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RICK BARBER is running for congress in Alabama and, like Vijay Kumar, Barber is crystal clear about the goals and precepts of Islam and what that means to the free world. Damien, one of our readers and a true citizen warrior, gave us a link to one of Rick Barber's videos.

Rick Barber is running in Alabama. Vijay Kumar is running in Tennessee. If you know anyone in those states, please urge them to get everyone
they know to vote for these candidates. Supporting these candidates helps do the one thing that needs to be done: Educate the public (because the candidates give speeches and produce television, radio and YouTube ads).

Learn more about Rick Barber.


Damien 4:50 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

You're Welcome. I knew you would like him. It can be hard to judge a candidate based one video he made, but based on this one, he sounds very brave and much tougher on our enemies than another politician I've heard before. I hope he does win the election. What ever else happens it will send a clear message.

Unknown 9:16 PM  

This is a message for Rick Barber from an Indian ,
Dear Mr. Barber
In your speech you told that US was attacked on 9/11, I/We strongly protest to that , I feel it was a strong Democracy which was attacked , it was freedom of citizens which was attacked , it was a rich cultural mix which gaurantees safety, prosperity and freedom which was attacked , Every indian is with US is equally concerned for the attack,

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