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A BLOGGER (PinkNeck) just sent me a resource I think we could all use. It is coaching (on video) about how to change someone's mind on a controversial topic, and it's free to listen to online. Although the topic is "talking to anti-gun people about carrying a concealed weapon," the coaching is completely applicable to talking about the terrifying brilliance of Islam.

The videos are still in the process of being made, but the first three are finished and worth studying. Eventually the series will cover four principles of effective influence: Trust, calibrating, moral versus logical arguments, and rehearsal.

So far, the creator of the videos, Tim Schmidt, has three videos completed. The first two are introductory, and the third one is instructional. Sign up for his newsletter and he'll let you know when he puts the next one online (email him here: timschmidt@usconcealedcarry.com). Here are the videos:

1. The Situation

2. The Four Secrets

3. Trust

These are really audio tracks. You don't need to watch while you listen. The information in the videos is from a book available to buy at the site.

It's not easy to argue about something you feel passionate about. That's why we all need good coaching. Yesterday someone gave me the objection, "but I know several Muslims and they are all nice people." Before I answered, I went to Answers to Objections and clicked on My Friend is a Muslim and He's Really Nice. I read a few of the responses, and then was able to answer so successfully I won her over. Coaching makes a difference.

The first step in this war is educating the public. Let's get really good at this.


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