about peaceful Islam.

A word against Islam or Muhammad will invite sure death from the “peaceful” Muslims.

— Anil K. Sarkar, M.D.

Terre Haute

When I asked Dr. Sarkar for permission to post his letter above, he wrote:

Surely you should publish my letter. I know the history and human psychology, so I am afraid that the non-Muslims will not be fully aware of the danger from Islam.

Unless we wake up and leave everything else behind and work together to contain this peaceful Islam, the world will become Allah's kingdom. War and violence will be conterproductive as they will only make the Muslims united and more determined to fight.

Our uneducated leaders must accept my suggestions and forget the cold war mentality and join with Russia and China and together we must stand against the Muslims, but they should not know that we are trying to contain them. Be friendly, have exchange of population in Chechnya, Kashmir, Sudan, Nigeria, the Balkans and the other areas to make the Muslims happy. Then boycott them, no VISA or contact. Why should we live with the Muslims? Just isolate them. DO NOT SELL any grain or anything useful to them and buy less oil. US grains are keeping the Muslims alive to fight against us. They have not enough food or jobs but only Allah and the Koran and leave them to feed on them.

Yes, by this method, we can bring the brainwashed and misguided segment of our human family to us as friends. And only then they will burn their Koran and leave Allah to where he belongs.

Think about it.

Anil K. Sarkar. MD


Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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