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ON MY LAST post, How Would You Respond?, I invited you to participate in answering some objections. We've received ten responses so far, including this little slice of excellent coaching:

"You can point out that there is not a single mosque in the world where men and women are allowed to sit together. Out of more than a billion people, not one! Women always, everywhere have to go to the back of the bus.

"This, along with opinion polls, shows the general fundamentalist nature of Islam, i.e. there is no such thing as 'moderate Islam.'

"This is especially important to point out when talking to women. Play on the mistreatment of women under Islamic rule and point out the repeated attempts to bring Sharia here to the West, that you are concerned about fighting for women's rights against that encroachment.

"Then the question becomes, 'But how to fight? What are you talking about?' And the answer should be: 'First understand that the problem is Islam because it is not a religion but a political party that is anti-women.'

"The objective of the conversation is not to propose a global solution but just to get the person to see Islam as a whole as a political movement that is anti-women (Sharia) and encroaching. Tell them, 'We have to say no to any hint of Sharia, don't we?' They will agree.

"The key is to make them aware that Islam has a political agenda, to get them to stop seeing it in terms of religion and culture and to view it as a political party. Tell them, 'Islam is a political party. No other religion wants to impose Sharia.'

"Islam is a political party — that's the key light bulb moment you want to impart."

This is first-rate coaching. If you haven't added your coaching yet, I invite you again to go to How Would You Respond? and leave your comment (or email it to me and I'll post it for you anonymously).

Give us your best answer(s). And bookmark that page so when you get similar flak, you have some good coaching on how to answer. Let's start opening some minds, shall we? This is our battle. We civilians are on the front lines, and this is how we can fight.

Also bookmark this page for the same purpose:
Answers to Objections When You Talk About Islamic Supremacism. These are tools and training for you, the citizen warrior team leader of your social circle.


Citizen Warrior 2:14 PM  

Islam is not political, it is totalitarian. It describes itself as a deen: way of life.

Islam can accurately be described as violent, aggressive, deceptive, misogynistic, intolerant, absolutist, literalistic, supremacist and superstitious.
Try to find a convergence between your own attitude & factual ammunition and your interlocutor's center of interest, then exploit it.

The pitfall: "if only." Never allow your argument to center on one relatively inconsequential issue. Removing the element of mysoginy would not be sufficient to render Islam tolerable.

Descented skunks can still spread garbage and rabies.

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